Chapter 5:

The light pored in from the open balcony door, wind blowing the silky fabric.

A cold chill came over Kagome from the open door so she snuggled closer to the warmth next to her. She gave a little sigh; she was starting to wake up even though she didn't want to.

Sesshoumaru pulled her closer holding her tight, he had been up for a while just watching over her and thinking about all the things they had been through together. Sesshoumaru and Kagome never had the whole "Sisterly Brotherly" bond thing that was more of Inuyasha and Kagome's thing. He never wanted it to be like that with him and her, it would be just plain weird! At least HE didn't think of Kagome as a sister, but how did Kagome think of him?

Kagome's sleepy eyes fluttered open, She looked up to see Sesshoumaru looking at her, it didn't show on his face but Kagome could tell he was confused about something. Kagome sat up and move so that she was on his lap one leg on either side of him, She didn't mean for it too look as kinky and seductive as it did she just didn't want Sesshoumaru to avoid her question.

For him it all seemed to be in slow motion. Sesshoumau's eyes widened a little bit at her bold move, what the hell!! Was all that came to his mind as she did it.

Kagome leaned forward, she was now inches from his face, If Sesshoumaru had been anyone else her would have gulped in nervousness, or lunged at her in his need to have her, but he was NOT anyone else, so he waited for her to make the first move.

"What's wrong?" she asked concerned. That was it ...that was all she was going to say...all she was going to DO!!?? Sesshoumaru couldn't understand for the first time in his life what he was feeling at the moment, or what to say all that came out of his mouth was... "Huh?" "Don't play stupid with me I can see something is wrong and I'm moving till you tell me what it is!" She crossed her arms over her chest and gave a "humph" sound. Personally Sesshoumaru didn't mind if she moved or not, right now he was still trying to figure out what the hell just happened! He had pictured her seductively advancing on him MANY times, and NOW it had almost happened and all she did was ask what's wrong!! The only thing that came to mind was WHAT !!!???

"WELL?" she asked in annoyed tone. He had to think a moment on what she said, but as if she had read his mind... "Just tell me what is wrong already!" He gave a big sigh and told her it was nothing he was just thinking about the company and what kind of changes he was going to make to it. She gave him a look that clearly said "I don't believe you" but decided to take his word for it and rolled over to her side of the bed.

Lying on her back looking at the ceiling, she asked him what he wanted to do today (its Sunday) "don't know, is there anything in particular you want to do?" he asked looking at her. "hmmmm" Kagome taped her chin with her finger. "I don't know...but we should do something just the two of us." Sesshoumaru gave her a questioning look. "We never spend enough time together and besides we have to celebrate." "We see each other everyday, and what are we celebrating?" "But we don't do anything, and we are celebrating the fact that I didn't beat you up in my sleep last nigh!!" Kagome smiled at him already planning what they were going to do today.

"How do you know that you didn't hit me in your sleep?" Sesshoumaru asked suspiciously. Kagome sweatdroped "ehh...well you see..I.. ummm... crap" Sesshoumaru moved as fast as lightning pinning her to the bed her hands above her head. "Explain yourself" he demanded not really was just an excuse to touch her. "I ONLY do it when you make me mad earlier that day!" "What about Friday....I didn't even talk to you that day" "THAT'S WHAY I WAS MAD!!!" Kagome was blushing madly now Sesshoumaru was on top of her with nothing but his silk boxers on, and she with nothing but a white tanktop and matching shorts, and he smelled SOOO good and ...she just couldn't think strait, what was going on.

Sesshoumaru made a low growling sound and moved off her, not trusting himself. "please don't be mad...sometimes I really was asleep" she assured him. He looked back at her "you owe me" was all he said as he got up from the bed and walked to his bathroom to take a cold shower.

Kagome left his room and went to her own and prepared for the day.

Down stairs everyone else was up and making things to eat as Kagome and Sesshoumaru came down.

"so what is everyone going to do today?" Kagome asked sitting down at the table and steeling half of Kikyou's bagel. "HEY" she pouted "that was mine" "yes and it's very good" Kagome said finishing it off with a smile. "not rite!" Kikyou yelled standing up and pointing at Kagome. "calm down! And eat" Sango gave Kikyou another bagel and left to help Miroku who was being shocked by the toaster because he was trying to get his toast out with a fork (smart move!). "I'm sorry" Kagome giggled out as she stole another peace of Kikyou's bagel. Kikyou and Kagome were running around the kitchen Kagome eating the bagel the whole time.

Inuyasha and Kouga were arguing about who got the last of the eggs, Sango had unplugged the toaster and Miroku was now twitching as he thanked Sango.

Sesshoumaru just stood in the doorway watching everything. Some one came up behind him. "well looks like I would do better just to go out and eat" Inutaisho chuckled as he watched the fiasco. "good morning father" "morning" The two men stood in silence unable to stop watching the scene before them..

Kikyou had jumped onto Kagome's back in a kind of piggyback ride, She was yelling at her "I WANT MY BAGEL!!" "I ATE IT!" "I DON"T CARE!!! IT WAS MINE!!!!" "HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO GIVE IT BACK TO YOU.... CRAZY!" "LET ME HIT YOU IN THE STOMIC!" "HELL NO!" They continued on like that.

Sango was beating the crap out of the still twitching Miroku for groping her.

Inuyasha and Koga were throwing the eggs at each other, once they were all broken they started to attack each other they now had each other in a headlock and we NOT going to let go anytime soon.

Kirara was eating the egg mess the two demos had left.

"should we do something?" asked Sesshoumaru. 'naaa...lets go out to eat" "you want to leave THEM alone!?" we'll have Jaken clean up everything besides its only material things, they can be replaced."

The two demons left the others to their squabble. Sesshoumaru was a little uneasy about leaving Kagome their while the wolf demon was their but decided Inuyasha would take care of it if anything happened and left with his father.

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