November 6, 1931

From the diary of John Seward, MD

            -With almost thirty years past, the horror of what myself and my friends faced still shakes me to my very soul. It was on this very day that my allies Jonathan Harker and Quincy Morris killed the foul abomination known as Dracula as the sun began to set in that far off mountain pass.

Since then I have more or less retired to the world of private practice. Professor Van Helsing has past on, as have Arthur Holmwood, Jonathan Harker and his wife Mina. Their son Quincy was lost at sea some five years past.

Although I saw the hateful beast die with my own eyes I still awake sometimes in the night, drenched in sweat as I see those evil filled eyes staring at me.

I fear Dracula is coming back

Switzerland, near the shores of Lake Geneva

            Among the rolling hills and scenic mountain countryside, there was a house. Built on the foundations that were as old as the Romans, the house was a grand thing in it's glory; but sadly it's glory had long since left it, leaving it a dark and foul thing that blighted the landscape.

The villagers that lived not too far from the structure only spoke of it's lone resident in hushed whispers before crossing themselves, as one of the previous owners of the house had gotten into a rather nasty habit of grave robbing, which in turn fueled rumors of dark magic and other fanciful things.

The owner's name was Frankenstein.

Victor Frankenstein

After his death almost one hundred years ago, the house and property had gone to his younger brother Ernest. Despite the scandal and accusations, Ernest managed to continue the line, although the house quickly fell into disrepair.

It was by now that the current Frankenstein took residence in the crumbling old estate. His name was Henirich Frankenstein, and aside from that there was little else to go on, as the man had never actually been seen outside his estate's walls.

Of course, the villagers didn't mind this so much, but the long procession that snaked it's way through the quiet streets it did mind.

            Leading the group was a woman. Despite the autumn chill she was dressed, if that was the term, in a brazenly short skirt and her golden hair woven up in bun. Behind her were three figures, their faces obscured by long black cloaks. The occasional flash of bare skin reveled their sex to be female. Each of the three was hauling a massive cart behind themselves with two equally massive boxes in each one.

The company made their way past the silent homes and watching eyes as they left the village and started on the path towards the house of Frankenstein.

Passing through the long unkempt path towards the house in utter silence, it was as if the very night was terrified of the strangers, the quartet was soon banging on the ancient wooden doors.

"Go away!" an older male voice shouted from a window high above the ground.

"Herr Frankenstein, we have come many miles to see you!" the blond shouted in heavily accented German.

"Then you have wasted your trip. I will not suffer trespassers on my property! Leave, before I unleash my hounds!" the man shouted back.

"We bring you a gift and a proposal Herr Frankenstein, a proposal that will enable you to gain revenge on those who have scorned you!" the blonde shouted in kind.

Those words seemed to have an effect on the man, as his shadow vanished from the window and several minutes later the group heard the old door being unlocked.

            Before them was tall man, his eyes hollow and his black hair plastered to his skull. "What do you want?" he sneered.

"Invite us in please, for the night is cold." the blond purred.

"You may step inside, but your companions may not enter."

"Very well" the blond sighed as she stepped over the threshold.

            "My, what a charming home you have!" she exclaimed as she took in the site of the old stone stairway and the sparsely furnished hall. "I did not invite you so you may comment on my taste in furnishings. I will ask only once more…what do you want?"

"Please allow me to introduce myself." The blond spoke softly as she dusted herself off near the weak fire that seemed threatened to burn out with each passing second.

"My name is Lucy Westenra, and I have come across the ocean of time to present you with a marvelous gift…on one condition."

"That being?"

"Your ancestor brought life to that which was not alive. We need you to do the same."

At this the man's face grew colder. "You think to barge into my home, insult me, and then you have the gall to ask for a favor?" he almost shouted, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't throw you to the dogs!"

            At this Lucy smiled as she exited the hall and reentered moments later hauling one of the massive boxes behind her. "I know you have been hounded across the continent and expelled from most of the finer universities for your interest in your ancestors work. I believe this might help your own research greatly."

Not waiting for an answer, she grabbed one side of the box and easily ripped the container apart, exposing the contents for Frankenstein to see.

"Good God!" he exclaimed as the contents slowly slid out.

            Before him was a large block of ice. It had melted somewhat, although what was inside the block he was able to see.

It was a man…a very large man. The man's skin was a sickly yellow color, while his black lips and pure white teeth were exposed in a horrified grimace. His milky eyes were halfway hidden behind heavily stitched lips and his coarse black hair was suspended above him a malevolent halo.

"It's him! The Creature!" Frankenstein shouted in amazement. "Where, you must tell me where!"

"The where is not important; but what is important is our offer. Accept it, and the Creature is yours. Refuse, and we take him with us." She said with a grin, reveling her sharpened canines to him.

"Very well, I'll have my man Fritz show your companions to their rooms."

"No" she demanded. "I fear it must you who invites them in. My companions are…peculiar about manners you know."


From the diaries of John Seward, MD

            It has been a most unusual day. The inmates at the sanitarium, as if acting under unseen orders, were nearly comatose during the daylight hours but as the sun set they then launched into a full blown assault upon the orderlies and staff. I managed to escape, suffering only minor injures.

The police and a small army unit were sent in to restore order. After a pitched battle more than half of the inmates were dead and dozens of others wounded.

I know why this happened. I fear that somehow this is connected to my dream-that Dracula will return.

Professor Van Helsing said that he killed Dracula's three brides, but I wonder. Dracula was centuries old, and his land was vast. Could it be possible that he had other women?


            After seeing his guests to bed, Dr. Frankenstein had spent a restless night and day staring at his latest acquisition. "With this, the first blueprint, I can finally succeed were everything else failed." The ice that had contained the monster had melted, but sadly the creature showed no signs of life. "Amazing that this thing could survive for so long on the Artic. Perhaps it can finally show me what I've been doing wrong all this time" He thought as he loaded the creature into the cold room.

"I will find success where everyone else found death" he muttered as the sound of the door scrapping against the stone drew his attention away from his work.

            "Master, those guests are not asleep in their rooms, I can't find anywhere!" he heard a scratchy voice whine as the familiar 'clomp-climp' footsteps came closer.

"They can sleep out in the stable for all I care Fritz." He said as he faced the twisted shape of a man.

            Fritz wasn't the sharpest knife in the sheath, but despite his hunched back and other deformities, he wasn't as nearly as dense as he let others believe.

"Master, those women…do you think they will help us?"

"I neither know nor care. All I know is that they have brought one step closer to my goal. Whatever they are after can't be all that difficult for a man of my reach."

Later that evening

            Henrich was beginning to regret that earlier boast as his four guests seemed to float into the dining room.

"Miss Westenra, I had not planned on you arriving back so late."

"Yes, I fear from now on I and my companions will be away during the day. We will of course be with you at night. I trust you have enjoyed our gift?"

"Very much, now what exactly is it you want of me?"

            At this Lucy pulled out a large vase and placed it on the table near her untouched plate of food. "Here are the remains we need you to bring back."

Frankenstein nearly gagged on his wine; "My ancestor brought back a body that had been stitched by hand-you bring me a jar of dirt. How, pray tell, am I suppose to make that walk again?"

Lucy smiled, again showing her animal like teeth. "Mock all you wish, but this 'dirt' as you call it will walk again. We only have need of one key ingredient."

"Which is?"

"Blood" a raspy, yet still feminine voice whispered behind him. Quickly, Frankenstein was lifted out of his chair and slammed down onto the table by one of the three robed women while Lucy calmly lifted the top off of the jar.

"The blood is life Dr. Frankenstein. Your blood will restore our Master to life."

"Wait!" he wailed as Fritz shambled his way into the hall. "I'm here Master!" the hunchback cried as he pulled a crucifix out from his grimy smock, sending the four women recoiling back in horror.

            Rubbing his throat, Frankenstein moved back behind his assistant. "Leave my home" he ordered before Lucy moved forward. "Please Herr Frankenstein, your knowledge is the only thing that can restore our master to life! You must help us!"

"I am under no obligation to you, now leave my dwelling!" he shouted as Fritz advanced with the crucifix, making the women recoil in pain. "Please Doctor, we need blood. Both to survive and to bring our master back. With your genius, there must be a way, correct?"

The words seemed to sway the man. "Hold Fritz." He ordered his man before taking the hateful symbol in his hand and placing it in his coat pocket. "Alright, I let you stay and I give you the blood you need. What exactly do I get out of this arrangement?"

He was answered in turn as the three robed women discarded their robes to revel nothing underneath…


            "Why must I always do all the heavy work?" Fritz grumbled as he poked his way through the dark forest. The sounds of men drinking gave him pause as he took shelter behind a large tree.

            Up ahead was a small tavern-Fritz had spent many a night getting drunk before his employment with the Master, so the location was not unusual to him.

What was unusual however was the young (and quite pretty he thought as he wiped drool off of his shirt) barmaid that had just exited the back door and was currently making her way towards the small shed behind the main building.

"Those foul women want blood do they? I'm sure that wench has enough to spare" Fritz darkly thought as he hobbled as fast as he could to the unsuspecting girl.

            Maria fumbled with the old brass to the shed when she heard a peculiar sound coming from behind her. Turning, she spied a horribly disfigured man lying prone on the ground.

The task that had called her out there forgotten, she rushed towards the moaning figure. "You poor man, are you injured badly?" she asked as she gently took his dirty head in her hands.

The next instant she was down on the ground, a large bloody gash across the bad of her head.

            Fritz looked down at the unmoving figure before him. "It's her neck or yours" he said softly as he wiped the spilled blood off of his walking onto his trousers before slinging the girl over his hump.

Looking around wildly (and being satisfied that no one saw him or that the girl's absence would be noticed) Fritz shambled off in the forest back towards the distant light of the relative sanctuary of Frankenstein.

Back in the cold room

Amidst the slabs of preserved meat, there was a stirring. The Creature slowly opened his eyes and tried to move.

Muscles that had not moved in nearly a full century screamed in protest as he tried in vain to sit up. Moaning incoherently as his long unseeing eyes took in of just where he was, there was only one thought racing through his brain


Back upstairs

Frankenstein quietly sipped his tea as the four women mulled about before him. The crucifix weighed heavily in his coat pocket as he stared at the four things before him.

The sound of the door opening nearly made him jump as Fritz hobbled in with a prone figure slung across his back. "I brought you what you asked!" he announced as he dropped the moaning girl on the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"Excellent, this girl will easily restore our Master to life!" Lucy proclaimed as the other three descended on the barely comprehending girl and dragged her over to the large jar.

Frankenstein could guess what they were about to do, although he felt no real sympathy or much of anything for the girl. "I am rather curious to see if they can pull it off" he thought as he placed his tea cup on a nearby table and stood up.

"Herr Frankenstein, do you not wish to bear witness to our triumph?" one of the three women asked as she held aloft a curved dagger.

"The realm of the supernatural holds no interest to me; I am a man of science." He said as he began to follow Fritz out of the room. Glancing over his shoulder, he cast a look at Lucy before closing the door. "But when you are finished, please send the remains to my laboratory. I have a few plans for it." he said cryptically.

            He heard the dagger swish through the air and slight gurgling noise before the door slammed shut. "I hope they lave enough of it in tact"


The four women watched in joyous rapture as the young woman's throat was easily sliced open and her life's blood flowed out of the wound and down into the jar as they held her upright.

As the blood flowed down into the jar, unearthly sounds began to fill the room.

The jar, as the blood poured down into it, began to shake. Tossing the girl's body aside without care, the foursome quickly bowed and began to mumble archaic verses around the jar.

            The shaking increased even as large cracks began to appear around it. "Master!" Lucy feverishly whispered as the blood, ash, and soil all mixed into each other to form a red mass that seeped through the large cracks to form a shapeless puddle around them.

The verse's increased in pitch as the jar finally cracked open, releasing the rest of mass. The slime began to shift around, oozing tentacles forming from it and feeling it's way around.

            "Master!" the three vampire brides chanted in unison as the tentacles gave way to arms and legs. The red mass began to solidify into a shape of man the women were quite familiar with.

"Dracula!" they shouted as the man before tore the remains of the blood and slime away from him.

            In the dim light of the chamber, they could see the man's white stringy hair and shriveled body as he clung to the table for support.

"How…how long?" he wheezed as the three brides rushed towards him and began to clean his body with their own. Lucy stayed off to the sides. "A little over thirty years Master"

"And you allowed me to rot for all that time?" he roared, sending the three brides to scurry away.

"It was rather difficult for me as well master, what with the large wooden stake that had been shoved through my chest"

Shambling over to her, Dracula stared the Englishwoman down with his hate-filled eyes. "Do you defy me?" he asked dangerously, the slime still clinging to bits of his wooly eyebrows and gnarled beard.

"No master, simply stating a fact. We have brought you back, so that the name Dracula can once again be used to spread terror."

            This seemed to mollify the man somewhat. "Very well, but to do so I need blood"

Lucy smiled, her fangs glistening in the dim light. "That, Master, won't be a problem."

The next day

            The sounds of a heavy something hammering away at the door was the first thing Fritz as he groggily reached for his cane and used the leverage to get himself out of bed. "Someone outside?" he thought as looked around.

But the sounds were coming from the lower depths of the castle, near the cold room. "I wonder…" he thought as he hobbled down the slimly spiral steps until he was face to face with the iron door.

            From outside he could something pounding on it and screaming in a high-pitched tone. "The Monster!" Fritz shivered as several fist-sized dents began to appear on the metal surface.

            Moments later

"Incredible!" Frankenstein marveled as the door continued to give way under the stress. "Master, shouldn't we do something?" Fritz whined as he hid behind the man. "No, not just yet. If my plan is to work, first he must know love, then fear. Control will come easily enough I think." He finished as the door gave way and before them stood something that defied the very laws of Nature.

            The Creature was as big as the ramblings of the old sea captain said, Frankenstein thought as he gripped a copy of Walton's diaries in his hand.

"Welcome!" Frankenstein said as the Creature stared down at them with confusion and hate in his milky eyes.

"Where?" he spoke at length, his voice high and filled with confusion.

"You are safe in my home." Frankenstein answered as he held his arms out in a non- threatening gesture. "Sit down" he said gently but forcibly.

The Creature, a look of dim understanding rather than hate, looked over to an old chair near the center of the room. Slowly, and with a deliberate limp, the creature sat down.

"Good!" Frankenstein said with a wide smile as he gently placed his hands on the creature's shoulders. "I want to help you. You may call me Henry. This" he said, pointing to Fritz, "is Fritz. He wants to help you as well."

The Creature furrowed his large brow at the words. "No…no one helps me. Fear me, hurt me!" he said, his voice rising in anger.

"Yes, yes they have. But have I done anything to you? I just want to be your friend."

This seemed to confuse the Creature. "Was…cold."

"Yes, and now you are warm, correct?"

"Yes…warm…good" the Creature decided at length.

"Excellent. Do you need anything, meat, drink?"

The Creature smiled at the words, his pearly white teeth in stark contrast to his black lips and ragged yellow flesh. "Food…good!"

"Very well, follow me upstairs and we will feed you to your hearts content."


            Frankenstein sat back contently as the Creature gorged himself on a large leg of lamb. Eating with both hands and refusing to say anything save for grunts and occasional demands for more wine or food, the Creature devoured nearly almost four legs and two and half sides before sitting back in a similar content manner as his host.

"Happy?" Frankenstein asked as Fritz removed the mountain of dishes from the table.

"Yes…" the Creature said before slumping over.

"Good. I put enough sedative in that wine to drug an elephant." Standing up, he motioned to Fritz to help him.

"We must take it away from here. Fritz, I want you to carry this and the other parts to my other laboratory."

"That old watchtower near Goldstadt? But Master, there would be no way we could hold that freak in that run down place!"

"We wouldn't need to hold it there forever Fritz. Just long enough so that I might be able to find the secrets my ancestor took the grave with him. At which point I build my army, rid my home of these pesky bats, and then I show the world the price of scorning a Frankenstein."

            If Fritz had any objection to the plan, he said nothing as he grabbed the monster's enormous feet and began to pull. As he dragged the body, Frankenstein shot another look at his assistant. "I need the body intact; that doesn't mean it must still live. Understand?"

"Yes Master, yes!" Fritz nodded, his mood considerably brighter as he dragged the slumbering giant outside.

"You must get there before sundown. Dracula may have other agents at his disposal."

"Why did you agree to help him Master?" Fritz asked as dragged the body down the old stone steps.

Looking ruefully around the old manor, Frankenstein shrugged his shoulders. "A challenge I suppose. But I see now all they wanted was my blood in lieu of my genius. Don't worry; they will suffer for their actions soon enough. Now go, you're wasting daylight."

From the journal of John Seward, MD

The feelings of unease have continued. A letter from my colleague Dr. Waldman arrived today. It seems that there has been a recent rash of various sorts of unsavory acts occurring in the small town of Goldstadt near the German/Swiss border. Acts such as grave robbing and murder; in which the victims of both crimes are found with either their blood drained dry and large portions of their anatomy missing.

I have already arranged travel plans and left my affairs in order.

If Dracula has returned, then I must go.

God preserve me

One week later

            Frankenstein swallowed back the bile that was rising in his throat as he opened the door to the crypt beneath his home. The three brides and Lucy were all sitting around the decrepit figure that was perched in the center of the room, noisily slurping away on a large rat.

            The figure looked up from his meal before dropping the disgusting thing to the floor. "I see you are the one who gave us aide?" he said in a thick and nearly unintelligible accent.

"Yes Count, but allow me to make formal introductions. My name is Baron Henirich Frankenstein, and you are indeed in my home."

"Good" Dracula said at length. "Leave Me," he ordered his wives as the four of them slinked out of the dank room. Turning his attention back to the only human there, he gave a sinister smile as he approached.

"There is much that we can offer each other Baron. From one noble family to another."

"Yes, your brides told me as much, but I fail to see just what I can offer someone such as your self." Frankenstein said with mock modesty.

"I am old Baron, and even my brides can not give me enough nourishment I need to regain my place in the world. What I purpose is simple; while my brides gather victims, I keep the blood and you may have the rest, after we have turned a few of them of course. I trust they gave you your ancestor's work with little incident?"

"No Count, there were no problems to be had. So we become generals of an army of undead and creatures that never were? Interesting, Count, Interesting. I think this may be a most…interesting partnership the world has ever seen." Frankenstein said with a knowing grin as the older creature before him signaled for his brides to enter.

            Leaving the five to their decadent ways, Frankenstein smiled as he left. "Things are going even smoother than I dare dreamed!" he thought as he raced back upstairs. "Now if I can sway the Monster to my side, then I'll simply dispose of those foul things have the power for myself!"

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            The trip over the Channel was mercifully uneventful. I managed to convince the customs agents that the sharpened wooden stakes and bottles of holy water in my bags were not tools of mischief. Dr. Waldman met at the train station and we shared a coach to a nearby inn.

            The smells of roasted meat and the drowning of beer brought back many fond memories of my youth, but I had little time to think back.

            "John, this may sound insane, but I fear I know what is behind the recent attacks in this area" Waldman whispered as the serving maid made her way towards the kitchen with an empty tray.

"Yes, vampires." I answered as I gave my bag a reassuring pat.

It was at this that Waldman gave me a queer look. "Vampires? John, what are you going on about? The police have figured it to be a madman, and with your experience with the mentally disturbed I assumed that this case would right up your alley."

I'm not sure if I wanted to cry or scream at those words. "Vampires are quite real, I can assure you of that. I fear that these killings may be the work of the undead."

It was at this that Waldman almost sniggered as he cut into the bloody beef before him. "John, I am surprised at you. A man of your learning and you go on about spooks and goblins. We're men of learning and science John, the supernatural need not apply.

            Before our argument could spill over, the entire inn was silenced as a peculiar figure entered. It was a man, but his back was severely deformed. The patrons turned a cold eye to him as he sat in the far corner and nursed a small pint of beer.

Naturally asking whom the stranger was, Waldman raised a curious eye and leaned in to whisper. "I haven't the slightest idea; he's new around here and from what the locals are saying he's taken residence in an old watchtower near the edge of town. Strange fellow it seems-I've heard that he has no want of money, and he buys enough meat to supply a small army. Yet look at the way he dresses" Waldman added, pointing out the missing sleeve on the man's jacket and the mud encrusted boots.

I agreed with Waldman about the stranger's unkempt appearance, yet more pressing matters were on my mind.

"Have there been any cases of people complaining of small animal bites around the throat? The wound would look like two small puncture marks" I tried to bring the conversation back.

My only answer was this, word for word: "John, the police have only found pieces of people, and I can assure you that no one has complained of anemia, or show any aversion to daylight or the cross."

It's times like this that I question my choice in friends.

After drifting off into more urban subjects, we parted ways. Waldman had an appointed with the Burgomaster, where as I headed upstairs to my quarters.

When out talks went back to the subject of the undead, I couldn't help but notice that the strange little man seemed to be staring at the two of us.

I think I'll be sleeping with a loaded pistol tonight.


            "Damn, damn, damn!" screamed Fritz as he knocked the ramshackle furniture over. "They know, that blasted doctor and that stranger know!"

Looking around wildly, Fritz suddenly broke into a wide grin as he grabbed his latest purchase from the butcher and hobbled his way down the stairs as an evil idea began to form in his hideous features.

The closer he came to the downstairs the louder the pounding became. Turning a side corner, he fiddled with an old iron key on his belt as he held the wrapped up meat in one hand. The lock opened as the noise suddenly stopped as Fritz carefully opened the door wide.

            The Creature swooped down from the shadows and snatched him up; the meat spilling to the floor. Fritz screamed as the monster glared down at him. "Where…am I?' it asked slowly.

"You're safe, you're safe!" Fritz screamed in panic, as the monster seemed to be weighing his words. "You have brought me food, yet you keep me locked up. Why?" the monster demanded, his voice no longer shaky and his tone commanding.

"To keep you safe from those that would harm you!" Fritz screeched as he thrashed about in the monster's hands. The creature dropped Fritz to the floor without a second thought as he grabbed big scooping handfuls of the meat still on the floor. In between mouthfuls, the creature continued to stare at Fritz.

"I remember chasing my Creator to the Artic, and then little else. Why am I here and for what purpose?" he demanded as he stood up.

Fritz cowered even more as he stared up into the gruesome face. "My Master, Master Henry, wants to help you! He brought you out of the ice and snow, so that you might live again!" Fritz quickly spoke, trying to recall the exact words Frankenstein told him to say.

"Pretty words, but there was another man who brought me to life once before. He betrayed me and for that I made his a living hell. How do I know your precious Master won't do the same?" the Creature demanded.

"You must trust us! If you agree to help my Master, he will give you anything-anything you could ever want!"

            The words seemed to strike a cord with the monster's breast as he sat quietly against the wall. "Anything you say? Since the day of my creation, mankind has feared me. I am all alone; unique throughout all of Creation. If…if perhaps your Master could create for me a mate, someone whose hideousness matches my own, then I will gladly aide your Master with all my heart!" the Creature proclaimed.

"That is good, my Master will be pleased at this. You may roam around this tower, but you may not leave it. There has been some…attacks by wild creatures, and the villagers might think you responsible."

The Creature did not seem to take to that particular order very well, but he said nothing against it as Fritz left, leaving the cell door open. "I must go and inform my Master. I shall return in a day or so. I have left ample food and drink upstairs." Fritz hurriedly said as he hobbled outside. Before he came to the main door he glanced back at the Creature. "Remember what I said…stay inside!"

Frankenstein Manor-nearly a day later

            Frankenstein sat among the relics of his family after Fritz told of the development of the Creature. "Interesting. He wants a mate, does he? Tell me Fritz, just how successful have your forays been?"

Fritz nervously glanced around the room before speaking. "I'm sorry Master, but I've only managed to kill a few healthy people, and the locals are getting nervous. I've hidden most of the parts in the old windmill near the tower, but it's only a matter of time before someone finds them."

"You're not thinking of leaving my services so soon, are you Fritz?" The Baron asked as his demeanor suddenly became colder. "No Master, no! It's just that such risks are becoming dangerous, and the Count…"

"Yes…and I fear that the Count and his brides are not too particular in leaving any body they find in usable condition. We will have to make do with what we have at hand Fritz. I shall begin to prepare the army that the Count wants here in my own laboratory at night, and in the day I shall create my own force with that Creature's aide."

"But Master, why the deception?"

"Because Dracula has plans to increase his power through me. My forces shall run during the day, while he rules the night. I've found his existence interesting, but I feel that this partnership now no longer holds my interest. That is why Fritz" he answered simply as he sipped his tea.

"But I suspect Dracula might have some doubts about myself as well. I've spent almost the entire day looking and not once was I able to find his coffin or the coffins of his brides."

            Gazing out the window, the pair saw the sun beginning its eventual descent. "Master, I almost forgot, there was a man in the village, he was talking about vampires!"

"Really? What sort of man?" Henirich asked; his interest now piqued as he began to close the curtain on the fading rays of sun.

"I overheard that his name is John Seward. He's a doctor of some kind."

A devilishly thin smile appeared over Frankenstein's face as he thought about the new development.

"Hmm, that name is familiar. Perhaps the Count should be made aware of this."

Almost as if on cue, the doors to the study swung open and Lucy entered.

            "Baron, there is a small matter that we must discuss." She spoke softly as she sat across from the baron, her silky thighs exposed in the short skirt she wore. "My Master is too weak, and I fear that he must go back to his home in Transylvania in order to be with his native soil."

"And you?"

"Well…let's just say I am in no need for dirt. The other brides will accompany him, and a band of my Master's gypsies have already been summoned to begin the process of taking him home." She staged whispered as Henirich couldn't help but notice that Lucy seemed to lacking in undergarments as she stretched in the chair.

Turning to his man, Frankenstein finished "Fritz, go and make the preparations we discussed. Miss Westenra and I have other things to discuss" he lecherous ordered as Fritz hurriedly left the room.

Several hours later, on the road back to Goldstadt

            Fritz cursed under his breath as the cold wind howled through the forest. The constant trips had done little for his steed, which had the misfortune to break its leg, leaving him stuck.

Walking for as long as he had, he almost sobbed with relief as he saw the welcome sight of the watchtower before him.

Seeing a light on near the top, his relief vanished as he rushed towards the structure, his cane at the ready.

After finding the door still locked, he breathed a sigh of relief as he unlocked the door and let himself in. Checking on the spare parts reveled that nothing had been disturbed; Fritz turned his attention to the other source of his annoyance.

            Making his way up the stairs, Fritz spied the monster sitting in front a candle, apparently warming himself with the small flame.

"What are you doing?" Fritz demanded as he rushed forward and put the flame out, plunging the room into darkness.

"I was cold, and the fire was warm." The Creature said in a matter of fact tone.

"Yes, but this tower is supposed to be deserted. If someone had seen the light, then they would been snooping around!" Fritz angrily shouted.

The Creature shrugged his massive shoulders, seemingly unconcerned with the potential problem. "Have you discuss my needs with Henry?" he asked at length.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, yes I have. He agrees. He'll make your bride as soon as he has the parts."

The Creature's mood went from relaxed to agitated with those few words. "He will? Then why hasn't he already started?"

"Because he doesn't have them. My horse died, so until I find another one the parts stay here."

            As Fritz suddenly found his neck in the monster's grip, hr thought that perhaps that was the wrong phrase to use.

"If he agrees and you components needed, then we will make her. NOW" he growled. "But, the horse!"

"I have the strength of a dozen beasts. I will carry her!"

A short while later, near the old windmill

            The work had gone by quick; within the hour the two of them had loaded the remains of the various women into large bundles. "This might be the easiest thing I've ever done!" Fritz gleefully chortled as he tied up the last bundle.

Sounds outside told him otherwise though; looking out through a broken window, Fritz dropped the bundle in a panic when he saw the all too familiar outline of a torch-wielding mob.

Hearing the voices of the mob growing closer, Fritz scrambled outside where he ran headlong into the Creature. "What's wrong?" he asked as he hefted his bundle up. "Men, they are coming! Quick, you must hide. Follow us, and rescue me when I saw."

"I could crush the lost of them." the Monster said forcefully. "Yes, but that would delay us, and it would also bring attention to you. Neither of which Master Henry would want. Just do as I say!" Fritz ordered. The Monster looked confused before dashing off into the night.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            It was from Waldman that I heard the news. Following the accounts of a witness to the latest attack, a posse of armed men was formed. Making their way through the woods, they came across the hunchbacked man, 'Fritz' as he was skulking about an old abandoned windmill. He was taken after a brief struggle, when a grisly discovery was made inside. The missing parts of the victims were inside, convincing Waldman and the locals that they had caught their man.

Was I wrong? Was I so convinced in Dracula's return that I was blinded to the facts?

I had to find out for myself; with a little bit of persuasion I managed to get past the angry mob outside the jail cell and see the man in person.

His gibbering tongue and manic eyes brought to mind poor old Renfield, dead these past years. He said nothing directly to me, but instead seemed to be whispering to someone or something unseen outside the cell window.

I had thought that perhaps my earlier theory was right, but again I was wrong when a monstrous form ripped it's way through the stonewall. The pair easily escaped in the confusion, but I distinctly recall over hearing the creature demanding something about a 'Henry' making him a mate.

Most peculiar

Several miles out of Goldstadt

            Fritz cackled with joy as he whipped the horses, the night breeze alive in his face. "Lucky you found this cart, eh?" he asked over the howling wind to the silent Creature sitting in the back.

"Yes, but how long shall it be before my bride lives?" the Creature questioned. Fritz shrugged his shoulders as storm clouds began to roll across the night sky.

            As the rain began to fall and the lighting flash across the sky, Fritz pulled back on the reins when he saw the welcome sight of a fire coming closer.

"Hmm, gypsies. I'm sure they won't mind sharing with us some of their food?" "If I must wait for a companion, then you must wait on dinner" Fritz asked before the Creature snapped back.

Grumbling, Fritz urged the horses forward before a large something dashed in front of them, nearly causing the steeds to panic. "What was that?" the Creature demanded as he tried to keep the various spare parts from spilling out. "It looked like a large dog. Whatever it is, it's heading towards that camp" Fritz squinted through the rain as he saw dark shapes thrashing about the campfire light. Screams and the retorts of a rifle echoed in the woods. "Hmm, maybe we should stop-there's bound to some pieces left over that the Bar…um, Master Henry, could use" Fritz spoke, hoping the Creature hadn't noticed his slip.

As the two unlikely companions hid the cart of horses, the sounds of a woman's weeping greeted them. Slinking in through the undergrowth, they saw the reasons why:

Before them was a gypsy camp with a warm fire around it. But around the fire were the silhouettes of several still forms.

An old woman, her eyes a dull white, helplessly clawed at the empty while softly weeping. A rifle, its owner's hands still clinging to the trigger, lay smashed on the ground; it's owner laying several yards away propped up against a wagon wheel.

            Looking around the destroyed site, Fritz smiled as he began to loot. Taking spilled coins, scraps of food, and even a few limbs, he grinned as if Father Christmas himself had left the carnage.

"Come on, come on!" he chided as the Creature simply stared at the weeping woman. "We don't much time, and the rain is getting worse, now" but his words were lost as he suddenly tripped over something and sprawled hump first into the mud.

"What was that?" he demanded. Grabbing a still lit brand from the fire, he nearly shouted in joy as he saw a young woman, her back nearly shredded. "Come over here! I found a fresh one! Why, this could easily replace the parts we had to leave back in town!" Fritz smiled as he grabbed the woman's ankles, only to find his joy short lived when she let out a low moan.

"Damn wolves" he grumbled as the Creature silently walked over to him. "Perhaps we should leave her." The Creature suggested as the old woman struggled to crawl over to them.

"No, she was bitten by the werewolf!" the old woman cried as she crawled in their direction.

Fritz gazed down suspiciously at the still moving woman. "So? She'll be dead soon enough" he rationalized as he dragged the girl back towards the cart.

The Creature stared on, his face devoid of emotion. Looking to the old woman, then to Fritz, the Creature seemed confused until the ranting of the hunchback drew him out of his state.

"No, you must kill her before the rise of the next full moon, or all of your souls will be damned!" the old woman begged.

"Stupid nonsense!" Fritz cursed as the Creature helped him sling the bloody form of the woman into the back of the cart. "Come on, we have no time to waste!" Fritz urged as the Creature silently climbed next to the moaning woman.

With a crack of the whip, the cart began its journey, leaving the old woman to hurtle curses at them from a distance.

Transcript of letter from John Seward, MD, to Mr. Vogel, Burgomaster

Mr. Vogel

            I am forwarding this letter to you so that you may be ready for our arrival. In Goldstadt, Germany there has been a rash of vicious attacks and grave-robbery. The perpetrators of these acts are, as confirmed by both the confessions of one of the men and several credible eyewitness accounts, the following"

Fritz (last name believed to be Frye but more than likely an alias)

An as of yet unnamed accomplice; being of great size and strength I cannot urge you to take enough precautions when dealing with the two of them.

Fritz was in police custody when his unnamed partner aided him in escape via partially removing part of the jail wall.

From there they stole two horses and a cart and headed south. It is believed that they are tempting to cross over into Switzerland.

These two should be considered both armed and extremely dangerous.

John Seward, MD

Several days later

            "So, you say this peasant trollop you picked was near death?" Frankenstein asked as he ate his morning breakfast at a leisurely pace. "Yes master, she was!" Fritz protested.

"Well, judging by the screams she has been making for the past hour I think your diagnosis is incorrect." He spoke before pushing his plate away.

            Standing by the large window that overlooked the land around them, Frankenstein drew back the curtain and stared into the world.

The sky was overcast, with only the barest hint of sunlight to be seen. Dark thunderclouds rolled ever onward, rumbling ominously. "Judging by the weather, we shall have plenty of lighting for the experiment." He said happily as Fritz cleared away the table.

"Think of it Fritz, an army of beings who never really lived; waiting for my command to rise up and serve me!" he said with a mad glint in his eye as the storm clouds grew in kind.

"When shall we start Master?"

"Tonight I think; the storm must be at it's strongest"


            Amira moaned in recollection of the events of the past day or so. "That wolf attacked out camp…where am I?" she asked to the silent room as she blinked away the sleep in her eyes.

Sliding out of the large four-poster bed, she slowly (with the bed sheets wrapped around her nude frame) made her way to the door. "It's locked!" she cursed as the ornate door refused to budge.

Looking around, she saw no other exits save for the window (which overlooked nothing expect a near vertical drop).

Grabbing two wrought iron candlesticks, she wrapped them up in a pillowcase. "It will have to do…" she thought as she gave the makeshift weapon a few practice twirls.


            The Creature paced back and forth in the dungeon. "I can barely recall seeing this 'Henry', yet why does the mere thought of him make my blood boil? And all those parts; surely he has no need for so many…unless he intends to make more than one. But if not for me, then who?" the Creature furrowed his stitched together brow in thought as he then decided it was time to see just what this Henry had in store…


            "Master, I think that monster is getting suspicious!" Fritz whined.

"Hmm, you reminded me of something. Throw the gypsy girl in with him. But tell him to watch her or some matter like that. Make him feel important."

            "But master, why? If she is a werewolf, then we must kill her before the full moon!"

"Which is, by my count, a good three weeks away. Pardon if I think we would be jumping the gun. No, let that freak watch over her. I will gain my revenge on that misshapen thing soon enough and as for her, well, I could always use a spare organ or two."

Back in the guest room/cell

            Amira crouched by the door, her hastily assembled club at the ready. Hearing voices drawing closer, she leaned against the wall and began to twirl her weapon.

The door opened slowly, but she couldn't wait. Grabbing the open door in one hand she yanked it out of the stranger's grasp while slamming the loaded pillowcase into the man's head.

The ugly misshapen man went down with a yelp as she jumped over him and started to look for a way out.

            "Spirited little fox, aren't you?" a cold voice said behind her. Whirling around, she was confronted with a well-dressed man holding a syringe in one hand. "Where am I?" she demanded as she began to twirl the case around again.

"You are in my home. I see the reports of your injures were somewhat exaggerated. It is regretful, but I fear I have a greater need for your body than you." The man said calmly, as if talking about the topic was simply business to him.

"Stay back!" she yelled as the man approached. "Or what? Hit me with that crude thing? Even if you disabled me, I rather doubt you would get out of this area alive. Now be a good little girl and" his words were then cut off as she slammed the silk wrapped candlesticks over the man's head.

"I'll take my chances," she muttered as she began to dash down the hall and towards (she hoped) freedom.

            Which turned out to be a short jog; no sooner had she began her run then the now recovered Fritz slammed her into the wall. The impact sent her head snapping back, making the very walls around her swim.

            Picking the now dazed woman up (after removing the weapon from her hands), Fritz checked on Frankenstein. "Master, are you injured?" he asked.

"Fritz, I just had two candlesticks that weigh nearly four pounds each slammed into my head. I think that speaks for itself" he snidely remarked as he rubbed the now visible bruise. Pointing towards Amira, he picked up the dropped syringe. "Put her down here. I'll give her this sedative right now. It should be enough to keep her asleep until we have need of her."

"Master, what's that?" Fritz asked as the crudely wrapped bed sheets fell away to revel Amira's nude form.

"Hmm?" Frankenstein questioned as he stared down at the female flesh before him. "What are you pointing at…oh, I see" his tone changed as he too noticed a peculiar mark of the woman's left breast.

            "It appears to be a small circle, with an upside down five-pointed star". Frankenstein said as he examined the mark. "No doubt a tattoo of some kind. Damn, this might change everything! Fritz, have the monster look after her." He ordered as he walked over to a small cabinet and pulled out what looked like a tube and a small jar. "I'll need to sample her blood first before we include her in the process. Tattoos are a dangerous thing Fritz, why, is this mark was made with a dirty needle then she could have diseased blood. She could ruin the entire experiment!" Frankenstein raved as he took a small sample of blood and tissue from the drugged woman before wrapping her back up.

"Give her to the monster; hopefully that will keep him occupied until tonight and out of both our hair and the Count's."

Later that evening

            The storm had continued to rage all day, almost as if the very heavens themselves were weeping at what was about to transpire.

In a tall tower, connected to the main Frankenstein house, a causal observer might have noticed a large kite flying high in the winds.

            Down below, Frankenstein was busy making last minute adjustments to the bizarre device that surrounded him.

Laid out, like slabs of meat in a butcher shop, were nearly a dozen bodies, all of them wrapped head to toe in bandages. "I see you are at least thorough in your precautions" the voice of Lucy rang out over the lighting.

"Yes well…such measures are necessary after all. Where's Dracula?" "Hmm? Oh, he's already left…they left early morning with a small band of his gypsies."

"Why wasn't I told?" he demanded as Fritz, the Creature, and the now groggy Amira entered the lab.

"You didn't ask. Besides, you can simply give your creations to me and I will make sure they reach Transylvania safely." Lucy said with a smile that did little to reassure him.

            The booming of the thunder drowned out anything else she was going to say. Turning his attention away from the undead interloper, Frankenstein busied himself with the last minute preparations.

"Master, we're here!" he heard Fritz calling. Seeing both the hunchback and the Creature (with a tied up Amira slung over his back), he simply waved them aside.

"Fritz, go check on the controls to make sure the connectors are fully charged. As for you" he added as he looked the Creature over, "Go stand guard over that girl. You may pick your bride once I've finished."

            The lighting increased as the storm seemed almost like a living being. A bolt arched out of the sky and nailed the kite, sending uncountable amounts of pure electrical engery surging down the line into the machines below.

With a shower of sparks and a series of thrown switches caused the wrapped bodies to convulsive wildly as life began to return to the remains. "They're alive…they're alive….THEY'RE ALIVE!" Frankenstein screamed in triumph as the bodies began to jerk on their own and in a few cases, scream.

"Fritz, quickly man shut off the power!" he shouted over the rising din. "Where is my mate?" the Creature demanded as he stepped forward, placing himself between the baron and his creations. "Oh very well, take your pick!" he brushed him off as the Creature walked over to the nearest one.

With one tug he ripped the bandages, reveling a face that, despite the few scars around the base of the neck, was stunningly perfect.

"What mockery is this?" the Creature roared as he shoved Frankenstein aside and tore the wrappings off of the rest of the beings. With each discovery his anger grew as he stared down into faces filled beauty, lacking any traces of the ugliness that marked his own features.

"You tricked me! They're not hideous!" the Creature growled as he advanced on Frankenstein, who simply stood his ground.

"True, for you see I learned from you and my ancestor's mistakes." He said calmly as he pressed a button, causing the various new creatures' bounds to be free.

"Destroy him!" Frankenstein ordered, as several of the new women simply slid to the ground, their limbs flaying helplessly. The Creature seemed even angrier by this, as noted by his ripping a empty table free of it's supports and wielding it like a club. "Fritz, help me!" Frankenstein screamed as he noticed that more than half of his own creations seemed to be quite capable of rational thought, as they too turned their eyes towards him and began to advance.

"I must say Frankenstein, these creatures of your are amazing. So easy to control, why all I have to do is gaze at them and they serve me with no hesitation." Lucy casually said as she draped her arms around the closest two and began to walk away.

            The mentioning of the name 'Frankenstein' brought forth a new wave of anger in the Creature as he raised the operating table high over head. "Frankenstein?" he roared, his rage almost dwarfing the storm by comparison. With a howl of anger he swung the table at the rapidly losing composure figure of Frankenstein.

"Fritz you fool, save me!" he screamed at his assistant. "I'm coming master!" the hunchback shouted back as he grabbed a torch and whip from the wall and began to make his way towards the pair.

            But the would be brides took notice of him, and slowly began to intercept the hunchback. "Away!" he cried as he cracked his whip. The brides collectively hissed like angered swans before leaping upon the man. "Master, save me!" he cried as the patchwork women fell upon him, biting and clawing as they attacked the face that had brought them to their current state.

Bloody, his clothing and flesh in tatters, Fritz ran blindly away from the horde of women. "Master, I can't die like this, not with so much blood on my hands!" he screamed once more as he, in his flight, failed to stop as he ran headlong through a large window and stumbled out onto a balcony.

            Frankenstein saw the mob of women lurch, stumble, and even crawl out towards the man. He heard Fritz's agonized scream; a scream that grew fainter as he witnessed the women pick Fritz up and hurtle him off of the tower.

            With a snarl and the smashing of more equipment, his attention was brought back to the Creature. "You used me!" he screamed as he slammed the table around wildly. As the Creature's rampage drew closer to the very engines that brought the would-be brides to life, Frankenstein threw up his arms in protest. "No you fool, if you destroy that machine you'll blow us all to atoms!"

The Creature stopped and looked around; the strange woman whom Frankenstein called Lucy has left, with about an even eight of the newly created women. The rest had followed Fritz in his death spiral off of the tower. Leaving him with the now awake gypsy girl Amira, Frankenstein himself, and one other bride. "None of use deserve to live" the Creature said simply pinned the Baron against the wall. Frankenstein screamed in agony as the Creature continued to push…

            Amira, now fully awake, looked around at the living hell that she had dropped in. She screamed in horror as the Creature, armed with a table, killed the man she recognized as her jailer by cutting him sloppily in two with a table. The man let out a sharp scream before she saw his legs fall away from the rest of him.

With the table now firmly imbedded in the wall, the Creature turned around and eyed Amira and the still bandaged person on another table.

With out warning, he calmly reached over and pulled a lever. Amira could actually feel the floors vibrating as the machines began to work in overdrive. Whole sections of the ceiling began to fall, but above the noisy din, Amira heard a muffled cry for help. Ignoring the Creature (who simply stood amidst carnage with a sad smile of his face) Amira rushed towards the figure. "Hang on, I'll free you!" she shouted as she clawed at the restraints and bandages. The figure flayed wildly as she managed to undo most of the straps.

Grabbing her off of the table (and not seconds before a large portion of the roof caved in and reduced the table to a piece of metallic pulp), Amira and the stranger made a mad dash for the stairs.

Glancing back at the Creature, Amira tried to shout a warning at him as the machines behind him suddenly erupted, separating them by a hungry wall of fire. The Creature, before the flames obscured him, shot a look at her and the strange figure in bandages. "Go." He said silently as the roof and walls began to succumb to the heat and smoke. Nodding silently, Amira grabbed the stranger by the hand and ran like a demon down the stairs and into the night.

As the pair exited the blazing tower, Amira looked up into the moonless night sky, and felt a strange burning in her chest. She ignored it and looked at the person she had saved.

The curves suggested a female, and this was confirmed after the stranger pulled away the rest of the bandages around the face. Amira gasped at the woman's face.

The flesh was pale enough to almost be blue, with zigzagging stitches down her face, looking as if she had been assembled like a toy.

"Are you…alright?" Amira asked hesitantly as she stared into unsightly face. The woman simply looked back at her with uncomprehending eyes and screamed.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            It has been almost a week and a half since the breakout of the hunchback. Getting the necessary paperwork to cross over the border has proven to more difficult than I imagined. I swear that they appoint anyone burgomaster these days.

I finally managed to make it across the border on my own. Following the path of the two fugitives was easy enough, but I felt a mixture of relief as I found the their hideout in a small village on the shores of Lake Geneva.

I felt both relief and apprehension as I arrived, only to find both men dead. The hunchback had been thrown from a great height, and as for the giant there was no trace, but the village doctor assured me that he perished in the blaze.

Note: the fire, which claimed the giant's life, had destroyed the home of a local baron…a rather unpopular man named Frankenstein. I could hardly get a clear explanation, save a fire started and claimed the entire house.

I did some information, which puzzles me. Before the fire, several villagers reported that they spied a caravan of gypsies leaving which several large boxes; which only cements my theory that Dracula has risen again. But several witness lay claim that a foreign women left as the fire started in the company of several strange women, many of whom bore resemblance to recently missing or deceased women.

The only witnesses to the actual fire were two women, both of whom were detained in the local jail. I have finally been given access to them, to see if my idea was correct.

            The sky was a dull gray; the threat of snow seemed to loom over the quaint village. Down the cobbled streets the handful of people who decided to brave the weather went about their tasks.

            Dr. Seward drew his coat around himself closer as he approached the police station. Seeing the old man in an ill-fitting uniform sitting behind the desk, Seward reached into his bag and pulled out a letter.

            "Good afternoon" he said in poorly accented German. "I am Dr. Seward, I wired ahead of my coming?"

            The old officer looked at the equally old doctor with half-asleep eyes and nodded. "Yes, the burgomaster received your posts." The policeman grabbed a large set of keys out of a drawer and moved down the hall towards the holding cells.

"Those two…very strange. The first one looked like a barmaid that was reported missing last month, and other was just some gypsy. We're holding them until they either talk or at least give us some names."

"You mean they've been held all this time and you don't even know who they are?" Dr. Seward asked.

"Well, this is a small village Herr Doctor, and we lack many things." The man sniffed as they traveled lower into the building's basement. "This is the strange one. We think she is a mute. But be careful, she is more dangerous than she looks." The officer warned as he unlocked the door.

From the journal of John Seward, MD

            After braving the sudden cold and incompetent officials, I finally found myself face to face with the people who might be able to give me the answer I seek.

I visited the mute first. The poor girl was chained to a large wooden chair, with the chains constricting her every movement. The poor thing looked at me at tried to hold her scared hands up, but the chains prevented it. She opened her mouth and while I think she possess all the capabilities of speech, she simply could not pronounce a single word.

After trying to wring some answers out of the girl (she seems to comprehend what is going on, but lacks the skills to communicate---I must remember to wire that specialist in the states about this case), I then went to question the other girl found with her.

            The cell in which the gypsy was kept in was not much better than her companion's. Instead of a chair, the only thing the cell had for furnishings was a soiled mat of straw.

The girl…reminded me of someone. She spoke a little English, which spared me the trouble of butchering any foreign tongues. From what I understood, her name was Amira. Fritz (she wasn't aware of his name) and the giant had taken her from her family after a large wolf had attacked them. She described horrors that went on in the castle that make my own experiences seem like a walk in the park.

The baron, a foul man by the name of Frankenstein, had kidnapped her (as well as being the one responsible for the kidnappings and assaults that have gone on in both this village and in Germany), and she was witness to an unholy experiment.

The Baron was attempting to create life from the dead. From what she described, the man succeeded. I could tell that she left out of many details, such as the girl in the cell down the hall. Was she part of the experiments? I did manage to get a few more details from her, such as the Baron was apparently working with a woman. She did witness some of the Baron's creations leaving, with their destination in mind.


One week later-just after sunset

            The land of Transylvania has seen it's fair share of bloodshed. It is said that the land is no longer fit to grow because the blood of a thousand armies stains it. Thoughts of this nature were, in all likelihood, not on the mind of whoever was driving the rather expensive automobile through the rocky pass.

The car whizzed past crooked trees and blasted rock, often taking hairpin turns at speeds that would make the most hearty of drivers faint. The car speed faster and faster, until all at once, it came to a screeching halt.

Before the car was a single road, which lead up to a crumbling old castle. 

Large chunks were missing from the ancient battlements as a dozens of bats flew out past the castle as the car's lights blinked before going out.

            Lucy emerged from the back, dressed in a scandalously short skirt and her hair done up. Smiling as six robe clad figures emerged from the car, she leaned down and spoke softly to the unseen driver.

"Just keep the engine running love"

            The group, with Lucy in the front, made their way up the cracked stone steps and towards the massive door at the top. A crest with a snarling wolf stared down at them as Lucy grabbed the wrought iron knocker and pushed the door open. The wood screamed in protest and she could see dozens of spiders being disrupted as the door tore down several hundred intricately weaved webs that clung to almost everything in the grand hall.

            "No welcome? Now that is simply rude" Lucy chided as she effortlessly made her way past the spider-webs and to the staircase. "Follow" she spoke as the robed figures marched in unison behind her, slowly tearing their way through the webs and centuries of dust that built itself up on the floor.

Past the crumbling walls and moldy portraits of past rulers, Lucy made her way to another door. Unlike the others she wasted no strength in simply opening, but rather smashed it down with a single blow.

            Carefully going down the slimly stone steps, Lucy felt the chill of the dungeon on her skin as she carefully made her way down.

"So, you have finally decided to join us" a sinister voice spoke out from the darkness.

"Yes my Master, and I bring the fruits of Frankenstein's genius"

            From out of the darkness emerged a man, clad only in rags and flanked by the same three women.

"You have returned Lucy, and yet why do I smell betrayal on you?" Dracula spoke harshly as the three brides stepped in front of him.

"Possibly because of my perfume. Or maybe it is because I do intend to kill all three of you." Lucy said simply as she stepped back, allowing the six brides to step forward.

Dracula simply laughed as he leaned back against the stone pillar, his lips still crimson from feeding. "Really, and just how could you accomplish what thousands of others have tried?"

"I could do this" Lucy shouted the last word as she ducked behind the steps as the six brides ripped off their robes to revel six large crosses adorning every inch of their unnatural bodies.

"You betrayer!" Dracula howled at the sight as the three Vampire brides rushed to protect their master.

"I believe you just said that" Lucy said as she made her way back up the stairs. "So, this is how it ends? And just where will you go?" Dracula shouted as the brides of Frankenstein ushered him back further into the dungeon.

"Really Count, do you expect me to revel my plans so soon? I'm not some villain in a penny dreadful you know." Lucy smiled as she raised her hand.

Two of the brides nodded and dropped their crosses. Breaking the wooden symbols, they rushed toward the three vampire brides and easily staked the trio.

"So, this is how it ends?" Dracula snarled as he picked up a long disused sword and stared down the undead things before him. "I fear you will find me a far difficult thing to kill!" he roared as he swung the through the air…


The sword fell to the dank floor with a clang as he slumped forward, his chest bloody. "What…why does this burn?" he cried as Lucy twirled what looked like a modified policeman's service revolver around her finger.

"Silver, with the cross etched into tip just for a special kick" Lucy smiled as Dracula slumped to the ground moaning. "It's the twentieth century Count; the world doesn't need monsters like you anymore."

"Stake him, and burn the body. Only this time we separate the head" she ordered as she took aim again and fired…

            From the Journal of John Seward, MD

Thanks in part to my conversation with Amira, I now know where my foe is hiding. He obviously has recruited more innocent women as his pawns, and I have no doubt that he has gone back to his ancient castle to recuperate.

I managed to convince the jailer that the two charges would be better off in my care. I believe that they will in aide me. The mute seems friendly enough, and I discovered that she has great strength to equal any mans (note-repay jail for damages)

As for Amira, she seems to know the countryside, and has convinced me that she can easily sway any of Dracula's mortal helpers away.

I hope, for all of out sakes, that she's right. 

Amira, for last time in so many days, placed her hand over the strange mark on her chest. The wagon, rented in a small hamlet, creaked back and forth on the narrow pass. The sounds of the mute girl and Dr. Seward filtering in through the small door did little to calm her nerves. The horses seemed to sense the nervousness in the girl, as they too threatened to bolt at every turn.

The mute girl's cries along with Dr. Seward's attempts to make her talk were what had driven Amira to take the horse's reins in the first place; a fact that was even more on her mind as the clouds began to darken and she felt the first few raindrops.

Strangely, the rain and scent of horses no longer bothered her. Leaning back under the relative dryness offered by the canopy, she could actually hear the mute's gentle attempts at speech as well as the rivulets of sweat pouring down Dr. Seward's neck.

"What's happening to me?" she thought as she lashed the horses faster.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            I must confess, the past few days have been most trying. The strange mute girl is still mute. She seems to recognize a few key words, and it seems she has developed a kind of bond with both Amira and myself. Her strength is almost inhuman and her mind so simple. The scars around her body suggest she was the recipient of some form of surgery.


Amira, so far, has proven a most interesting companion. In her travels she has been by the area, and she assures me that she can find the castle that we seek. It will be dark in a few hours, and time is of the essence

            It was late afternoon when the wagon slowed to a halt near the bottom of the old path. "Dr. Seward, look!" he heard from upfront as he very nearly fainted at the sight before them.

Castle Dracula, while never in pristine condition, now lay in utter ruins. A great fire had spread throughout the structure, as witnessed by the still smoldering ruins.

"We've lost!" he cursed as he kicked the mud around them.

            "Wait, I see tire tracks" Amira shouted as she gazed around at the ground.

"Tire tracks? That could mean that someone else… wait here. I'll check the castle to see if there was any sign of Dracula. If I fail to return before sunset, you must leave." He said with finality as he picked up his bag and hurried inside the ruins.

"I suppose it will be just you and me, eh?" Amira tried to joke to the mute girl.

The girl simply looked over at her with a slouched brow. The air around them grew silent, save for the wind and the occasional disturbed leaf.

            "I wonder how long we have to wait out here?"

"Not long" a deep voice answered.

            Quickly looking around and finding no one, Amira grabbed the mute and hustled her back into the wagon. "Stay here and I'll" she began to say before she cut off as a massive arm burst through from underneath. Amira bit back a scream as the limb flayed around. "Run!" She screamed as another arm burst up through the wooden and latched on to her ankle.

Grabbing a nearby lantern, Amira franticly broke it across the arms of whatever was under the wagon. The oil and fire spread quickly, consuming the small wagon; but the point was achieved in that Amira was quickly freed from whatever the thing was.

Dashing outside, Amira stopped short when she saw the mute held in the clutches of woman with almost the exact same type of scars that the mute had.

"Wait, aren't you" but that was all she spat out before a large hand smacked her unconscious.

            "Let's go" a woman, her muscles rippling in the faint daylight, stepped out away from the burning wagon and scooped up Amira with one hand.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            I felt conflicted as I hurried down the old steps. On one hand if Dracula was in fact dead, then I could rest easier. But on the other what if it was simply a ruse?

I had made my way down (being mindful of the still burning wood) where I found a most amazing sight.

Before me were the remains of three funeral pyres. The still smoldering remains of several coffins were all around me.

Venturing further down, I found the source of my nightmares strung up before me.


            The body was still burning, with the head removed and mounted on a pike (which had finished burning).

As the stench of the burning flesh surrounded me, I felt a cold chill run down my spine despite the heat.

The head was still alive.

Dracula, his lids fused shut over his eyes, coughed and smiled in my direction. "Friend Seward, how long as it been?" the monster before me asked.

Forcing myself to stay, I looked at the mockery of mankind and demanded to know what had transpired.

The head gave me a look, which led me to think that if he were still attached to his body he would have shrugged his shoulders.

"A careless mistake on my part. Lucy, I believe you know her quite well, has raised her arm against me."

I ran, but not before I made sure that this monster would never trouble humanity again. Digging through the burning pile, I found that while he had been beheaded, there was no stake in his heart. Pulling one from my bag, I rectified that oversight.

The head let out a gasp as I hammered, and Heaven help me I enjoyed hearing that monster scream his last.


            "Wake up" Amira heard the rough voice order as she tried to open her eyes but found only darkness staring back "Where am I?"

Her sight was restored when the hood binding her was ripped off, reveling a quaint if sparsely furnished room.

"Master come for you at sun down" the patchwork Amazon spoke slowly as she turned around and walked out.

"Wait, where is my friend?"

"With family" was the only reply she heard before the door was slammed shut.

"I must get out of here!" she thought as she saw the sun slowly begin its descent. Struggling against the bonds, she felt a strange tingle go through her as the sky darkened.

            "What's happening?" she thought as she looked out the small window and stared at the full moon that had begun its ascent.

With a snarl, Amira pulled back and tore the chains out of the wall with almost no effort.

Amazed, she stared down at her hands as they seemed to be throbbing; not with pain, but with energy.

Getting off of the bed, she managed to make it to the door as the light of the full moon beamed down on her.

            It was then that the strange energy instantly went from strange to intense pain.

With a strangled cry she fell to the floor. The pain moved down into her hands. Holding them to her, almost as if to hug the pain away, she stared in horror as the nails split open and large jet-black nails grew in to replace them.

            A coat of fine hair began to sprout, quickly covering her changing hands, as the muscles seemed to constrict before expanding.

The change continued as her forearms began to elongate. Her hands seem to, for lack of a better word, shift and spread out. The fur on her hands grew thicker, and quickly spread up her forearms.

Amira's ears stretched and grew longer as she heard her tunic giving way in the back. Her normally chestnut brown hair shifted shades, becoming as black as the fur that now seemed to growing in everywhere on her person.

Her simple crafted boots stretched (and failed) to make room for her feet, which had undergone an equal transformation. The leather fell away in strips as Amira tried to walk on the new appendages.

"Must…get…out" she wheezed as she fumbled with the doorknob. The pain seemed to sense this, as it then left her extremities and settled in her torso. Falling again, she screamed as the bones in both her hands and feet shifted, cracked, and grew. Trying to unbutton her tunic to see what was presently happening, Amira only succeed in shredding the garment.

But the sight below her was enough to drive the thoughts of the ruined clothing away as below her breasts, were as near as she tell, more breasts. Not as defined as the olds mind you, but two sets all the same. The black fur was now almost completely covering her body as Amira simply laid down and prayed for the pain to end.

It didn't; her skirt, which had somehow managed to hold together during all this, bunched up around her hips as the pain moved south. Muscles and sinew grew in, tearing the skirt as easily as she moved her hips. Her back seemed to ripple under the fur as hot tears streamed down her face.

Biting her lips only resulted blood flowing freely down her mouth as her teeth grew into sharpened points.

The pain in her back went down even lower. Unable to turn her head, Amira could only hear a sharp cracking noise as what felt like her spine bursting out of her back and twitching around.

The fur spread to her face as Amira mercifully passed out.

Now it was only The Wolf

The Wolf felt a sharp pain in her face as bones snapped and grew, giving her a muzzle instead of a face.

The Wolf stood proudly and all fours and looked up at the moon.

She howled in greeting as she looked at the barrier before her.

The Wolf wanted out.


The mute girl had been locked in the basement of the house since she was brought in. Before her was a coffin (although the exact word for it escaped her at the moment). Unaware of how time had passed, she jumped back when the coffin's glass lid opened and a shapely feminine hand emerged.

The lid quickly slid back as Lucy sensually stretched inside the box before standing up. "Well, isn't this a pleasant sight to see?" she said jokingly as she stood before the mute naked, save for a thin level of soil on her backside.

"Excuse me love, but I never dine starkers" she quipped as she brazenly strode past the confused girl and slipped on some clothes that had been carefully folded near the base of the coffin.

"Now, where were we?"

The mute simply stood by, confusion quite evident on her scarred features.

"Oh, but I don't suppose we have been formerly introduced. You may call me Lucy. I brought you here, do you know why?"

The mute shook her head 'no'.

"Because you are special. Of all the creations brought forth by Frankenstein, you have the most potential to become stronger than the other beings that serve me" she spoke softly, as her voice took on an even tone.

            The mute blinked. What was this…person, doing to her? A sudden calm came over her, as the woman's words became clearer and clearer.

"I can help you. People fear you because you are different. But if you serve me, I will make sure that no one ever hurts you again. Will you serve me?" she asked, her hand out.

The mute looked at the outstretched hand. She raised her own and slowly gripped the offered appendage.

"A most wise choice my child"

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            As I left Castle Dracula, I found that out whoever had slain the foul monster was not a friend of ours. The wagon was still ablaze as I approached, and the two women nowhere in sight.

But this time the enemy left something that even I could track.

Tire tracks


            The Wolf sniffed at the door. Unaware of just how she wound up in the room, she snarled and easily tore through the oak as if it was made from tissue paper. Unfamiliar scents greeted her as she slowly paced down the corridor.

"Uh?" a strange figure said. The Wolf didn't recognize the patchwork woman before her, not that she really cared. To the Wolf, all strangers were either enemy or food.

And since the Wolf was rather hungry, the stranger was both…

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            The tracks were easy enough follow, even for someone of my poor eyesight. I ran for what seemed like miles.

I ran until nightfall, where I collapsed by the roadside. I managed to drag myself off to the side.

            The Wolf bit down hard on the being before her. The creature fought back; mainly by gripping the Wolf by both sides of the neck and tossing her across the room before ripping up a floorboard and hefting it like a club.

            "Master say kill intruder" the creature growled as she lumbered toward the prone werewolf.

The Wolf righted herself and looked at the now armed stranger. The Wolf growled and leapt at her attacker. The creature swung down with the board, but sadly for her she missed. The Wolf latched onto her neck and bit as hard as she could.

The creature struggled to pry the ravenous werewolf away, but for all of her great strength she couldn't. The Wolf looked down at the bloody corpse, unaware of the strange thing's origins, and gave a cry of victory to the moon.


            The howling echoed all throughout the house. "Hmm, it seems that we have an uninvited guest." Lucy purred as she finished dressing herself. "Why don't you and the rest of the girls go and see who it is?" she ordered.

The mute simply nodded as several more women papered at the top of the stairs. "Go with them".

Upstairs the battle ragged in earnest. The rest of Frankenstein's would be brides had armed themselves and were attempting to kill the werewolf.

A funny tidbit that none of the resurrected patchwork women were aware of was that the only thing that could kill a werewolf was anything made of pure silver.

A fact that was lost on them as they armed themselves with the same gear they used in the extermination of Dracula and his brides.

            Arrows flew through the air as the Wolf easily dodged the deadly projectiles and leapt into the fray, biting and clawing. Two of the guards moved in with crosses, in an attempt to club the interloper into submission.

The Wolf stopped at the sight of the two massive crosses, not out of fear or pain, but more out of a sense of bewilderment. The symbol had some meaning, she was sure of that. The exact meaning however, was totally lost on her.

The moment's hesitation would prove to be most costly.

The heavy symbol cracked across the Wolf's head hard enough to shatter both the cross and her skull.

Dazed (but thought dead), the guards that still possessed their hands dragged the still moving body out of the den and down to the basement.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            I was not sure just how long I slept. When I came to, the moon was full and high overhead.

Scrambling to my feet I continued on my journey. The tracks were still fresh, and the moonlight enabled me to find my way in the dark.

Hours may have passed; I had only the moon to guide me.

Seeing a light down the road, I broke into a run.  The tire tracks went around to the side of the house.

            Making my way through an unattended gate, I found myself in a small and rather unkempt garden. The howl of a wolf echoed from inside the house, chilling me to my bones.

The thought of my Lucy being the one behind all this…for the sake of recording this event I must continue.

I laid my bag on a long unused table and sorted through it. After my confrontation with the Count, I had only one stake left, as well as one flask of holy water. Pocketing the stake, I unscrewed the top to the water and carefully made my way inside.

Scenes of violence were everywhere. At first all I saw was smashed furniture and large gaping holes in the walls nearly the size of my head.

Carefully making my way into the heart of the house, I'm afraid my skills of infiltration leave much to be desired, for no sooner had I entered than I was discovered.

The guard was a woman who was hideously scarred. She was missing several parts, including a right arm. She growled something to the effect of "stop". Mistaking her for an unholy creature I emptied half my flask into her face.

When she failed to combust I realized that ugliness does not equal evil.

I tried to flee, but after my mad dash through the wilderness I fear I was in no shape to run. She clamped down on my shoulder with a grip that could have twisted steel. I dropped my flask in the confusion.

I was hefted over the guard's head and carried through the house. The next thing I was aware of was being tossed like a potato sack down a flight of stairs.

            The Wolf was angry. Not that this was a new thing, but the rage was keeping her focused. Chained to a wall, the Wolf struggled against the bonds, but even with her strength the chains would not bend.

"Hmm, you are full of surprises, aren't you?" a woman spoke. The woman sparked off something in the Wolf's mind, visions of hate and blood. Snarling, and redoubling her efforts to free herself, the Wolf's actions merely caused the woman to laugh.

"My, you werewolves are such silly creatures." She smirked as the light reflected off of her sharpened teeth. "I wonder what would happen if I were to drain you; would you dammed twice?" she laughed as she approached.

The Wolf felt something unfamiliar as the woman walked closer. Her fur bristling as the woman roughly grabbed her neck, the woman ignored the Wolf's claws as she opened her own mouth wide…

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            I was caught midair by yet another of the scarred women, but imagine my surprise when my would-be jailer was none other than the mute girl that I rescued.

She seemed to recognize me as she held me close. Looking me over, she opened her mouth and while she still failed to say anything, it was clear that she knew who I was. Putting me down, she motioned for me to stay under the stairs.

I complied, as the mute then dashed off to another section of the basement. I grabbed my stake and cross as I formulated a battle plan.

            Lucy blinked at the sight before her. The mute that she had recruited stood before her, an expression that vaguely resembled anger on her features. "What do you want?" she snapped as the Wolf managed to use the distraction to break free of the vampire's grasp.

            "Stay" Lucy ordered as she lashed out and caught the Wolf in the stomach with a kick.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            Holding my cross in one hand and my stake in the other I made my way towards the sounds. I could see, via the sole lit torch, the mute standing in front of a large wolf that had been chained to the wall. A scantly dressed woman was amusing herself by kicking the dumb animal as hard she could as the wolf howled in agony.

Without thinking, I stepped into the torchlight and shouted the name of the woman I once loved more than life itself.

            "Lucy!" a strangled cry echoed off of the old stonewalls.

"Was that…why, I had no idea you were still alive John!" Lucy said in a mocking tone. Grabbing the torch off of the wall, she kicked off her high heels and made her barefoot towards the sound of his voice.

"The years have not been kind to you John" she said as the sight of the older man was caught in the light.

            "I have to save your soul Lucy" John forced himself to say as he held the cross up.

"Really? I thought you already did that when you and those other prats shoved a sharpened table leg into my chest and loped off my head". She spat as she kept her distance due the cross.

            The mute silently looked at the two before turning her attention towards the Wolf. Holding her hands out, she carefully walked towards the snarling beast.

The Wolf looked at the new foe before her and snarled, but there was something about the human before her that seemed different than the others. Calming down, the Wolf sensed that this human was somehow different.

            The mute continued her approach, until she was neared her objective:

The Wolf's chains

With a single tug, the mute tore the constraints away, letting the Wolf free. Without even looking at any other creature in the room, the Wolf leapt towards the nearest thing:


From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            I must confess, as I write what happened down I am almost ashamed of my actions. As I gazed in the eyes of the woman that I would have died to protect, I could feel my hand wavering. As I stared at those ruby red lips, I wanted nothing than to kiss them.

I knew full well the dangers, yet the sight of her…

If the wolf hadn't somehow broken loose of it's restraints I'm not sure what I would have done. The wolf tackled Lucy to the floor with ease and began it's assault.

Being a vampire, I knew all too well that no amount of biting would be enough to stop a vampire, yet I still possessed enough intelligence not to get between the pair.

I picked up the discarded torch and quickly found the mute. Gesturing wildly, I managed to convince her of my intent and together we fled.

The sounds of Lucy and the wolf fighting rang throughout the basement, but I remained focused on my objective.

As my old mentor Van Helsing often said, "if you destroy a vampire's coffin, the battle is halfway won".

Finding the casket that Lucy had first been laid to rest in, I smashed the glass top with my boot. I tried to tip the stone thing over, but I failed to move it by even an inch.

I felt a rough hand on my shoulder, and there the mute was offering me her assistance. Normally I would have scoffed at such a thing, until I saw her lift half of the casket with one hand.

Speechless, I simply pushed the other end as hard as I could. The coffin slid and fell, cracking in two as it hit the ground. Scattering the pieces and the dirt inside, I picked up my torch and led the way upstairs, leaving Lucy to her fate.

             Lucy heard the shattering of something, but she had no time to investigate. The wolf clamped down on her right wrist, almost severing her hand in one bite.

Hissing through her teeth, Lucy slammed her knee into the wolf's midsection and pulled back, causing the hand to ripped off. Ignoring the pain of the severed hand, she jumped up and kept her back to the wall. In the darkness, Lucy could still hear the wolf panting, the smell of blood exciting her.

            The Wolf was happy. The enemy before her had lost something (the thing looked familiar, yet the name of it escaped the Wolf at that moment) and for that she was happy. Charging after her prey, the Wolf easily made her way up the stairs.

            From the Journal of John Seward, MD

As the mute and myself raced upstairs, the creatures that Lucy had ensnared as bodyguards confronted us. Wielding my torch, I managed to keep the monsters at bay. They seemed afraid of the fire, and I had no hesitation about using that to my advantage. Even with many of them missing pieces they still had the two of us outnumbered, but keeping the torch in front of me we managed to back our way into the relative safety of the kitchen.

The only of escape lay in a small window off to the side. Noticing the many open bottles of wine and liquor laying around, I was struck with an idea.

Instructing the mute, I had her toss and brake as many bottles as she could grab. The guards, moving slowly, did nothing but stare at us as we did out fiendish work.

Without waiting I heaved the torch into the alcohol, setting the old kitchen ablaze. The fire spread fast, consuming the guards.

To my amazement and horror, not a one of the women ever bothered to move. Standing still as the flames roasted them, they did not even bother to scream as the fire roasted them.

            Lucy escaped from one hell to another. Seeing the fire raging, she cursed as she as she tried to beat out the flames that were quickly spreading around the house.

Grabbing a antique saber that had left over the mantle by the house's formerly living residents, she charged into the inferno, the name of her enemy hot on her lips.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            Until my dying day I doubt I will ever forget the sound that issued forth from the fire.

"John!" a horrid screech came forth from within the fire. The mute had on her own accord smashed the window and was already safely outside. I was brushing the broken glass aside when Lucy walked through the fire.

Waving a sword with her one hand, she stared at me with a look that was born of Hell itself.

Not even bothering to say a word, she screamed and leapt at me, her sword glistening in firelight.

My salvation came, of sorts, in the shape of the wolf that Lucy had fought with downstairs.

The wolf easily caught Lucy in midair and drove her back into the fire. I could hear them battle, but the ceiling had begun to sag and moan. Waiting until Lucy was within my range of vision, I ran as close as I dared and plunged the stake through her back. I heard screaming before I dove headfirst out the window, barely managing to escape as the house caved in, the fire hungrily devouring it. Perhaps in my fatigued state I would have like to imagine Lucy gaining some degree of freedom as she died.

Several hours went by as we watched the house burn.

Hearing the rubble shifting, I grabbed a nearby beam that had broken off and armed myself.

I almost fainted with fright as the wolf slowly emerged from the debris, it's muzzle drenched with blood. It let out a hideous howl before digging down and letting us see it's grisly trophy

Lucy's severed head

            The Wolf gave a cry of victory over her kill. Two humans stood before her, but she didn't care. She had already feasted on the remains of one; two more wouldn't make much difference.

The Wolf stared down at the pair, feeling strange that neither one of them wanted to fight or run. Ignoring the feelings, the Wolf advanced.

But, as the Wolf gave another howl to the Moon, it was there that the Wolf noticed something odd. The Moon was going away, and the first rays of sunlight streaked across the sky.

Feeling tired, the Wolf tried to stay awake for the kill, yet suddenly none of that seemed important.

Collapsing to the ground, the Wolf just went away.

From the Journal of John Seward, MD

            As the Wolf crept towards us, I must admit that I was at a loss for words. I felt relief that Lucy had been stopped, yet at the sight of the ravenous beast before I felt that my victory would be a short-lived one.

But, to add to the wonders and horrors that I have seen, I bore witness to yet another amazing occurrence.

The wolf howled at the sinking moon, but as the sun slowly began it's ascent into the morning sky, the wolf suddenly fell over.

In what would now be considered an extreme act of utter foolishness, I ventured forward instead of running away. But what I saw….the sight still makes my blood run cold as I stared at the wolf.

The animal looked to be having a seizure, if such a thing were possible of an animal. I could hear the bones snapping, and I thought for a moment that the poor thing had somehow broken it's limbs due to it's thrashing about. Instead, I witnessed the paws reshaping into hands. The fur bristled and, for lack of a better term, it vanished, reveling smooth naked skin.

The muzzle broke and seemed to melt into the face, taking on a more recognizable face:


The light of the new day reveled the gypsy girl to me, and I admit my reaction was less than of a gentlemanly nature.

After a moment's shock, she seemed to regain her senses rather quickly, and it was amidst the smoking ruins that it was decided that the three of us would return to England.

I would resume my position at the sanitarium, while helping Amira to look for a cure for her condition.

As for the mute, it was decided that she would be better off with us. After the entire incident, I rather doubt that letting her rot in jail would prove to be beneficial to anyone. It will be difficult helping her rejoin society, but I believe that together we can help the poor girl.

And so, on this last page, I bring this journal to a close. Monsters such as Dracula and even Frankenstein still exist in this modern world, and it will be up to people such as myself to insure that mankind is never threatened by those horrors ever again.

JS, 12-30-31

The end

Story based on the film "Dracula contra Frankenstein" (1972) dir. Jess Franco.

Better known as The Screaming Dead, it was a rather obscure footnote in the work of the man. My reasons for remaking the film are fairly simple-I loved the idea, yet I felt the actual film fell flat in it's telling.

This is simply my take on the story, with no insult intended to the makers or fans of the original film.