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2.This story completely wipes most events that occur in the dragon ball z series. This will start from the beginning of the whole dragon ball story. It begins before Movie #1: Bardok – Father of Goku.
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Chapter 1 – The beginning

King Vegeta paced around his throne. Things on the saiyan planet were just not going his way this week. This horrible being named Frieza had made himself well known among those of the saiyan race. He would fly through the sky, down the streets and destroy anyone in his path by emitting energy blasts from his hands.

A technique, which had previously only been known to the members of the saiyan race. But to tell the truth he looked like a short bald headed doll, which was white and purple with a tail. He sighed to himself before sitting down on his throne chair.

He had a horrible decision to make. He had to decide whether he would risk the lives of all those on this planet by handing over his kingdom to Frieza, or whether he would turn in his own flesh and blood, his son to the evil 'thing'. The child who was heir to the throne and his people.

So here he was tossing up between the effects of risking his son Prince Vegeta for the well being of his people. The decision either way would be hard to live with. But he knew what his father would do. His father told him when he was little a very wise thing.

He would sit down with his son in front of the fire eating their dinner, the son would smile at his father and every night would ask the same question. 'Father, what happens when you face a situation so hard to come to a decision' and the king would then reply. 'It is always better to lose one life, then a million' it was always the same answer every night, up until the day that he took his rightful place as king.

King Vegeta shed a lone tear, and quickly wiped it away hoping no one noticed. And he also prayed to the Saiyan Gods that his son would forgive him for what he was about to do.

The royal guards who were standing guard outside the palace looked up to the sky in fright. A space ship came flying down and didn't exactly perform a smooth landing. Thus leaving the surrounding area's filled with a lot of dust and an awful lot of smoke and debris.

"Ahhhhh" one of the royal guards shouted in fear as footsteps were heard walking on the door which had flipped open to form an exit to the ship.

"What?" Frieza said walking towards the entrance of the palace in which the guards were still standing but this time shaking as he walked past. They were shaking because of the fear that the moment that had just passed would be there last "No Welcoming committee what a pity"

Frieza dusted himself off and walked right passed the guards and into the palace. He knew his way to the throne; today he would get the answer from the king. Which part of the deal he would be receiving. The child or the Kingdom. But little did the king know was that either way, Frieza would get his hands on both.

Walking into the throne room, he found the King and with the young Prince. The Prince didn't look too happy. He stood with his arms folded and in a stance, which clearly showed how he was feeling.

"Father!" The prince demanded, "What are you hiding from me?"

"My, My young prince" Frieza said cheerily as he walked up to the two. He smirked. "Come with me my child, you'll be able to rule the universe by my side, forever"

Prince Vegeta glared at his father who was on the verge of breaking down. He then walked off towards Frieza. When he reached him he turned around and smirked before disappearing.

The last thing that King Vegeta had heard from his child was 'I have no father'. King Vegeta dropped to his knees. His life, his pride had been taken away. There was nothing he could do. However his mind kept telling him, that to prevent Frieza from gaining control of the kingdom and the Saiyan people, he had to find an heir.

Little did Frieza know was that at that moment a young Saiyan boy was floating through the sky towards the planet Earth? His mission? To destroy every living thing including mankind.

Twenty years had passed since that event and life on all planets was peaceful. However King Vegeta's search for an heir continued with no luck. He knew he had to find one soon, his sources had informed him that Frieza was preparing his universal takeover. But as luck would have it he'd found a boy perfect to be his heir. Best of all he was part Saiyan.

A young man named Goku walked around carrying a huge fish flung over his back. He had black spiky hair and deep meaningful black eyes. He wore a red gi, and best of all he could fly. He carried the fish into his house, which he could see from his spot in the sky.

He flew down and raced into the house. He placed the fish into a big tub full of water, and then raced upstairs into a room in which his wife was sitting. He smiled at her, she smiled back at him. She was cradling a little child. A small child with jet black eyes.

"What are we going to call him?" Goku asked his sweet wife, Chichi. Actually that was an understatement; his wife was anything but sweet. She was evil…evil as could be, she had the worst mood swings. He smiled to himself though, he still loved her dearly.

"Frankenstein" Chichi suggested as the little baby began to cry uncontrollably.

Goku looked down at him. "How about Gohan?"

Immediately the child cried. Chichi smiled in delight. "That's a perfect name," she whispered to the child. "Little Son Gohan"

The child began to giggle at his parents. The more they smiled down at him, the more he giggled.

A Saiyan man named 'Brocco' stood watching the house in which this event was going on. His long black spiky hair, trailing down his back, he had a tail swooshing through the air and was wearing Saiyan Armour.

He had only one mission at the moment, and King Vegeta himself had given that to him and there was no way in hfil that he was going to fail this one.

He sat down and began meditating. He wouldn't be able to enforce his plan until nightfall, when the least protection would be on the child.

After hours of meditating it was time. The final lights in the house had switched off and the mountain area was covered in darkness. The sound of crickets chirping and birds happily nestling in their nests. Carefully but quietly he made his way into the house, luckily for him the family had left to window open, making it easier for him to enter.

Climbing through the window was a harder task then it seemed. He stepped inside and walked over to the crib. The child was sleeping peacefully his tail still intact. He reached into the crib and picked up the child. The child broke out into tears; Brocco then flew up in the air, and flew off.

Leaving a hole in the roof for the parents of this demi-saiyan to see. The last the Saiyan saw was the mother of the child break down to her knees. Her son was taking away from her.

Back on Planet Vegeta. King Vegeta sat in seat upon his throne. A smile on his face. Why? HE had just inherited an heir to the throne. He would teach this young one the ways of the Saiyan Race and the Kingdom would be saved.

However first he had to make sure this boy was loyal. He would have teach the child only the ways a member of the Vegeta family would known. That was to be Evil, Controlling and Sneaky. Whether the child would succeed would be another story.

Lady Lunic: This is my new spin on a Gohan/Videl fiction I would like to hear your honest feedback.

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Next Chapter: Gohan is turning 16 years old and life couldn't be getting better, right? Wrong! When he starts receiving dreams about a woman and man whom he has no recollection off, his journey begins in search of the truth. A young girl his age, is working at the palace, unfortunately for Gohan there's something more about her then just her beautiful eyes.