A/N: For the "Defeat" challenge at naruto100. I originally meant for this to be a hundred-word drabble, but it ended up running over, so now stands at two hundred.

"You Are Also Human"

Sasuke has been defeated.

He is on his back, his opponent looming over him, pinning him- one hand on his wrists, knees forcing his legs to spread awkwardly and keep him from getting any kind of leverage, kunai at his throat to make sure that he won't try to.

And yes, he has definitely lost. This is something that he both is and is not used to. But it is not something that he ever thought he would experience at the hands of this person.

His opponent stares down at him, eyes wide- because this is not a place where his opponent ever expected to experience victory. This situation is quite frankly not something that EITHER of them had expected could ever be possible, but that does not change the fact that it has happened. Even if Sasuke is the son of a famous bloodline, is supposed to be a genius among geniuses, is never, never supposed to lose.

These things are what his opponent once believed he was. But today, Sasuke is not an Uchiha, is not the victor, is not perfect.

Today Sasuke has lost, and today Sasuke is human.

Today Sakura can finally kiss him as herself.


. : i will only lose to you : .