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:: I let go, there is no one who gets me like you do. You are my only, my only one. ::

After running as fast as he could Sesshomaru made it to Sango's house a few seconds before Inuyasha came closing in. He allowed Kagome to drop from his back and walked up to the door, giving it a sharp kick with his foot. It crashed to the floor. Sesshomaru walked in looking around for Sango who was no where to be found.

"Sango?" he called.

"Sango! It's Kagome, please scream or say something!" Kagome yelled, cupping her hands around her mouth.

Inuyasha sniffed the air then paused a moment, shock slowly coming over him. "I smell Miroku and…death." He sniffed again as if to make sure what he smelt was right.

"It's not death…" Sesshomaru paused, sniffing invisibly. "It just smells like a spirit was upset or disturbed. Come on." He led the way up the steps to the top bedrooms. There were only four doors and all were closed.

"Let's separate," Kagome suggested, knowing full well that she didn't want to.

"Do you really think that is safe?" asked Inuyasha with a hand on his hip, his face narrowed in annoyance.

"I don't know!" Kagome screamed at him.

Quickly, Sesshomaru slapped a firm hand over Kagome's mouth, his eyes darting around the upstairs as he searched for the noise he had just heard. "Sango…" he said and turned quickly to the second door on their left, thrusting it open.

Sango lay on the bed, her head in her crossed arms. She was crying, and kept her face downward. She didn't even look up when the door opened.

Kagome pushed through and stared at her best friend. "Sango, are you alright?" She felt her own tears drop down her face from happiness at finally knowing she was all right.

Miroku stirred at the foot of the bed on the ground. He reached up and touched his head gingerly wondering what happened. He only remembered being at his own home and looking in the mirror to prepare to see Koharu at the high school when a bright flash happened and then…then he supposed he was knocked unconscious.

"Miroku?" Inuyasha said in disbelief. He reached down and helped his friend up while Kagome comforted Sango.

"What happened?" Kagome asked, patting her friend's shoulder. She looked from Miroku to Sango.

"Miroku was possessed," Sango said quietly, wiping the tears from her eyes as she sat up and looked at all of them on her knees.

"Possessed? By who?" Inuyasha said in disbelief.

"Naraku." Sango said even quieter more memories coming back to her. Why did this have to come to her now? Everything had been going so well with school, with Sesshomaru and with dancing. It seemed impossible it was only last night she was on stage dancing with him…and now she had no clue what was happening.

"Explain," Kagome said firmly looking Miroku and Sango in the eyes.

"I don't remember a thing." Miroku mentioned, rubbing his head. He stood to collect some Tylenol.

"Well, I came home and…" She began to tell the whole story to them, not leaving out one bit of clues as to who it was. "Then Miroku pulled me upstairs…well, the fake Miroku pulled me upstairs and demanded I open Kohaku's door. I couldn't do it so I tried to talk to him like he was the Miroku I knew. That's about the time he began to transform into what I soon saw as…Naraku."

"Naraku." The name resounded through out the room, everyone having lost something or someone to his hands.

Inuyasha leaned against the wall, not knowing what to do or to say. Miroku stood, looking down at the floor. He was ashamed he had been taken over so easily. Sango was still trying to dry her eyes but no amount of wiping could take the tears they kept crying away. Kagome kept patting her back in a friendly manner, telling her it would all be fine but deep down inside, she knew it wouldn't.

--- Two Weeks Later ---

"This has been quite the month, has it not Kagome?" Sango asked, dropping her books into her locker and spinning the combination.

"How right you are." Kagome said, doing the same and plucking out her History book.

"I hate history!" Sango whined, turning away and giving a glare towards the classroom door.

Kagome smiled and searched the hallways for Inuyasha, her new boyfriend. Ever since the accident during the building he had found out just how much he cared for her and didn't want to lose her like he almost had.

"Hey!" Miroku and Inuyasha were at the other end of the hall. Miroku had his arm around the shoulders of Koharu. She was pale white yet again but her eyes seemed more vivid today. He led her over to them.

Sango ignored her jealous feelings toward Koharu and Miroku. After all, she had something better…

--- In History Class ---

Sango sat down, not turning toward Kagome who was already trying to finish last nights homework before it was taken up. Sango turned around, smiling at the demon who sat behind her.

He gave her a smile.

They had been with each other since the night she was found crying. Sango had also began to feel weird changes since them, starting with all her wounds. Why had they healed so easily?

--- Flashback ---

"You're turning into…one like me." Sesshomaru calmly looked through her window, staring out onto the street and watching the rest of her friends leave.

"One like you? A…A demon?" Sango asked in disbelief.


--- End Flashback ---

That explained all her terrible wounds healing so quickly almost as if she had demon blood in her. 'His medicine' was indeed a mixture concoction straight from his blood that sold for a very high price on the market. It was easy to tell why…a prolonged life and immediate healing?

Sango sighed happily. She was his, and he was hers. They lived in the same house together…his. Her house was just too painful to stay in anymore. She wasn't sure how she had done it before.

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