Disclaimer: I do NOT own inuyasha or ANY of the characters from the show.... Why must you torment me!!!??? :( Silver Lining: Chapter One Kagome screamed as loud as she could "HELP! Some one PLEASE help me!" she cried uncontrollably into the night air, snow falling all around her, contrasting with her dark raven hair. The 7-year-old girl was clinging to her father's dead body for dear life. She looked into his face" please daddy wake up!" she sobbed shaking her fathers fallen form. As soon as she realized that her father was not going to wake up she ran into the house to see how her mother was. Inside the house everything was broken glass everywhere, Kagome found her mother's body slumped in the corner. She was dead but little Kagome didn't know it. "Mommy...mommy!?" she shook the woman "please mommy we have to leave before the bad men come back!" She got no answer. Kagome shook harder and screamed, "PLEASE MOMMY! I don't want to be alone!" Still nothing. She leaned up and touched her mother's face, "so cold" she said in a soft sad voice. The girl got up and went through the kitchen to the open back door; she stood there in the kitchen looking at both her parents' dead bodies. She sank to the floor crying remembering how all this had happened.
Flash Back Kagome and her mother had been sitting in the living room talking and such, as her mother brushed her hair. Her father was in the kitchen cleaning up their dinner, and making sure everything was perfect for tomorrow. It would be Kagome's birthday and she would be 8! Then all of a sudden Kagome's mother gasped, her eyes closing tight. "Mommy? What's wrong mommy!?" little Kagome turned in her mother's lap to get a better look at her. Her mother's eyes snapped back open. "O-god! ...NO!" she whispered horrified. "Mommy what's wrong?" She didn't answer the little girl,"Yukito!" she screamed for her husband, holding Kagome close to her body and running her fingers though her daughters long raven hair. A tall man with dark brown hair and green eyes maybe in his late twenties came as soon as he heard his wife, "Lilly what's wrong?!" a look of fear coming into his features at seeing his wife's horror stricken face. "They're coming for her!" She whispered almost as if she was afraid they would hear her. "NO... NO...are you sure!?" Yukito said in the same horrified tone as his wife. She simply nodded, and turned to Kagome "Kagome please go upstairs and hide don't come down no matter what you hear! Do you understand me!?" she asked in a firm tone. Kagome nodded her head.

Kagome had just gotten to the top of stairs when the door was blasted open, and a group of men came into the room. Her mother turned her head towards the noise she was shot in the chest...being thrown back into a corner smashing into the grandfather clock standing their. She was dead before her body hit the clock. "MOMMY!!" Kagome screamed running down the stairs to where her mother's body lay. She kept screaming for her mother. Yukito came and grabbed her." NO! we CAN"T leave her!!! MOMMY!!!" The girl screamed clinging to her mother, her father pulled her "there is nothing we can do!" he had tears in his eyes. Pulling her again finally getting her to release the dead woman. But her mother's locket broke in the process Kagome clung to it for dear life, still screaming for her mother over her fathers shoulder. They ran through the kitchen and out the back door. The men were outside in a second taking there time, the father was harmless, it was the mother that needed to be killed right from the start, and the child was to young to know what she was or what she was capable of...they thought they had this all under control.... They thought wrong.
Outside The only place left to go was the woods to their right. The men were stationed in front, be hind, and blocking the house to left of them. Kagome's father clutched his daughter to him he new he wouldn't make it out of this alive, but there was hope for kagome, "Kagome" he whispered to her in a low voice only she could hear "I'm going to put you down and when I do I want you to run as fast as you can through the woods to Keade's house...do you understand!?" she snffed,tears still streaming down her face. "no daddy I won't leave you!" she said in the same hushed and frightened voice as her father's. The men were coming in closer. There was no time. Youkito shifted kagome so instead of looking over his shoulder she was now facing him her big watery blue eyes looking into his own green ones tears streaming down both their faces. "you HAVE to, Kagome runaway and don't look back NO MATTER WHAT!" without another word or an answer from her he put her down. "but daddy-""GO!!" he yelled pointing to the forest. She turned around and ran as fast as she could into the forest, snow falling all around her. She could hear the faint yell of "get her!" and her father's yells as he tried to fight the men off. She ran in the dark only partly knowing where she was it all seemed like a dream, her midnight tresses flowing freely behind her. Kagome didn't even feel the cold as her bare feet carried her through the snow, she heard some one behind her but didn't stop. Then a gunshot the bullet hit the tree beside her but she kept on going, till someone grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. She screamed holding her hands in front of her face, a light pinkish purplish glow came from them. Kagome had her eyes squeezed shut and when she opened them the man was knocked out. She looked around trying to find the cause of it. But was interrupted in her search when she heard a man scream, her head snapped in the direction she heard it from. "daddy" she whispered. Knowing that even though she wasn't suppose to go back she HAD to, she couldn't leave her father with those bad men. Running as fast as her little legs would carry her kagome got there just in time to see her father on his knees blood everywhere! Again tears came and she couldn't stop them. She was coming closer when a man came towards her father... and fired a single shot... into her father's head. His body fell limply to the ground. "NOOOOO!!! DADDY!!" she screamed running over to her father's body holding him as close as she could the blood staining her white night gown. "get the girl" she faintly heard one of the men order. Kagome was in too much of a rage and consumed by sadness to care what was going on. Her eyes had gone a purple color, and as a few men reached out to grab her they were blown back a good ten feet by what seemed like a lightning bolt. Only it came from the girl. When they took a closer look at the girl they could see a strange dome covering the girl and her father's lifeless body. "what the hell!?" a man yelled he ordered another man to go in and get the girl but to his frustration the same thing happened again. They had no time to wait they had to get out of their before the cops showed up. "lets get the hell out of here!... she won't be a problem without someone teaching her to control her powers they'll just become on" Kagome's eyes cleared, she looked around and found herself and her father alone the men had left...or were hiding... she didn't know which. Then she turned to look at her father again......
end of flash back Kagome curled up in a ball crying whispering for help because she had no voice left. She heard a crunching of snow and became afraid that the men were back, looking around for a minute she decided to hide in one of the cupboards.
Keade She walked through the snow to the Higurash's house after being woken up to all the noise. Sensing some thing was wrong she came as fast as her old legs would allow her. When she finally came into view of the home she was horrified at the site she saw. All along the ground in the back of the house was blood... and a few feet away from the door lay a body...she came closer. "Yukito" she whispered, tears streaming down her face. Then it hit her...what must have happened and why who ever did this was here..."Kagome... not the child!" Running inside the house it was a mess she saw Lilly's body in the corner, more tears came to her eyes but she healed them back, 'first the child' she thought. "Kagome!" she called out hoping and praying to all the gods that she was not already dead. "Kagome, please if you can hear me its Keade!" their was a sound coming from the kitchen. Keade could see the top of Kagome's head as she came out of one of the bottom cupboards. "KEADE!" Kagome squealed at seeing a friendly face though her voice was a bit raspy from the screaming and crying the night's events provoked. Throwing herself into the old woman's arms knocking the old woman to the ground. "O-child how are you is any thing wrong?!" Keade continued to make sure no harm had come to the child till Kagome started to pull on Keade's arm, "come on we have to help mommy and daddy!" she pleaded. The old woman turned sad eyes to the child "Kagome...I am sorry I can not." " but I've SEEN you help people before you helped me when I broke my arm! Why won't you help mommy and daddy!!!???" "because Kagome...I can heal the living... but I can not bring back the dead." Shocked and sad all over again, Kagome curled up on the floor and cried till she fell asleep. When Keade was sure the child was asleep she picked up the phone from the counter and called the police. The old woman waited with the sleeping girl till the cops showed up, " happy birthday Kagome" Keade whispered to the girl sleeping in her lap.

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