Sliding Through the Gate
Part 4
Author: Mac
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Quinn glanced down worriedly at the timer. They had about 7 minutes before they had to slide. He turned around when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Wade smiled at him. "According to Major Carter, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes for the gate to dial. We'll be back to the planet with time to spare before sliding."

He smiled back at her. "I trust her, I just hope all the calculations we did to get us back home weren't for nothing."

"I know what you mean."

"Chevron 7, locked!" a disembodied voice said from above.

"Let's go, campers!" Jack exclaimed, heading up the ramp.

Teal'c and Sam followed him while Daniel walked up with the Sliders. "I hope you find your way home," he was saying to the Professor and Rembrandt. I've only been to one alternate universe, but it wasn't a pleasant visit."

"Yes, Major Carter told us about the Quantum Mirror. There would be no way of telling which world was ours unless we visited them individually. However, I believe that would be worse than sliding."

Daniel nodded. "You'd be stuck here indefinately and still be looking for your home and that would change the history of our world, no doubt."

"That it would," the Professor replied, stepping into the wormhole.

"So, I'm thinking that it would be our best bet if you were to engage the Stargate just as our wormhole opens up," Quinn was saying.

Teal'c noticed that O'Neill's eyes seemed to have glazed over the minute QuinnMallory had begun to speak to MajorCarter. He knew the colonel was much smarter than everyone gave him credit for. He would have to be or General Hammond wouldn't have given him the responsibilities he had.

"Well, Teal'c, it was nice to meet ya, brother," Rembrandt said, extending his hand.

"And you as well, RembrandtBrown," Teal'c replied with a nod of his head.

Sam glanced at her watch. "How much longer?" she asked Quinn.

"About two more minutes."

"Daniel, dial the gate."

"Thank you for everything, Colonel O'Neill," Wade said.

Jack smiled. "We do what we can."

Rembrandt shook Daniel's hand. "Good luck defeating these guys."

"Thanks," Daniel replied with a nod. He winced slightly. Dr. Frasier had only cleared him to go off world so he could see the Sliders off. He was to report right back to the infirmary when they got back.

"Well," Professor Arturo said. "It looks like it's time for us to go."

"Safe journey," Teal'c told them as Quinn's wormhole opened up.

With a wave, the Sliders were gone. "Hopefully they're back on their original home world," Sam said.

"Speaking of home..."

They turned to face Daniel. He seemed a little pale. "Are you all right, DanielJackson?"

"Oh yeah, peachy."

"Let's go," Jack replied, leading Daniel up the steps. "You ready?"


Teal'c noticed that Sam wasn't following right away. "MajorCarter?"

"Right behind you, Teal'c."
Quinn nearly lost his footing as he was thrown out of the wormhole, but caught himself. He quickly jumped out of the way as the rest of his friends were deposited onto the ground. They noticed that Quinn seemed to be staring at something.

"Q-Ball? What's wrong? Are we home?" Rembrandt asked.

The Sliders watched as a centaur walked back, sneering at their appearance. ""