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Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. "Where the Wild
Things Are" is the property of Maurice Sendak (so pleez to
forgive bastardization of childhood memories kthnxbai).

"Where the Wild Things Are"

The night Kyuubi wore his fox suit and made mischief of one kind

and another
and another
Hokage called him "WILD THING!"
and Kyuubi said "I'LL EAT YOU UP!"
so he was sealed in Naruto without eating anything
which was sad because Kyuubi was very hungry
but worse for Hokage because he had to come too
(even though he'd been good).
That very night in Naruto's tummy a seal was built
and built-
and built so his belly button had a spiral around it and his
body was a place to keep Kyuubi
and Kyuubi's chakra spilled over into Naruto like Kyuubi's
energy was just for him and night and day passed
in and out of years
and almost thirteen years
to where the wild things are.
And when Naruto came to the place where the wild things are
they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible
and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws
till Naruto said "BE STILL!"
and tamed them with the magic trick
of staring into all their black and red and white and green and
so on eyes without blinking once
and they were (mostly) impressed and called him the most wild
thing of all
and made him hokage of all wild things.
"And now," cried Naruto, "let the wild rumpus start!"
and it started. And the wild things played and ran and fought
and did things that were wild.
"Now stop!" Naruto said and sent the wild things off to bed
without their supper. And Naruto the hokage of all wild things
was lonely
and wanted to be where someone liked him best of all.
Then one of the wild things
that hadn't gone to sleep because he was
a very difficult wild thing
and another one of the wild things
that hadn't gone to sleep because she was
very fond of the other wild thing
came up to him and talked
the difficult wild thing was very exasperated with Naruto and
the other wild thing was very exasperated with everything
and both of them told him that he was stupid
and both hit him once
but both of them stayed up with him
and talked all night.
And then Naruto the hokage of all wild things
let them have supper-
which was his favorite-
and it was still hot.

the end

. : "WILD THING!" : .