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Shadow Stargate Redone

Warnings: AU for YGO after Battle City; AU for Stargate somewhere in that space of time between Daniel becoming un-Ascended and season eight. This WILL be shonen-ai, folks. Now, for a little bit of education: Yaoi= all of the explicit stuff that happens behind closed doors between guys that not many people like to know about. Shonen-ai= all of the romance stuff between guys. So, there will be NO sex in this fic. Maybe in a sidefic, but that's a different story. Pun kind of intended.

Pairings: Yami/Yugi

Many thanks to JK Fie'r for beta-ing this fic and being a never-ending stream of encouragement and sometimes having to prod me to write this. #glomps JK# Arigatou!!!!!!!!

Chapter One: An Introduction Of Sorts

Typing filled the room, punctuated by an occasional mutter or rustle of paper. Bleary brown eyes peered from under a comforter at the lone figure sitting at the computer.

"Yugi? What are you doing?"

"Nothing, Ryou. Go back to sleep."

"I can't, not with you typing."

The typing paused, and there was a jaw-cracking yawn.

"I'm sorry Ryou, but I have to finish this up before tomorrow."

Ryou sighed and pushed off the covers. "What are you doing?" he asked, padding over to the computer. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the screen.

"It's my dissertation," Yugi yawned.

"Dissertation?" Ryou repeated. "But you're only seventeen years old!"

"And you're a year older," Yugi replied easily.

"How exactly are you going for a doctorate? And for what?"

"Grandpa pulled some strings and convinced a college to let me take online courses. I tested out of most of them-"another yawn "- and the college decided to let me try for a doctorate."

Ryou blinked. "But what are you writing about?"

Yugi scrolled up to the top of the document.

"Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt," Ryou read.

"Yeah. Yami's been helping me a lot. But this is mainly my research and my writing," Yugi said proudly. "If I pass, I'll have a doctorate on Ancient Egyptian culture and language!"

"We've got the language part down pat," Ryou noted, shooting a pointed glance down at Yugi's puzzle.

Yugi grinned. "Listen, I really need to get this done. I still have a lot of work to do."

Ryou nodded. "I understand. I'm sure Bakura wouldn't mind us sleeping on the couch for one night. After all, you're letting us stay here since dad is in Egypt."

Yugi smiled gratefully. "Thank you, Ryou."

"No problem."


Jack O'Neill stepped through the wavering pool of light and blinked. The lights of the SGC contrasted greatly to the dim caverns of P4X-885 and he was momentarily blinded.

"Report, Colonel O'Neill?" Hammond's voice sounded. Jack peered at the window hiding his commanding officer.

"Wha-oh. Daniel found some tablets that look like they're written in Ancient Egyptian. We're bringing him back so he could translate them. He thinks they refer to some weapon that can defeat the Goa'uld."

"I see. You'll have a full debriefing in one hour."

Jack gave a tired salute and trudged down the ramp towards the locker room.

An hour later all of SG-1 was gathered in the briefing room in the SGC.

"So, Dr. Jackson, what makes you think these tablets will help us defeat the Goa'uld?"

Jackson scratched his head. "Actually, sir, I have no idea."

Everyone sweatdropped.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked finally.

"Well, the tablets mentioned 'power of the gods' so I figured they would be helpful. However, there's so much on the tablets that it'll take me a while to translate them, a while we don't have," Jackson replied. "As much as I hate to admit it, I need help."

Everyone stared incredulously at him. "What?!"

"I guess we put out an internet ad," Hammond said tiredly.


Yugi eagerly checked his email. Internet ad, internet ad, congratulations letter, enlarge your penis in ten easy steps, congrats, submit your dissertation today – too late -, I have a translating job for you?

Yugi perked up. Deleting all of his junk mail, he opened the letter.

"Dear Dr. Mutou,

"We require your assistance. We have found some intriguing Egyptian tablets and need help translating them. Your school transcript and dissertation are all the proof of your qualifications we need. If you are interested, please respond at once.


"Dr. Daniel Jackson."

Yugi giggled. Dr. Jackson was an insane nut who just happened to be right about the pyramids. Yami had told him about how the Pyramids were built before his time, not during. Way before. As in thousands of years. Unfortunately, Yami didn't know who had built the pyramids.

/Should we help him?/ he asked Yami.

/I don't see why we shouldn't,/ Yami replied. /It could be interesting./

Yugi grinned. /Cool!/

He clicked reply.


"Dear Dr. Jackson,

"I'd be more than happy to help you with the tablets. We must discuss, however, what this service will cost. I'd do it for free, but I'm afraid I need all the money I can get.

"Please send this and the location of these tablets so we can get to work on them as soon as possible.


"Dr. Mutou."

Daniel looked up from the computer. "He accepted," he told Jack.

Jack grinned. "That's good. Email him the information he wants."

"Do I tell him about the Stargate?"

"No, he doesn't need to know."

Daniel nodded and typed his reply.


"Dear Dr. Mutou,

"Funds will be provided for your trip. All traveling arrangements will be taken care of. You need only pick up your plane ticket at the international airport by noon on the twentieth of May.

"I will meet you upon your arrival. We can discuss payment on the way to where the tablets are being kept.

"I've attached a picture so you know what I look like.

"I look forward to meeting you in person.


"Dr. Jackson."

Yugi studied the attached picture.

"Grandpa's already explained to the school as to why I'll be absent," Yugi muttered to no one in particular. He chuckled. "It's strange to think that I'm still in school, even with a doctorate!"

Yami appeared next to him. "It is interesting to hear the teachers call you 'Dr.' There are no other Dr.'s at the school, teaching or otherwise."

Yugi grinned. "Jonouchi was stunned when he first heard. Remember?"

Yami chuckled. "It is rather hard to forget."

Yugi leaned back in his chair. "What's the date today?"

Yami blinked. "You don't know?"

Yugi shook his head.

Yami looked around and spotted a calendar. "It's… the eighteenth."

Yugi shot up. "I've only got two days to pack!"

He raced out of the room. Yami shook his head and followed.


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