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Glorfindel's Fall

Chapter 1

It was one of that hot summer days in Imladris which invited everybody to hang around idly in the sun, having a picnic or taking a swim in the river or one of the ponds.

That was exactly what the three beings did at that moment.

The elves had taken 6 year old Estel out to the practicing field after the little one had pestered them for three days now with his newest wish: what he wanted to do when he was an adult.

It all had started 1 year ago, when Estel wanted to become a wizard – the white wizard of course, nothing less. After that he had wanted to become a healer, a gardener, a cook, a stable hand, a minstrel – singing was not the point that lead him to this decision, but the fact that minstrels were the last ones who left the feasts – and his latest addition to this list was a warrior. The little one wanted to become the fiercest warrior in Middle Earth, and so he had been asking every single day if he would be allowed to practice with the warriors.

The elves could withstand his pleading puppy eyes for three days, but now their resolve had faltered, and somehow they had managed to persuade Estel to only watch the warriors this time, and join in later.

On this morning the twins and Estel had left the house to watch the warriors practising their skills with swords, knifes and bows.

The cooks had prepared some food for the three of them and later the twins wanted to show Estel how to fish. Maybe they would be able to catch something for dinner.

By now the elves were lying lazily on the spread blankets and enjoyed the warm sun that caressed their features.

Estel laid on his stomach, head braced on his hands, his feet crossed at the ankles wiping them up and down, while he watched Glorfindel and one of the guards sparring with their training swords.

With brows knitted, nibbling on his lower lip Estel watched every move the two warriors made with deep concentration. His gaze swept from the warrior to Glorfindel and back. After watching them for a little while more he suddenly jumped on his feet and ran as fast as his sturdy legs could carry him towards the combatants.

His brothers were totally caught off guard, so when they jerked out of their lazy state Estel had made the half way to the warriors. Running after him Elladan reached the young one just in time to grab him on the collar of his shirt and jerk him back into safety before he could be hit by one of the blades.

"What are you think you are doing?" Elladan yelled at him.

"I wanted to stop Glorfindel" Estel replied innocently.

"Why do you want to stop Glorfindel?" Elladan asked while giving Glorfindel a look of apology and turning around to go back to their place.

Placing Estel on the blanket, Elladan sat down cross-legged in front of the boy. His twin also settled down again, and watched Elladan, while he tried to find out the reason as to why the boy had put himself in danger.

"Can you not see it?" Estel asked with confusion written all over his face.

"See what?"

"The warrior who is fighting with Glorfindel is sick."

The elves turned round and looked over to the warrior. He looked perfectly fine to them.

"Oh, come on, you must be able to see it." Estel said. "Look at him, he is sweating."

"Yes, but he is fine. It is really warm and even elves can sweat." Elrohir tried to explain.

"He is panting as well."

"Estel, they are practicing for hours now and do you even think he would not pant? He is fine!"

"No, he is not fine, his face is red. He surely must have a fever." Estel stubbornly stated.

"Estel, would you please stop, He is as healthy as an elf can be." Elladan groaned out.

"All right, but why does Father always tuck me in my bed and tells me that I'm sick when I'm looking like this?"

"Because you are human, and humans get sick from time to time." Elladan tried hard to suppress a chuckle while he tried to convince his youngest brother that all was well.

"Will I look like him when I will practice like them?" Estel asked and pointed a finger to the elves who had stopped now and headed back to the houses.

"Yes, little one, when you start to practice you will sweat a lot that is for sure. But later when you are accustomed to the sword and the training, it will be less every time."

Estel knitted his brows and pinched his eyes so that they were mere slits. The elves thought that they could see how his brain made overtime to work through the information he had gotten in the last minutes.

For some minutes there was silence and the elves watched the child.

"I do not want to become a warrior!" Estel's statement surprised the elves.

"Why not?" Elladan asked confused.

"Because it is not healthy and Father will tuck me in my bed every time I come back from a lesson because he will think that I'm sick." Estel said with a pout.

That sent the elves into helpless laughter, Elrohir landed on his stomach and buried his face in the blanket while Elladan wrapped his arms around his mid section and toppled over shaking with laughter. Estel looked from one to the other innocently, not understanding what could be so funny.

"Hey, that is not funny. I do not want to be tucked in my bed for days."

"Estel, father knows the difference between sickness and sweating from daily trainings." Elrohir tried to regain his composure.

Again silence engulfed the little group until...

"Elladan, why do I get sick, and you not?" Estel asked his older brother. Elladan groaned and rolled his eyes. He knew what would come next.

Elrohir knew it as well, and prepared to listen how Elladan would wind himself out of the doom that threatened to overwhelm him now in person of a very curious 6 year old human.

"It is because you are human and humans get sick from time to time. Elves are immune to sickness."


"Because Illuvatar had decided to create us like that."

For a few seconds Estel was quiet, he sat cross legged on the blanket and did not move. Then...


"Why what?" That question was pressed out through clenched teeth by Elladan while his twin struggled to keep a serious expression on his face.

"Why did Illuvatar make the humans sick?"

Estel rolled his eyes, mirroring the gesture he had watched on his brother's face a little earlier. He could not understand why it took so long until Elladan understood that simple question.

"Illuvatar created the humans and gave them the gift of mortality, and that included sickness."

"Oh...oh, I understand."

Elladan breathed a sigh of relief, laid back and tried to relax.

"But why did Illuvatar not give sickness to the elves? You said that it is a gift, so did the elves not behave themselves so that Illuvatar had to punish and lecture them, like father does to me when I do something wrong?"

The question reached Elladan's ears and burned its way to his brain. With a groan of frustration he pressed his hands to his ears; he did not want to hear another "Why?"

In these seconds Elladan seriously pondered about the different possibilities to kill the little brat. By now the wish to strangle the boy or drown him in the river became more and more appealing. Then an idea struck him, and with his most innocent smile on his face he turned over to the child.

"Why do you not ask Uncle Glorfy?"

Elladan could hear a gasp from his twin as he heard him utter the warrior's nickname. They all knew that Glorfindel abhorred this short name and sending the child to him using this name was sending the boy to his doom.

"See little one, Uncle Glorfy is much older and wiser than all of us. He surely can tell you more about everything."

"That is a good idea; Uncle Glorfy is really much wiser than you. He will know."

With these last words Estel rose to his feet and turned around. "Where is Uncle Glorfy?"

Elladan pointed to the forest where he had seen the elf lord disappear. "He left just a couple of minutes earlier in this direction. If you are fast enough, you can catch him before he reaches home."

Estel started to run but was stopped by a hand bracing his arm.

"Wait Estel, you will not venture into the forest alone." Elrohir tightened his vice-like grip a little when he felt that Estel tried to struggle his arm free of his grip.

"We will go with you. Perhaps along the way we can teach you how to track down an elf."

"Elladan, get up, I want to see Uncle Glorfy's face when he has to answer all the questions this little human can have."