Disclaimer: Sadly, only a significant amount of money would make these characters mine.

No, this isn't the sequel to my other fic, just a fluffier, SHORTER fic about Darkwing and Megavolt. Hope you enjoy.


Gosalyn leaned against the doorframe, watching with fleeting interest as her father toiled over their television set. He omitted the occasional grunt and "stupid thing."

At long last, the duckling asked jadedly, "Dad, what are you doing?"

"Get Launchpad in here," Drake mumbled.

"LAUNCHPAD!" Gosalyn screamed without moving from the doorway.

Drake glowered at her.

"Thanks sweetie."

Launchpad McQuack lumbered down the stairs, asking Gosalyn curiously, "Is dinner ready?"

Before she could answer, Drake came over to them, practically skipping.

"Jeez Dad, win the lottery?"

"No, even better! Although it took weeks of preparation and three hours of intense labor, I managed to program the VCR! It's set to start at three o'clock am on the dot, in order to record the exclusive interview with the dashing Darkwing Duck on national television!" Drake cried elatedly, raising his hands for effect.

"Actually Dad, it's local TV, and they only interviewed you because they thought you were Gizmoduck – "

"YES, NATIONAL TELEVISION," Drake reiterated loudly, "Now as for you two, the VCR is in a very delicate stage. Any breach in its tranquility could result in devastating consequences. I don't want either of you to go near it. Don't breathe on it. In fact, don't even look at it – did you get that Gos? I said don't even – "

"I get it! I won't even look at the stupid hunk of plastic!" Gosalyn snapped.

"Shh!" Drake chided, glancing at the VCR nervously, "Don't talk about it like that, you might upset it…"

His daughter growled in exasperation and marched into the kitchen. Drake eyed the VCR, admiring his handiwork, before finally dragging himself away.

"Okay LP, I'm going upstairs to get my spare costume. Make sure nothing happens to the VCR, but don't look at it either."

"Um…okay," Launchpad said, scratching his head.

Drake disappeared up the stairwell, while the pilot made his way into the kitchen.

"Hey, smells good, what's cooking in here?"

"Dad made spaghetti."

"Mmm…yum!" Launchpad commented while rubbing his hands together with anticipation.

Gosalyn was in the midst of doling out a heaping spoonful of noodles when every light in the house suddenly flickered and went out. The house was black except for the beams of moonlight flooding through the kitchen window.

Launchpad glanced about and questioned innocently, "Hey, who killed the juice?"

As if answering his question, the soft sound of electricity surging buzzed throughout the house and the lights glowed once more.

"Problem solved," Gosalyn and Launchpad stated in unison, then concentrated on the meatballs.

The two suddenly heard Drake's footsteps as he thundered down the stairs two at a time.

"Uh oh, Dad's moving at warp speed. Looks like he ate chili cheese fries again," Gosalyn observed astutely.

Drake sprinted into the living room. He grasped the VCR and brought it up to his face. Where it should have read 9:30 pm, 12:00 now blinked in its place, reflecting in the mallard's horrified eyes. Drake sank to his knees.

"NOOOOO!" he wailed in a grief-stricken voice.

As Drake proceeded to thump his head miserably against the glass of the television screen, Gosalyn and Launchpad entered the room.

"Oh, don't worry Drake, you've had bigger disappointments than this," Launchpad tried.

The mallard glared at his sidekick.

"Gee, I wonder what made the power go out like that? Maybe Mr. Muddlefoot tried to turn his phone into a wireless one again," Gosalyn pondered.

"No," Drake hissed, "I know who it was…that maniacal Mephistopheles… Megavolt!"

"Gasp. Megavolt knocked out the power. Didn't see that one coming," Gosalyn mumbled sarcastically.

"What's a Mephistopheles?" Launchpad asked.

Drake's head shot up, a look of hatred burning its way onto his face.

"I'm going to SCREWIT!" Drake announced suddenly.

"What?" Gosalyn asked.

"St. Canard Region Electricity, Water, Industry, and Technology! S-C-R-E-W-I-T! SCREWIT!" her father snapped.

"Oh, right," Gosalyn said with a grin.

"I've had enough of that shifty shirt's shenanigans! I swear he will pay…I swear on my own grave, MEGAVOLT WILL PAY!" Drake cried defiantly, then darted to his blue chair.

Drake punched the statue so hard its head stayed jammed between its shoulders. Launchpad watched his friend disappear with a quick spin and said sadly, "There goes a broken man…"


"Listen Mr. Volt, please, tampering with the city's power isn't safe! Or legal, for that matter!"

"Can it bud or you're gonna be out like a light!"

The squat vice president of S.C.R.E.W.I.T. shrunk under Megavolt's harsh glare. The rat turned back to the large generator.

"Now," Megavolt thought aloud, "how am I going to get this thing back to the Lighthouse? Maybe I could rent a moving van…no, too expensive…maybe I could steal a moving van…no, too time-consuming…a giant gravity-negating ray? No, too clich"

"Mr. Volt, I'm sure you already have electricity running in your house, what could you possibly need that generator for?" the vice president sqeaked.

"How else am I going to feed 500 guests?" Megavolt asked as if it was obvious.


"Lightbulbs don't run on chocolate bars pal, duh!"

"Sir, please! Desist your actions or I will call the police!" the vice president urged.

Megavolt scoffed loudly, "Ha! Go ahead, send the cops! No one can stop me, not even that dumpy do-gooder – "

The rat was cut off by a familiar puff of blue smoke.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the enraged crime fighter who is too angry to think of a witty metaphor! I AM DARKWING DUCK!"

"Darkwing who?" Megavolt asked sarcastically.

"DUCK! Darkwing DUCK!" the crime fighter snapped.

"Just checking," Megavolt replied.

Darkwing glowered and declared, "All right you evil Edison, you've gone too far tonight! Prepare yourself for battle, because this is war!"

"Sheesh, what side of the bed did you get up on this morning?" Megavolt asked, his eyebrows raised.

Darkwing Duck turned to the quaking vice president.

"I'm going to have to ask you to evacuate this building sir," Darkwing said, then glanced at Megavolt, "this could get a little messy."

The vice president sighed and left the room, trying to forget the fact that he was taking orders from a duck in a cape who was mad at a rat with a battery strapped to his back.

Darkwing nodded with approval, watching the vice president leave. He rolled up his sleeves and turned to address his adversary.

"Ooookay Megavolt – Megavolt? Where'd he go?"

Darkwing looked around wildly, until he heard a nasal voice across the hall. Megavolt had stepped into an elevator, and was punching in buttons.

"TTFN, Dorkwing!" Megavolt shouted, waving to the crime fighter as the elevator doors closed.

Darkwing smacked his forehead and growled in frustration. He flung himself into the adjacent elevator and began pounding the keypad.

"Stupid Sparky and his stupid electricity, probably went to the stupid top floor because he's so stupid," the mallard grumbled irritably, tapping his foot as the elevator slowly escalated.

The elevator came to a halt and chimed softly. The doors opened, and Darkwing stormed out into the hallway. Sure enough, Megavolt was there, yanking on a doorknob with all his might.

"Darned…no good…door! How am I…supposed to…run away…when it's…locked!" Megavolt grunted as he struggled.

"What you should be wondering Megs is how you're going to distinguish your face from the floor after I'm through with you!" Darkwing roared.

"Jeez duck, what's your problem tonight?" Megavolt asked innocently.

"My problem?! Don't you mean your problem?! Tell me this Megavolt, why must you always knock out the power? Why? Tell me. Why. And tonight, of all nights," Darkwing screeched.

"Because! I agreed to have the party at my place, and you can't have a party without refreshments! Ask the 160 watts, they'll tell you…hey, what am I talking to you for? Hold still so I can fry ya," Megavolt growled offhandedly.

"Not before you suck gas!"

Darkwing whipped out his gas gun and fired. At the same time, Megavolt whipped out his own electrogun and fired. The capsule and the bolt of electricity collided in midair, and dark blue smoke expanded into every corner of the small hallway.

The crime fighter waved his arms wildly, trying to disperse of the smoke. Instantly his eyes began to water.

"Oh no…why'd I have to use stink gas…" Darkwing wheezed.

"Ugh, this stuff smells worse than your reputation Dipwing," Megavolt quipped his voice more nasal than usual as he pinched his nose shut.

Megavolt felt around blindly until he encountered a windowsill. He flung open the glass, releasing plumes of smoke into the night. Megavolt leaned out of the open window and breathed in deeply.

"Ah, thank Edison for nice, fresh, clean – "

The rat broke out into a vicious coughing fit.

" – smog contaminated city air," he finished in a tight voice, pounding on his chest.

Darkwing stumbled through the smoke, his nostrils burning. Man, Murphy's Law was just loving him tonight. To make things better, Darkwing tread on the edge of his cape. His shoulder jerked around and he tripped, staggering to regain his balance.

The mallard only made it a few reeling steps before crashing head on into Megavolt with a loud "oomph!"

The force of Darkwing's momentum caused Megavolt to lurch forward. Before either of them knew what was happening, Darkwing and Megavolt flipped over the windowsill and into the open air.

At first, Darkwing Duck did not even comprehend that he was in the midst of a freefall. It wasn't until he noticed the whistling in his ears, the cold air rushing past him, and the streetcars below getting larger before he realized he was no longer safely inside the building. He opened his beak to scream when –


Darkwing and Megavolt landed face first on something that, Darkwing noted, was very hard. The crime fighter lay motionless for a few moments before he heard a scratchy voice beside him ask, "Are we dead?"

"No," Darkwing hissed curtly.

"Crap, because I think my kidneys just exploded," Megavolt moaned, clutching his sides.

Darkwing pushed himself up and glanced around. Windex, towels, wipers…they had been saved by none other than the scaffolding of a window washer.

"Well whaddaya know," Megavolt mused, "despite the fact that the cables supporting this thing were not designed for this kind of sudden stress, this scaffolding thing held up!"

With that, the two heard several loud snaps. Several cables on each side broke free. Darkwing and Megavolt looked at each other.

"Uh oh," they said simultaneously, and the scaffolding plummeted.