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Two years later

Glorfindel stood on the balcony of his rooms, cradling the bundle that was his 5 month old daughter close to his chest and watched as the twins entered the courtyard on their horses. They had been away with the rangers for some time and now they had returned.

He had waited very patiently for this day when he finally would have his revenge. He snickered when he thought about how tense the twins had been over months after that day two years ago. Every time they had met him they had flinched and tensed up, as if they waited that he would kill them at once.

He had lured them into false safety by doing nothing unusual. He had placed pranks on them, some with the help of Yáviëwen. He had been very surprised when he had found out that she had a lot of ideas for very good pranks.

But today his wrath would finally find its goal.

He had prepared the twins' rooms, knowing, that after such a long time on the road they would not pay much attention to their surroundings. The only thing both now wanted was a long, hot bath. Out of experience he knew that both would soak in their tubs for hours.

He did not have to go to their rooms for the last preparations, for he had helpers, this time. So he would stay here, admire the sight of the little wonder in his arms, and wait for the things to happen.

Glorfindel felt someone approach and need not turn around to know that it was his wife. She wrapped an arm around his waist and gave him a little kiss.

"It is all prepared, as soon as both of them are in the bath, the last pieces of fabric bigger than a hand will be removed from their rooms, except the special items of course." She reported with a wide grin. "But it will take some time, until they will notice.""

"That is good." Glorfindel answered "So we have time to care for our little one."

"How does she behave?" Yáviëwen asked and brushed with a finger over the tiny face of her sleeping daughter.

"She behaves better than her mother sometimes does." With those words Glorfindel kissed his wife to silence her protests

They had to wait for close to two hours until two outraged cries echoed through the halls of Imladris, followed by curses not many elves had heard in their life.

"What do you think? Did we make the skirts for them a little too tight?" Yáviëwen asked faking innocence.

Glorfindel could only laugh at that.

Yes, today life was good and it would be even better now that he had fulfilled his wrath.

The End

A/N: I did not know that this story meant so much to me until I had finished it. I never had in mind to write a romance (I do not like romances, really !).I can not tell you why, but this one felt right to write.

I never had the intention to create an OC as a love interest, but it happened and I will not waste her only for this story.

Yáviëwen will show up again in "Moonlight and Shadow", if she lets me use her. You have to know that she has a very strong mind in her head. g

The story of Glorfindel's family in Gondolin will also be told in "Moonlight and Shadow"

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