When Tien was just a kid people started insulting him about his third eye. No one wants to play with him. When he goes to school he's always making fun of. He's life was so miserable until one day...

"Get out of the way, FREAK!" Pushes Tien

"Hey quit it." A girl said. She has a long black hair and blue eyes. She punched the boy's face.

"Alright! Geez, don't get so hotheaded." The boy left.

"Are you alright?" the girl said.

"I'm fine. Thanks." Tien said.

"I'm Mei. How about you?"

"I'm Tienshinhan. I guess I should go now. Bye."

"Tienshinhan, can you play with me tomorrow?"

"Of course. I love too." The next day they met at the park. "Tienshinhan, what flavor do you want, Chocolate or Vanilla?" She asked as she holds the ice cream.

"Vanilla will do." "Here you go."

"Thanks!" Everyday they play and play at the park. They became more than friends. They thought that their laughter would never end. Until one day when Mei was going to Thailand. "Mei, have this bracelet. I made it myself. I hope you remember me."

"I will miss you too, Tienshinhan." Embraces him "I love you, Tienshinhan." She yelled as the bus gets further and further from Tienshinhan.

"I love you too, Mei." Tien yelled as he waves good- bye at her. Since that day Tien never felt that love like the love he felt before.