' Knock! Knock! Knock!' "Coming!" Mei said. It was Bulma. Good morning Ms. Mei Yang. I would like to offer you a job." Bulma aid. "Where and what kind of job?" Mei asked.

"An employee at the Capsule Corp. So will you accept my offer?"

"Sure! Why not, I guess." Mei said. She signed the contract and Bulma left. "I hope my plan works." Bulma thought. The next day Mei went to the Capsule Corp. "I would like you to meet a new employee, Ms. Mei Yang. Ms. Yang your table is over there." Bulma said as she points her to the table. "I guess I'd better start." She thought. Bulma went inside her office. Tien was there. "Are you up for it Tien?" Bulma said. "I can't move my body." Tien said nervously.

"Oh c'mon, don't get nervous right now. There's no turning back. Besides is if she asked you of why are you here, just answer that you work here." Bulma said as she pushes Tien towards Mei. "Mei, I would like you to meet Tien. He would help you in any of your problems. I have to go." Bulma said.

"I remember you. You're that man last week. I've heard that name somewhere." She said.

"I am so dead. Bulma why'd you have to say my name?" He thought. "I..." Tien was interrupted when Mei suddenly spoke, "Forgive me. You must be someone else."

"Whew! That was close." He thought. It was lunch break. They sat on a bench and eat there lunch. Suddenly two men walked towards them. "Miss, do you want to eat with us?" One of them said. "No, thank you!" she answered.

"C'mon join us." One of the men said as he grasps her hands tight. "Didn't you here what she said?" Tien said. "It's none of your business, FREAK BOY!"

"Why can't just..." Mei said but Tien cut in and said, "Mei, leave this to me. These men have no right to disrespect you." Tien punched both of their face. Both of them were knocked out. Working time was over. The employees have left. "So I'll see you again tomorrow." Tien said. "Uh, Mei." "What is it Tien?" "I was wondering if... well... do you want to go to the beach on your day off?" Tien said as he looks at the cue cards.

"Oh, um, I guess so." Mei said but she wasn't sure about it. "Great! Then I'll just pick you on your house." "Okay. Bye." She left. Bulma went out. "This plan is going to work." Bulma said happily. "Are you sure about this, Bulma?"

"Of course I'm sure." Their day off came. Tien went to Mei's house. "I'm ready. Let's go." They reached the beach. Tien was thinking that they'll be the two of them alone but then he saw Goku and his gang. "It's nice to see you Tien." Goku said. "What are you doing here?" Tien said. "We'll be helping you if do something idiotic." Bulma said. Tien sighed.

"Tien, I've found a good spot over here." Mei said. "Tien, hold this for me, will you?" Mei said. She removes her shirt. Tien blushed. "What's wrong?" "It's just that... it kind of... that I..."Tien stammered as he looks down thinking, "Why did she remove her clothes?"

It was silent for few second then Mei spoke, "You must be one of the those conservative men, aren't you?"

"Well, sort of. I guess."

"Don't worry. I respect your beliefs. I'll put my shirt back on." She said. They swim and then eat lunch.

"Everything looks good." Bulma said as she looks at them with binoculars "Why are we doing this again?" Vegeta said. "We're helping Tien to get back Mei's trust." "Hey, can I look at the binoculars too?" Krillin said. "Sure why not?" Krillin looked into the binoculars. "They're so sweet!"

They stayed there until late afternoon. "I'm bored. Can we go home now?" Vegeta groaned. "Go home by yourself. See if I care." "Oh, fine." Vegeta pouted. Then they left. "Finally let's go!" They left too but they didn't know that Tien had some other places to go with her.

They went to a carnival. "Wee!! That was fun. Let's go back." Mei said. "I'll pass." Tien said as his face turned green. "Looks like it's your first time to ride a roller coaster." It was past 9:00 P.M they rode the Ferris wheel. "Look at the firework. They look so beautiful. What do you think Tien?" Tien looked at her face and said, "They're not as beautiful as you... I mean you look good on everything and I um..." "Thanks! I owe you one." She smiled.

After the carnival, Tien walked her home. "Tien, I had a really great time. Good night. See you tomorrow." She kissed his chicks and went inside. Tien smiled and blushed.