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Notes: Fluff. Friendship. Expounded from an idea of my roommate's. Who is evil. Little Red is also evil, but in a slightly different way. And it took way too long to title this, and it's so time to go back to work. Sigh. Thank Sokar it's Friday.

Dedication: Little Red

Paper Flowers

by Ana Lyssie Cotton

"Hey, Carter?"

Sam Carter shifted on her stool, barely glanced at the man standing in her doorway (he had his hands in his pockets, and was eyeing the small objects on her desk. Possibly assessing them for their shininess, and whether she'd notice if they disappeared). "Sir?"

"Um... You got a zat I could borrow?"

Raising her eyebrows, she actually turned and looked at him. "Zat, sir?"

"Yeah." Apparently deciding it was safe to do so, he stepped further into the lab, though he avoided the desk and its many temptations. Except that he took his hands out of his pockets, and they began gravitating naturally to the pile of tools and capacitors and solder on her workbench.

"Um. Why?" Casually, she batted his hand away from the on (and burning hot) soldering iron.

"Jeeze, Carter, do I have to have a reason?"

In the moment she rolled her eyes, he snagged the Numenorean pliers Daniel had been having her investigate and began fiddling them. "Sir!"

He set them back down and tried to look innocent whilst simultaneously trying to look like a sad little puppy dog. It almost worked.


"Sir, why do you want a zat?"

"Well, Carter, I thought I'd get rid of... some things."

"Things, sir?" She retrieved the diodes from the newer version of her naquadah reactor from him.

"Yeah. Things." He gestured. "Y'know, they get in the way, they crinkle, they don't do much but kill trees and take up a lot of space that could be used for better things."

"Oh. Those things." She nodded. Memos.

"Yeah. So. Gotta zat, Carter?"

"Actually, sir, you should probably go ask Teal'c. The one zat I had I pulled apart so I could test and see if the power quotient was higher--"

"AH!" His hand raised, then dropped, and she swore that there should have been four capacitors on the bench. Now there were three.


"I'll... go ask Teal'c."

"You do that, sir."

Colonel O'Neill was nearly to the door when she called softly, "Can I have the capacitor back, sir?"

"What? Oh. Oops." He lobbed it back at her with a lopsided smile. "So. Ya wanna get lunch?"

Sam blinked. Her stomach announced that, yes, indeed, it wanted lunch. Like, now. "Oh. Um. Okay..."

"Cool. And then we can do that thing with a zat."

She raised her eyebrows as she walked past him. "We, sir?"

"Carter, you love making things disappear. I know this, remember?"

"Yes, sir." She gave a long-suffering sigh.

"I hope there's cake."

"They know you're on base, sir."