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=== Fanfic Four ===

== Chapter One: Two New Students ==

"Inuyasha!...." Kagome poked the half demon who was snoring very loudly with his head on his desk. His ears twitched at the sound of his name but he remained asleep.

Kagome glared at him with annoyance decided to try again. "Inu...yasha!" She said, clenching her fist at her side.

He gave a loud snore and rolled his face into his arms still asleep. Another quick glare and Kagome nodded to herself. "Sit." With that, Inuyasha's face hit the desk quite hard. He jumped up prepared to attack whoever had done that but saw Kagome smiling sweetly at him.

Giving her a look of annoyance he sat down at his desk and continued doodling drawings of Kagome in a miko outfit. Smiling to himself he put a little Sango slapping a Miroku who had a thought bubble directed to a bunch of other women.

"What is that?" Inuyasha heard a familiar voice ask.

He turned his head slightly to see Miroku leaning over his shoulder and staring down at the paper with the little doodle. "IS that me?" He asked again, pointing at the tiny round figure being whacked.

"What do you think?" Inuyasha retorted balling the paper up and tossing it to the waste bin. It rolled in perfectly. "Score!" Inuyasha cried in a hushed whisper.

"Welcome students and good morning from your favorite high school! I am Principal Mook bringing you your morning...." Lots of hushed whispering came over the intercom. "...Our only news this sad, dull, and dreary morning is our talent contest will be open once more for you drama queens or singers. Enjoy." The droning of his voice suggested this might not be his favorite time of the year. Contest time! With a loud click the intercom signaled off and kids were excused from their homerooms to next period.

Kagome scurried fast to catch up with Inuyasha. "Hi Inuyasha. What class do you have next?"

"Science...feh." Inuyasha said, stopped at his locker and spinning the combination lock.

They were soon joined by Sango and Miroku. Sango was trying her hardest to keep Miroku at a safe distance from her while Miroku couldn't help himself. Every chance he got he would grab her butt and go on with his life.

"Miroku-sama...I'm warning you." She said, her voice filled with anger.

He smiled at her and put his hands down. A few moments passed before a resounding THWACK was heard throughout the hallway. Sango smiled and dusted off her hands, seeming to be pleased with herself. Miroku put a hand tenderly to his face and then crossed his arms over his chest.

"What was that for?!" He said, accuatly (darn my spelling) sounding surprised.

Shaking her head Sango looked at Kagome for help. Kagome merely shrugged.

They headed for their next class, Sango and Kagome would be splitting off to go to history class while MIroku and Inuyasha got to enjoy Science class.

"Honestly," Sango said, slamming her book against the wall next to the Science door. "What is the use of History? I know we have to learn about our country but these idiots are long gone and dead!" Frustrated she walked to class alone, her eyebrows knitted together.

"She'll be over it once we get in there. I know she loves that class as much as she says she hates it." Kagome replied, watching Sango walk away.

"Whatever you say." Inuyasha said, pulling out his pen and notebook to take notes. "Science is much worse."

"Oh Science isn't that bad!" Kagome said. "It's mainly memorizing, that's easy to do."

"For you anyway. Tell my beloved Sango I sha'll pick her up right after school near the same spot as always," Miroku said, turning to enter the classroom.

"How about we all go get something to eat after class?" Kagome suggessted, catching MIroku by the shirt collar and pulling him back.

He nodded his approval and went into the classroom to get a good seat.

Inuyasha watched the monk go and turned back to Kagome. "Well, see you after by the water fountain. We can all go to WacDonalds (dont laugh ok? lol crap! i just laughed) after this and get some dried potatoes." (woo hoo)

"Sounds like a plan." Kagome smiled at him and turned around. "See ya when I see ya!" With that she left to go to history class.

--- Meanwhile In Science About Eh...Thirty Minutes Later ---

"Class...we have a new student joining us today in our studies." The teacher, Miss Haruna (sound familiar? think sailor moon...yeah that one) said with an overjoyed smile, drawing her hands to the door as a young girl entered the room. She had shoulder lengthed hair pulled back into a ponytail and black eyes that shown fear and absurd shyness.

"Tell the class your name, dear," Haruna instructed, rapping her ruler on the desk and scaring the poor girl.

"I'm...I'm...." The frail one looked around spotting a cute boy sitting in the back she regained her dignity. "I'm Koharu Ugley (Ha ha ha)."

"Take a seat where available, this is a large class." Haruna turned back to the board oblivious to her students and began sketching out lesson plans on the blackboard.

"Would you look at her." Miroku said, watching as Koharu chose a seat near the front.

"What are you rattling about, Monk?" Inuyasha said, slightly glaring at the monk.

"She is so frail and tender. Much unlike Sango-chan." Miroku said, watching the girl still.

"Give it up. She won't go for you."

Miroku gave a glare Inuyasha's way. "She could. She might. Ah, did you see it when she looked at me? Oh! There she goes turning to see me again." Miroku waved to the girl. Her eyes widened and she turned away quickly.

"Monk, she hasn't even met you and already fears you." Inuyasha leaned back in his chair, his eyes closed and bangs bent low over his eyes so no one cloud tell he was sleeping.

Dreamily Miroku watched the new girl as she ever so slowly turned to look at him. He smiled at her once more. Koharu turned away again.

Plucking a piece of paper from Inuyasha's binder Miroku scribbled a note to her:

Would you like to join me and some friends after school at WacDonalds? Great, meet me at the fountain at the front of the school when it ends. I hope you do not fear me, that would be tragic losing the trust of one so fair as you. -Signed: The Handsome Monk-

Aiming he tossed it. Perfectly it landed on her desk. Her eyes widened at it but she unfolded the paper and read over it quickly. Her mouth opened in a gasp and she reread it. Again she turned to see him. He offered her a smile and this time she nodded her head but turned back around, her face even paler.

' Sango blushes and she goes pale. Women are strange creatures. ' Miroku too leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and leaning against the wall.

--- Back to Sango and Kagome In History ---

Sango shook her head, the hair around her face falling back into place.

"I can't believe you are this worked up over some silly little test, Sango-chan." Kagome said, shuffling her papers and putting them in the back of her book.

"This test could mean my whole grade in here! I can't slip up on this you know." Sango replied, taking very careful notes. She sighed and stretched her feet in the empty chair in front of her.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

The teacher used his knuckles to rap upon the blackboard for the classes attention. Turning to smile at all of them he motioned toward the door and it slowly opened, a new student walking in.

"We have a new student joining our favorite high school today. He has transferred from a very special private school to hear. Please welcome him. Tell us your name and then have a seat anywhere you like. No seating arrangement in here."

"Yet another new student?" Kagome whispered to Sango.

"Honestly, who would WANT to transfer here." Sango replied, leaning back a bit and removing her feet from the desk.

The boy was tall with long long silverish hair that reached almost to his knees. He wore a white polo shirt with a blue symbol on it and blue slacks which followed the dress code.

"Sesshomaru." The boy grabbed up his bag and looked for a seat. THere were several available options. Girls were pushing other people out of their seats and motioning to the seats for Sesshomaru to take. He just looked at them sypathetically and walked on.

"Is this seat taken?" Sesshomaru asked Sango who had been watching since he arrived.

"N-no." She said and looked down at her books. He had the most amazing golden eyes.

Sesshomaru took the seat in front of her, a few of his silver hairs spilling over the back of the desk.

The teacher continued, talking in a loud voice and tapping the blackboard continually to signafy more important matters of Japanese war history.

"Do you happen to know anything about the test?"

The voice startled Sango as she had been lost in a daydream about herself and Miroku enjoying time together without his gropes and touches. "Oh, yes I do."

Reaching into her book she pulled out her test study paper. "We have to study this and the test will be in tomorrow at the end of class."

"I don't have one of those."

"You can make a copy of mine," Sango offered.

"Would you like to study it together instead?" Sesshomaru said, looking her straight in the eyes.

Sango broke eye contact with him, her face getting redder by the second. Looking down at her book she replied. "Of course...we can study at my house or some friends and I are getting together after school to go to WacDonalds."

"Sounds great. Where do I meet you?"

"At the fountain," she said and couldn't help but smile a little.

Turning back around Sango made a score signal with her hand. Kagome watched the whole thing, biting her lip. ' She is supposed to be with Miroku not this hott shot babe. He is cute though...' Kagome shook the thoughts away and went back to drawing Inuyasha on her notebook cover.

== End Of Chapter One! ==

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