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Authors Note: This is a sequel to the original Bulma's Tail, so if you haven't read my first story I recommend that you do. As I'm not going to explain anything that's gone before. You might get confused if you haven't read Bulma's Tail, you were warned. The Androids and Cell saga are over.

This is the censored version any naughty words will be taken out or blanked.

We join them as Mirari Trunks leaves for his timeline.

Chapter 1


Bulma wipped the tears from her eyes. Her future son or was it alternative future son? It was slightly confusing to define her relationship with him. She loved him just as much as her baby. He had died at the hands of Cell. Now he was reborn thanks to the dragonballs. He was leaving them for his world. A world without any saviors except him. He was powerful enough to destroy the androids and imperfect cell. To save his world from further destruction.

"You take care of yourself." Bulma said gently giving him a hug. She tried to hide the fact that she was crying.

"Sure no problem." He said confidently, blushing with embarrassment. The other Z fighters said some sort of goodbyes. Bulma phased out of their conversation. Her attention drawn to the dark figure by the tree.

What is it with him and trees? She mused to herself.

Vegeta stared back at her. His face the same emotional coldness she'd had to get used to. He'd told her he'd keep his distance just so he could fight as well as he could. Without her or her child as a distraction.

He averted his gaze from her and looked at Mirari Trunks. The two warriors exchanged a look of respect and understanding. It was brief and only Bulma really caught it. Then Vegeta gave a small two finger salute and turned away.

"Bye everyone." Mirari Trunks said waving from his time capsule.

"You take care." Krillin said.

Mirari Trunks flew up into the air and with a flash was gone. Bulma hugged her baby Trunks tight. He murmured an objection lashing his tail. She laughed at his little tantrum. At least she still had one Trunks though two boys was fun.

The party was over as far as she was concerned. Krillin and the rest of them would barbecue till the sun came up. She grabbed Trunks with her tail. A game he never tired of. He giggled as he was swung around.

"Time for diaper change eh?" She said to him. She didn't realise she was followed. Bulma entered Trunk's room. She had a table made specially for any dirty changes. She was surprised how well she'd taken to motherhood. She'd heard from her family doctor that they still talked about her labour at the maternity hospital.

"Mommy taught those guys a few new words." She chuckled. Trunks gave her a happy blank look. He didn't know what she talking about but it must be funny. He laughed as well.

"Woman..." A gruff voice said behind her.

"Yes Vegeta" Bulma said in her calmest voice.

"We have a ritual to finish." He said to her.

"Does this ritual involve leaving me alone." Bulma said coldly. She turned round and looked into his eyes. Any resolve she had of ignoring him melted.

"I've already done that. The danger is over we can continue with the bonding process." Vegeta said.

"You mean you still want to marry me?" Bulma asked surprised.

Vegeta didn't answer. He just crossed his arms and turned away.

"Well I suppose it makes sense you are madly in love with me. This tail is physical proof of that." Bulma giggled as Vegeta's face seemed more tense than normal. "Look after Trunks for the rest of the day and I might consider it." Bulma said handing him the clean baby.

"What..." Vegeta snarled as the squirming kid tried escaping him. "I don't have to do this!" His objections didn't get an audience. Bulma had quickly left the room laughing. Trunks gurgled something to him.

Vegeta just glared at him. "The prince of Saiyans reduced to nanny."

"Pwince...." Trunks said mispronouncing his first word.

Vegeta's eyes popped out. Is this the first time he's spoken? "What was that?" He said as gently as his voice could manage.

Trunks laughed again and poked his pointed nose. "Pwince.."

"Prince of Saiyans, that's your father." He said proudly.

"Pwince o' Sai...yans." Trunks mimicked. Vegeta smirked, the woman was going to love this. She was constantly trying to make the boy say Mommy. Now his first word was prince. His chest puffed out as he walked quickly to catch Bulma. All for the sole purpose of rubbing it in.

"Woman?" He called out. She was in the kitchen operating a serve bot.

"No Vegeta, I'm not taking him from you." She said while programming her machine.

"Say it." He hissed to Trunks.

The lavender haired baby giggled and poked his nose again.

"What have you started ventriloquism." She said leaning on the counter.

"He said his first words." Vegeta said holding up Trunks who thought this was a great game.

"Oh did he finally say Mommy?!" Bulma squealed.

"No." Vegeta snapped. "How about Jerk!" Bulma said.

"Erk!" Trunks yelled.

"That's my boy." Bulma boasted.

"That's not what he said." Vegeta snapped. "Prince of Saiyans. He said prince of saiyans."

"You must have misheard." Bulma said. "His first word is Jerk. Say jerk for Mommy."

"Jerk." Trunks giggled.

"He said prince of Saiyans." Vegeta growled.

"Pwince of Sai..yans." Trunks yawned getting bored of this game.

"Oh wow!" Bulma picked up her son. "He's not even one yet. He's a genius just like me."

"Whatever." Vegeta snorted. He turned to leave but a hand stopped him.

"So when is it you want to get married?" Bulma asked.

"It's bonding." Vegeta snarled.

"Fine, bonding.... Bulma Briefs bonded to Prince Vegeta. I didn't know you were into that."

Vegeta gave her an annoyed look.

"I mean bondage Vegeta, that's kinda kinky." Bulma laughed,

Vegeta's face contorted into complete disgust.

"Whatever turns you on big boy."

"Stop making fun of Saiyan tradition." Vegeta spat. "We will hold the ceremony tomorrow in front of your parents. No one else."

"Vegeta, can't I invite Yamcha, or Krillin?" Bulma whined more worried about the lack of friends than the suddenness. She had been waiting for at least a year for him. So sooner the better she figured.

"Just your parents as witnesses, our son may come." He said pointing to the small baby. He had fallen asleep in Bulma's arms.

"Can I have a cake?" Bulma asked. "You'll need to make it on Saturday, give me a few days to prepare. I want a few things if no people."

"Saturday, tomorrow so long as it's soon." Vegeta said slightly urgently.

"Can't live without me." Bulma smirked as Vegeta turned on his full glare.

"I have survived a few years without you." He hissed. "A few days will be nothing for me." He walked out of Trunks room, confident he had made his point. He had been in the time chamber twice and had survived without her.

Bulma watched him go. Irritated that he had been so dismissive of the whole matter. It was as if he was just bonding with her because he had to. She grabbed her tail and held it tight. All the times she doubted his love she would do this. Her wish had specified the tail would come back if he truly loved her.

She watched her sleeping baby. His scowl so deep, just like Vegeta. His little cat hat looked so cute on him. She marvelled at how a happy boy could be related to the grumpy monster. Then she remembered something.

"Oh no you don't." She stormed after Vegeta. "I said you have to take care of Trunks." She gently placed him into his arms. "Don't wake him up he'll be extra crabby just like you."

"He takes after you, not me." Vegeta whispered angrily.

"I want you to look after him and no teaching him bad words." Bulma muttered.

"You're the one teaching him jerk." He mumbled back.

"That's an educational word. He'll need to know what to call you." Bulma said as quietly as she could.

"Then I'll educate him with what to call you." Vegeta sneered.

"You better go before I start shouting. I have a few arrangements to make." Bulma whispered. "And you better not back out of this bondage/marriage thing. I don't want Trunks to have a eunuch for a father."

Vegeta grounded his teeth and said nothing. He was close to shouting as well. The last thing he needed was for a screaming Bulma and Trunks. He didn't want to know what arrangements just as long as they bonded. It had been hell for him the past few years. It made it worse that to Bulma it had only been a year.

For his own mental stability he needed her, more than she was ever going to know. The sooner they bonded the sooner his mind would rest and calm down. Then he could concentrate on what he wanted to do with his life. He was still a warrior prince of a dead race. He just needed to understand where he fitted into it all.

Author's Note: Okay I might have missed a few details from the Mirari Trunks goodbye bit but give me a break it! I've only seen that episode once and I never taped it! Can you tell I have a soft spot for Chibi Trunks. He's sooooo cute! Not to forget Mirari Trunks he's sooo hunky!

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