A Collection of Inuyasha's Shorts

(Wait a Second, That Doesn't Seem Right)

AUTHOR'S INSANE RAMBLINGS: You know, one day I'm just going to stop writing silly things. I'm just going to throw up my paws and say, "That's it. I'm only writing serious stuff. I'm going to write an Evafic where everyone dies horribly, a Robotech fic where Max and Miriya are too busy playing hanky-panky in the Veritech and it crashes into a mountain, or an Inu-Yasha fic where Kagome goes on a berserk rampage and kills everyone." Yep. One day I'm going to do all that...

...but not today.

There is another author on 's Inu-Yasha section who has a similar outline with his stories to this one (sorry, dude, I can't remember your name or your story). I hope no one takes offense that I'm doing the same. Just covering my butt here, folks. Anyway, have fun. (And yes, I do take requests...)

STUFF SO NO ONE WILL SUE ME: Do you think that if I owned Inu-Yasha I'd be sitting in a studio apartment at 4:00 AM writing stupid fanfics? Heck, no. (Though it should be noted that Rumiko Takahashi started out in similar fashion...)


"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha yelled as he smashed Tetsusaiga into the ground. The earth exploded upwards, sending fire and rocks flying as four rents made straight for the enormous demon they were fighting. It was called Daishi, and it had a fragment of the Shikon no Tama lodged somewhere in its body. The dragonlike monster roared, but when the smoke and dirt had cleared, Inuyasha's attack had done no apparent damage. It grinned at the hanyou, exposing rows and rows of black, steel teeth. It then reared back on its birdlike legs, and two lightning bolts shot from its handless arms. The bolts blew craters in the soil around Inuyasha, who just managed to skip aside. Even so, the shockwave blew him backwards a few feet. Even as the lightning subsided, Sango was already tossing her hiraikotsu at the demon. It simply banged off Daishi's thick hide.

"Get behind me!" Miroku shouted, pulling off the prayer beads that bound up the glove over his right hand. Instantly, there was a howl of tortured air as the Wind Tunnel began pulling at the demon. Sango caught her boomerang and stepped back, looking at Miroku concernedly–Daishi had to be simply too big to be absorbed through the Wind Tunnel without further tearing it. Sweat beaded on Miroku's brow as the demon slowly began to be drawn towards him. Then it dug in its three-toed feet, turned, and blasted lightning at the monk. Sango screamed a warning and then tackled him out of the way, risking being drawn into the vortex herself. Luckily, Miroku had managed to get the cloth over his hand in time.

"RrrRARGH!" Inuyasha growled as he skipped forward and sliced Tetsusaiga into the monster's arm. It hissed at him and he saw blood, but the great sword had only left the tiniest of cuts. He ducked under its arm as it swung. "Damn," he snarled. "This thing is tougher than it looked!" He wondered how it could have gotten so powerful, even with a jewel shard. Myoga could tell them, but the flea had long since hightailed it for a safer area.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. "Get back away from it!"

He glanced in her direction as he ducked another swing, and saw that she was pulling something from her oversized backpack. He bared his fangs at the monster in a grin of triumph; as much as he hated to share a victory, there were few demons who could shrug off one of Kagome's arrows. He somersaulted backwards, out of range.

Shippo had stayed far back, knowing his kitsune magic would not be very effective against a demon the size of Daishi. When he saw Kagome unzip her backpack, he thought for sure that she would be pulling out her bow and quiver of arrows; he wondered why she hadn't carried them into battle in the first place. Instead, she was pulling out a long tube of some sort. It was flared on one end like a bell, had a wooden section around its middle, and ended in some sort of oblong pointed thing. Grunting with exertion, Kagome finished pulling it from her backpack, hefted it to her shoulder, and pointed it at the demon. "Shippo! Go over there, now! Ima!" The kitsune hurried to obey, though he wasn't sure why.

Kagome sat down, braced herself against the ground, aimed down the sight, and pulled the trigger. There was a thump and a jet of flame from the flared end, and the oblong thing shot forward so fast not even Inuyasha's sharp eyes could follow it. It hit the demon in the chest. For a split-second nothing happened, then there was a huge explosion. The demon did not have time to even howl in pain before it was blown apart, sending a gigantic spray of purple blood upwards and spattering Inuyasha with gore.

The hanyou barely noticed. He shook his head to free his ears of the ringing in them, without much success. Across the smoking pile that was once Daishi the youkai, Miroku and Sango looked equally astounded. Inuyasha walked over to Kagome, who put the smoking tube down with a breath of relief. "Kagome, what was that?" Inuyasha asked, eyes wide.

"Oh, this?" Kagome rubbed her shoulder. "Ow, kicks like a mule..."

"Yes, what matter of magic is it?" Miroku asked. "Kami, your power has grown since the last time you came out of the well!"

"Oh, it's not magic, Miroku. It's called a RPG in my time. Like fireworks, but much more powerful." Inuyasha picked it up and tested its weight. "I got tired of us facing off with these really powerful youkai and just barely surviving, and I know we'll need an edge when we take on Naraku. So I found this at a garage sale down in the Nerima district of town and...be careful, Inuyasha. It's not loaded...er, nocked...or anything, but you could get burned."

Inuyasha held it the way he had seen Kagome do it. He pulled the trigger and grinned. "Groovy."