True to his heart

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Previously on True to his heart

Back on Planet Vegeta. King Vegeta sat in seat upon his throne. A smile on his face. Why? HE had just inherited an heir to the throne. He would teach this young one the ways of the Saiyan Race and the Kingdom would be saved.

However first he had to make sure this boy was loyal. He would have teach the child only the ways a member of the Vegeta family would known. That was to be Evil, Controlling and Sneaky. Whether the child would succeed would be another story.

Chapter 2 – Growing Pains

King Vegeta held his head in his hands. The excessive wailing continued, ever since he was kidnapped two days earlier he had done nothing but cry and cry. The servants at the castle were all on painkillers, even the king was.

"Someone shut that worthless kid up before I silence him for good" King Vegeta answered clenching his fist. All of a sudden the king looked up.


He smiled to himself and sighed. That was more like it. Peace and Quiet. A servant walked up to him and bowed graciously "Your majesty, Prince Gohan is asleep now shall we continue on with the royal dinner?"

King Vegeta nodded standing on his feet. "Let it be known to all that this kingdom will have a king in the future years, this kingdom will not suffer at the hands of Frieza, this kingdom will have a future"

Everyone who was in the royal chambers clapped and cheered as the king stepped down and walked through the door smiling to himself. There was lots of training to do, and it would take a while but he knew that he could have faith In the child. After all was part saiyan.

The years had passed and prince Gohan had grown into a fine young man. At the age of five he was reading at a 12th grade level. He was very smart and to the dislike of his father he was very kind.

He had become friends with the servants more then their boss. Whilst they enjoyed this little excursion out of the normality they were to expect from the king, they only did it when he wasn't around.

At the age of ten he was a very well presented fighter. All the saiyan men had come to challenge him to a fight at the king request only to be eating the dirt five minutes later. He had seriously grown up well. Even though he took fighting seriously he still longed for something more then anything else. A family.

A family that would love him and care for him. Not matter how much he tried he just couldn't believe that he was born into this family.

Then at the age of fifteen his body was going through the hormonal changes. He had the feeling of wishing to belong even stronger now. He had the life all the saiyan's on this planet dreamed off, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Lately he had been receiving all these strange dreams involving a man and woman of whom he'd never laid eyes on before which was strange. He felt like he should know them well. He could never see their faces; he could however hear their voices, and they seemed a lot more soothing and welcoming then that of his father.

One Afternoon at the palace, Prince Gohan stood on his balcony, his short jet-black hair spiked up leaving his face free from all but one bit of hair. His black eyes looked down over the lake in which the castle over looked. The serenity is passed on to the people was beautiful.

He watched as he saw a young girl walk past, she tripped over a fruit and fell to the ground. Gohan saw and leapt down to the ground beside her.

"Are you ok?" He asked as he bent down to pick up the fruit from the basket of which she had dropped, she smiled at him briefly.

"I'm sorry my prince please don't tell your father" she said looking at him and begging. When he smiled at her she backed a way a few steps.

"Your new around here aren't you?" he asked as he helped her to her feet once the fruit had been picked up. She nodded. "I'm nothing like my father, are you alright miss?"

She nodded. "Thank you" she had long black hair that was in a plait down her back, she had very raggy like clothes one. Gohan traced his hand along her face. She looked up at him with deep blue eyes. "I better get back before they start wondering where I am"

"Ok, might catch you around later" Gohan answered nervously as she walked off. He watched her until she was out of site, how he hated acting all goofy. Especially around girls. He hit himself in the face. 'You idiot' he thought to himself as he flew up to the balcony. He heard a bell ring and knew it was time for the kings annual meeting with his trusted advisors.

The King sat on his chair, his head in his hands. He had just received news that Frieza was planning an attack on the planet Vegeta. He sighed.

"Are you sure?" King Vegeta asked

"Affirmative" a female saiyan with short black hair and black eyes said standing in front of him. "I saw it with my own eyes"

"We need to make sure Gohan doesn't find out about this" King Vegeta said nervously "If he does, he'll go back to Earth and try and find his real family, if he does that, not only will we have his real parents on our tails but also frieza. It'll give Frieza an extra way of getting to us"

"Hmm" a man in front of him said nodding in agreement.

That night Gohan sat on his bed a bag beside him. He had heard the whole conversation; he wasn't born into this family then. Part of him was overjoyed the other part didn't know what to think.

He heard his fathers door close and got to his feet, he opened up the door to his balcony and walked to the edge of the balcony, he lowered his ki and leapt off the balcony landing flat on his feet.

He began to creep around the palace. There were guards around every corner, to keep him in or so that's the conclusion he had come too. They were always somewhere he wasn't meant to be.

He looked around him once more. He was checking to make sure there were no guards on his tail, or in his intended path. Once he was sure they were gone, he ran to the deployment chamber of the kingdom, he ran inside, and once again concealed himself.

His plan was to get a small ship and travel to earth, if what his father had said was true, and he was most certain it was. He looked around again and ran inside.

King Vegeta sat on his throne as a servant man ran into the room. He bowed his head in respect before rising to his feet and looking up at his master. He sighed before speaking.

"My King, Gohan has vanished" the servant said

King Vegeta growled. "Are you sure?"

The man nodded. "He was last seen heading to the deployment Chamber however..."

"Well go after him" King Vegeta snapped in urgency. "Do you realize what could happen if he leaves this planet, it makes everyone vulnerable"

"However..." The servant continued "he wasn't they're when we searched the place over, our records show that he has taken a ship, and we have a tracking device on the ship but if it seems to be malfunctioning because its heading into space, towards a planet called E-A-rth"

King Vegeta groaned to himself as he rubbed his chin. There had to be someway he could get his son back without any questions being asked. "Hmm, no too gruesome" he thought again. "I know" he whispered

"What is it your majesty?"

"Find me that new servant girl we have," King Vegeta said

"You don't mean...?"

"Yes I do" King Vegeta answered "She has reasonable fighting powers, her ki isn't very large, but after all I don't intend her to do much physical fighting, she will seduce him, GET HER!!!"

All the servants ran out of the throne, intending to fulfill their master's wish, and sure enough five minutes later they returned with a blue eyed, black hair beauty.

"Tell me your name?"

The girl bowed respectively. "My name is Videl sir"

"Hmm Videl?" He answered thoughtfully "How would you like to go on a mission for me?"

"Of course" she once again bowed her head.

"Your mission is to seduce my son and bring him back to earth" King Vegeta said getting to his feet, "In doing so your class will increase and you will have more power around the kingdom"

"As you wish" Videl answered

"You may leave!"

Videl did as she was instructed, however as she walked out of the room, she thought of her first meeting with the prince. She would succeed in this mission, to enable her to return and gain the respect she deserves.

In another part of space lay a space ship in the middle of space drifting, Gohan sat controlling his ship. A bag beside him. His destination Earth. He would hopefully find his answers on this strange planet. As he thought of nothing more then a loving home and family he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile in a bigger space ship, a man stood beside another man, who was short, and had a long tail. He was white and purple and he was tapping his fingers on the desk.

"The take over of Planet Vegeta will be easy" the man answered "And best of all we will be victorious" he then laughed evilly as he thought of how things would be when he would succeed and gain what he knew should rightfully be his.

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