Hermoine's Rude Encounter with Draco Malfoy

One day Hermione was coming from Transfiguration, and she was really annoyed because Professor McGonagle had assigned another paper. She was walking so fast she didn't even notice Draco, Crab, and Goyle walking right at her. She stopped for a moment to pick up her quill when she heard a voice say, "Well, Well if it isn't Hermoine Granger." Oh god she thought this is the last thing I need, Draco and his idiot friends. "Move please." Said Hermoine. "Why should I?" said Draco. At this point Hermoine couldn't take it, so she pulled out her wand and pointed it right in Draco's face. "Don't make me use this!" she said. "Oh I'm so scared." said Draco, and Crab and Goyle just smirked right back. Hermione couldn't take this nonsense anymore, so she mumbled a few words and with that Draco shrunk till you could barely see him anymore. Crab and Goyle panicked they scooped up Draco and ran. Hermoine chuckled. Just then Harry and Ron appeared. "What's so funny?" asked Ron. "Oh nothing." she said, "Lets go or we'll be late for potions.