Title: Sliding Through the Gate
Rating: PG
Author: Mac
Disclaimers: Stargate and all related characters are property of MGM Studios, Showtime, and the Sci-Fi Channel. Sliders and all related characters are property of 20th Century Fox Television.
SG-1 had just arrived on the planet designated as P45 823 when the Stargate activated again. Jack O'Neill ordered everyone to take cover. It's a good thing these ruins are around here, he thought. He chuckled to himself idly wondering what his archaeological teammate would say to that.

Jack turned his attention back to the 'Gate when the wormhole opened. Four humans were spewed from the event horizon, but none of them had the symbols of Jaffa on their foreheads. He also noticed that none of them had weapons so he gestured to his team.

The strangers stood up and brushed themselves off. They looked really confused. The older man turned to face SG-1, who had their weapons trained on them. He was about to take a step closer when Jack spoke up.

"That's far enough," he said. "Who are you and where did you come from?" The looks on Teal'c and Samantha Carter's faces told him they definitely weren't Goa'uld.

The man held up his hands, as did his companions. "I beg your pardon, young man, but we are unarmed and not in the least bit dangerous. I will answer your questions as long as you all put your weapons down."

Jack glanced at Sam, who shrugged. Daniel and Teal'c didn't seem to think they posed a real threat either. He lowered his P-90 and repeated his question.

"I am Professor Maximilian Arturo. This is Quinn Mallory, Rembrandt Brown, and Wade Wells. We're . . . travelers, if you will."

"From what planet?" Daniel wanted to know. They had encountered many humans, who had been deposited on different worlds by Goa'uld and some of them had been explorers like them.

Quinn blinked. "What planet? We're on the planet we're from. It's called Earth."

It was SG-1's turn to blink. "We are not on Earth," Teal'c said.

"Now wait a minute," Rembrandt said, "of course we're on Earth." He turned to Quinn. "Q-Ball, you said the wormhole would only take us to different dimensions on Earth, not to other planets."

"I'm as confused as you are, Remmie," Quinn replied, running a hand through his hair.

Sam put two and two together. "Do you mean you have a device that will take you to alternate realities of Earth?"

"Carter, don't go all scientific on me now."

"Excuse me," Professor Arturo said, "but could you tell us who you are and where you are from?"

"Oh, yeah. Colonel Jack O'Neill. This Major Carter, Dr. Jackson, and Teal'c. We're from Earth. I'm guessing a different one than yours."

Daniel nodded. "We travel through the Stargate." He pointed behind him. "It takes you light years from Earth to different planets."

"Awesome," Quinn breathed. "Could you imagine the power you'd have to have to get something like that to work?"

"It's unbelievable," Sam said.

Jack held up his hand to quiet her. "Carter, if you and Mr. Mallory want to discuss ... modes of transportation, that's fine, I just don't want to hear it. Teal'c, come with me and we'll make certain the area is secure. Daniel, I don't have to tell you what to do with these ruins. Let's go people. We still have a mission to accomplish."

The professor and Quinn sat on the steps near the Stargate with Sam as they explained their "modes of transportation" while Rembrandt and Wade followed Daniel to the ruins. Wade was amazed by the extent of the ruins. She had taken an archaeology elective in college, but most of her studies had been from watching the Indiana Jones movies.

"Dr. Jackson, exactly how far from Earth are we?" Daniel was so lost in thought as he scanned the ruins that he didn't hear her at first. "Dr. Jackson?"

"What? Oh, sorry. I think Sam said we were roughly 20,000 light years," he replied, dusting off dirt and grim from the ancient text on the wall. "That can't be good," Daniel muttered.

"What?" Rembrandt wanted to know, but Daniel ignored him and continued to read the text. "This kid's worse than Q-Ball when he gets to thinking too much."

Wade giggled. Her smile faded when she saw the look on Daniel's face. "Is something wrong? You seem, I don't know, disturbed by something."

Daniel looked at her. It was the first time she noticed how blue his eyes were. "We need to get off this planet," was his response.

"But we can't go anywhere until the timer goes off. If we do, we're stuck wherever we end up."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Daniel replied, "but if we don't leave now, we're not going to be around to be stuck anywhere."
Jack and Teal'c were heading to the Stargate when Daniel called him. We have a serious problem, Jack," he was saying. "Every 20 years a huge earthquake erupts on this world causing massive destruction. The only reason these ruins are left standing is because the material is made of naquadah. Just so you know, this time of year marks the 80th anniversary of those quakes..."

"Wonderful. Teal'c and I are heading to the 'Gate, you should do the same. I'll contact Carter and have her start dialing."

"Got it."

Sam, Quinn, and Professor Arturo were still in deep conversation when Jack and Teal'c arrived. "Sir?" she asked when saw the concerned look on his face. "Is something wrong?"

"Oh yeah," Jack said, then explained the situation. "Daniel and the others should be headed back here. Go ahead and dial home."

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. "Jack, come in!"


"We're trapped over here. Get back to Earth and come back tomorrow morning. Everything will have died down by then."

Jack was not pleased with this idea. "We're not leaving–"

"JACK! Go! You can't do anything until these quakes stop anyway. Besides, we need someone alive to save us!"

"O'Neill, DanielJackson is right. We must go."

"What?" Quinn exclaimed. "We can't just leave them out there!"

Before anyone else could say more, Jack shoved Arturo and Quinn through the 'Gate after Sam. Teal'c followed, and with one last glance, Jack did too. His heart beat fast as he dropped onto the ramp in the SGC.

Jack stared at Teal'c and Sam as the wormhole disengaged. They had the same worried expression on their faces. "Colonel O'Neill, have yourselves and your guests checked out by Dr. Frasier then report to me."

When Jack didn't say anything, Sam took his arm. "Sir, they'll be all right."

"If you say so, Carter," he replied, following Teal'c down the ramp.