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Chapter 29-Epilogue

Worth fighting for

A day had passed since they had left New Namek. Bulma had found herself getting more maternal pangs for her son. She hadn't intended to be gone for so long.

'Three months without my baby,' she thought, 'what kind of mother am I?'

The tape recording that had held her son's message from home got replay constantly. "Mommy!" Trunks cried out.

"Hi baby," Bulma whispered back. "Mommy will be home soon."

"An' Pwince,"

"Daddy will be come home too," she choked.

"Da!" He reached out to the screen and Bulma paused the recording placing her own hand against the cold glass monitor.

"My baby," she sniffed. Vegeta had gone for his daily meditation, these where the moments Bulma dreaded. Then she had found herself alone and thinking of her child that was millions of miles away. She wasn't one for self-pity; she was Bulma Briefs heiress, beauty and genius. Though at the moment all she could think about was 'bad mother.'

'What if Trunks has forgotten me?' she wondered. 'What if he's calling my mother Mom.'

She began to rewind the tape to see the footage again. It was perhaps the only thing in her mind. As far as she was concerned Vegeta was back into his training and everything was normal between them. Normal as in he would remain strong and silent and she would chat about whatever was on her mind.

It never occurred to Bulma how much she liked his silence. The strong presence of the Saiyan was enough to tell her he was there. It was never malignant and never caused her any discomfort apart from the need to chatter. He didn't seem to mind lately he would sit with her eating while she went on about Trunks and how much she missed him and he would just listen. There was never any yes dear' or U-huh' that she would constantly get from Yamcha. Though he did have the odd grunt and glance at her. But she knew he was in some way listening to her. She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

You're just being a big sop.' She thought to herself, Trunks will be fine, everything in the Universe is A-Okay.'

Just as Bulma thought that there was a crashing noise and the whole ship shook.

"What the f…?"

Bulma ran to the bridge of the ship and looked at the dials and screens. There had been another breach of the hull. The alarms started sounded and she pulled up the communicator.

"Vegeta! Are you there?"

"What the hell is happening?"

"I don't know, we've had a hull breach of some kind." Bulma explained.

"Stay where you are Bulma it could be dangerous!" Vegeta urged her over the communicator. "I'll come out from the internal training pod."

"Uh… okay." Bulma gasped. She tried to hide the bad feeling in her gut but apart from anything she felt anger. How dare this happen three times on her honeymoon with Vegeta. All she was wanting was a quiet and quick trip home. This was just adding more time apart from Trunks. Her son was not going to be without a mother for another month.

"Bulma Briefs is not some damsel in distress! Fuck this shit!" She pulled open the emergency red box and some capsules fell out. This time it was personal. This time it was war!


Vegeta pressed the release button for his training room.

"Unable to deactivate at this time, emergency situation is occurring." The computer answered.

"Computer open the door, if it's an emergency I need to get out there!"

"Unable to comply, please be patient while the hull breach is being repaired."

"Override, I'm needed to fix the emergency!" Vegeta roared he could feel alien ki entering the ship, coming close to his Bulma.

"Please state the override code."


"Incorrect code."

"Open the fucking door."

"Incorrect code."

"What the fuck is it?"

"Incorrect code, sorry three invalid attempts. System going into shut down. Unable to override until correct code is given to outside terminal."

"What!" Vegeta yelled as the computer light flickered off and the internal lights switched to emergency lighting. He tried pressing the buttons to boot up the system again but the computer was not responding. He was trapped inside the pod until he was freed from the outside. He heard a thump above him and growled. There was nothing he could do. He couldn't let loose his power in fear of destroying the ship.

Shit I hope Bulma's going to be okay, there's no way in hell after all the crap we've been through am I having another month away from home.' Vegeta thought.


"Who wants some." Bulma hissed as she loaded her goo gun. The mechanical clink of parts was soothing her slightly but her head was already thumping with adrenaline and anger. The weapon was another one of her experiments she had been tinkering with and it was really only in prototype mode. She never had time to field test the gun, the same with her mini tank that she had armed with a similar goo cannon. The outside noises of the invaders where warped as her heartbeat and anger pounded inside her head. She knew Vegeta should have been here by now. She didn't know what was wrong but it looked like she was alone again. Not to worry, because of my genius I'm always prepared!' Bulma gloated to herself.

The door opened with a sharp bang as the invaders made their way onto the bridge.

"Oh gimme a break!" Bulma sighed as she saw who it was.

The pirates had returned this time they too where armed with more of their swords and laser pistols.

"Where's the Prince?" One of them yelled.

"That's what I'd like to know!" Bulma yelled back and opened fire.

The pirates screamed in shock as they where assaulted by the sticky substance.

"Avast not this muck again!" Iago said in his cliché pirate voice.

"Get the wench!" Another pirate yelled.

"Wench?" Bulma shouted her anger in full force. "I'm the beautiful and talented Bulma Briefs! I'm not giving up my beauty to some inconsiderate wannabe pirates that don't know it isn't Halloween!"

Bulma shot a load of goo into some shocked pirate faces.

"I'll never surrender to the likes of you!" Bulma continued screaming. "I've been through all kinds of hell because I love some arrogant Saiyan Prince and he seems to attract trouble!"

She cracked the back end of her gun into Iago's face he gave a faint, arr'.

"I'm not giving up because of this!" Bulma roared, "I'M GOING HOME TO SEE MY SON!"

All of the fearless pirates where now shaking in complete cowardice. Bulma's anger was like some unstoppable force; they had come into the ship with some plan for revenge. Now it was completely overshadowed by the insane woman that screeched at them.

"I mean is it some sort of knack that all Saiyan's have?" Bulma asked to no one in particular. "I spent years with Goku getting chased and nearly killed lots of times, all I ever wanted was a boyfriend and I get a prince! I should at least be living the life of a princess!"

The pirates had no answer for her some where unable to speak because of goo in their mouth or others had fallen unconscious with shock.

The only person free watched her in admiration. "My dear, you are splendid!"

She turned to see who was addressing her. She was almost out of ammo, but she could probably let her anger carry her a little bit longer. Anymore and her natural survival instincts would kick in and she'd be afraid. But not now, now she was so angry she could rip apart someone and stuff them into a sack.

It was the Captain that stood watching her a faint amusement on his lips at her bravery.

"I am Captain Zaza, I believe we have met before."

"Darn, you're that freak with the girly name!"

His cool blue face twitch at the girl remark. "It's a highly respected name in my race."

"What is it you want?" Bulma asked, her adrenaline was still coursing through her veins she didn't know how long she could last like this.

"We underestimated you last time Bulma Briefs and it seems we've done the same again."

"What do you want?" Bulma repeated she was starting to calm down and her own fear was taking over. It was good when her anger drove her like this but now she was faced with the fact that she was surrounded by Space Pirates with no sign of Vegeta.

"We only came here to take our simple revenge but you have proven to us you are more than a match for us." Zaza bowed to Bulma who was really confused. "If you would take over as Captain, for I am unsuitable to command my men that are so easily defeated."

"Um…" Bulma was lost for words.

"Please, we are in need of your guidance, you are a much better space pirate than my entire crew put together."

"I am?" It only took a second but Bulma's ego finally made an appearance. "I mean of course I am, I'm Bulma Briefs, genius and beauty." She laughed out loud and the pirates all echoed her laughing. "Now boys follow me and we'll go rescue my husband!" She picked up a discarded cutlass and waved it about. The pirates that were able to walk followed like lost puppies the rest stayed trapped in the chemical glue waving their friends goodbye.

Captain Bulma was now in command! She didn't know what she would do with a horde of Space Pirates at her beckon call but Bulma had a pretty good idea what the first on the agenda was. (Showing off to her proud husband!)

They came to the Gravity chamber where the faint thud of a frustrated fist could be heard.

"Back down boys, he's going to be angry when he comes out." Captain Bulma warned.

"Aye, Aye Ma'am!" They all saluted and added an Arrr'

Bulma pressed a few buttons on the side panel.

"Please verify voice shutdown command." The computer said.

"I am the Prince of all Saiyans." Bulma said into the speaker.

A faint choking noise could be heard inside the gravity chamber.

"Hey!" Bulma called out to her husband. Her head peered round the door and two demon eyes stared back.


"I had to set it to something you say all the time," Bulma huffed defensively crossing her arms and smirking. "I ran a programme a while ago to see what phrase you used most and THAT was the winner."

Vegeta grumbled under his breath and stood up. He then noticed the stares from the pirates and he smirked bunching his fists up. Before he could move Bulma placed her hand over his fist.

"Don't, you'll have to get the Captain first."

"And who is that you?" Vegeta demanded snarling at Zaza who had the large pirate hat with a feather.

He looked shocked and took off his hat bowing. "Oh no, we serve Captain Bulma." To emphasize this point Zaza placed his old hat on Bulma's head.

Vegeta's eyes almost popped out as they turned to the widely grinning Bulma. She made a peace sign and kept grinning.

Vegeta hung his head and tried to hide his smile.

"Now crew," Bulma said ignoring Vegeta as he fought hard not to laugh and ruin his macho image. "We have to get back to my home planet Earth, how fast can your ship go?"

"Arr, she be as nippy as a star porpoise and twice as slippery."

"Okay someone who speaks English?" Bulma asked.

"My dear Captain, she is the fastest in this quarter of the galaxy, we can get to your planet faster than any star's light."

"Now that's what I like to hear," Bulma said happily. "Anchor our pod to the ship and I'm coming on board, destination Earth!"

"Get the ship ready!" Zaza bellowed. "Captain coming on board!"

Some of the aliens ran ahead in a dash to please Bulma. They all seemed to hero worship her as some sort of Goddess. Bulma beamed a huge smile, delighted to be the centre of attention.. Vegeta followed right at the back his arms crossed and suspicion still in his face. He did not believe for one minute that Bulma was the captain of this ship. It was impossible for the woman to have done all this!

If anything he was slightly jealous and wished he had the position, though not the hat. It would look stupid perched on top of his Saiyan hair.

Captain Bulma was guided to the bridge and the craft they had been journeying in was docked into the belly of the Pirate ship.

"Okay men, fast as this ship can take us to Earth!" She yelled, the Ex-Captain Zaza bowed again.

"Madam, if you would be so kind as to follow me to your quarters, we have brought all your belongings there."

"Excellent Zizi!" Bulma said cocking the hat and smiling at Vegeta.

Vegeta sniffed his nose in the air and kept his arms crossed. He was keeping his usual distance from Bulma but still keeping close enough to see she didn't get into trouble.

"How long till we reach our destination?"

"Another week Ma'am, but if all goes well we may even make it sooner."

"Wow, this ship is fantastic!" Bulma squealed. "C'mon Vegeta it's time we got some sleep."

"I prefer to stand outside this door," Vegeta growled.

"You're going to stand guard?" Bulma asked.

"No, I only want to stand here at this door." Vegeta repeated.

"Uh...okay," Bulma sighed, she straightened her hat and shut the door. The pros and cons of being Captain was dawning on her, she was now in a ship filled with people. This meant Vegeta had returned to his cold and aloof self. It meant he would pretend to be not interested in her for the rest of the trip. She sighed and took off her hat, it had to be better than nothing though. Soon she would be with her son and family again. Vegeta could come and go and they would be without this claustrophobic spaceship. She had to admit as much as she loved her husband it was driving her space crazy being cooped up with only him as company.

Okay, yes the sex was great but as she had been having baby blues earlier she missed her son. As soon as she got back to Earth she was going to spoil him rotten. Vegeta could go sulk under a tree for all she cared or train in the gravity room. What she wanted was her baby, to play with him, hold him and get woken up by his screams.

'I must be going space crazy I even missed his midnight wake ups.' She slumped onto her couch and lay her head down. It was now a bit of an anti climax this honeymoon. As much as she wanted just months of sex with a tailed Vegeta it didn't happen. Well maybe a little bit of monkey Prince sex but not enough to sedate her appetite.

Bulma stood up and peered out the door again. Vegeta glared back at her.

"What?" He snarled.

"Nothing..." Bulma sighed. "I'll leave my royal guard to his duties..."

"I am not YOUR guard I am guarding myself!" Vegeta huffed.

"Oh really?" Bulma giggled feeling slightly mischievous. "Then why are you outside MY door?"

"It's the best spot to watch the rest of the ship." He grumbled.

"I know of a better place!" Bulma winked.

"Do not flirt with me in public woman I've told you before!"

"Spoilsport," Bulma pouted, "But really MY bed is the best place for you to stand guard."

Vegeta made an angry hiss and followed his wife inside, making sure no-one saw him.

The door was closed with a click and Bulma pulled on her Prince's arm.

"C'mon, look at the HUGE bed we've got!"

Vegeta moved not out of being pulled but because he wanted to get this over with. He hated being obligated to these strange pirates. He did not trust them, unless his wife really had scared the HFIL out of them.

He watched Bulma bounce on the bed as she made 'arr' noises and was giggling. "Captain Bulma commands Vegeta to come to bed with her! Arr!"

Vegeta made a non-syllabic huff noise and leaned against the wall looking away. This just made Bulma worse, she knew she could get away with being so flirty with him away from any onlookers. He was such a moody bastard, she guessed it what made it so much fun to tease him. She put the hat back on her head she had noticed how he glared at it earlier.

His attention was in the markings in the wall she had the perfect moment to pounce, and pounce she did! Bulma leapt at Vegeta having stripped down to just the pirate hat and threw herself at him giggling madly. She choked slightly as she hit the rock hard Saiyan but he became curious as to what the she was doing clinging to his back.

"You're asking for it now, Bulma," he threatened with a playful glint in his eye.

"Finally, you take the bait," Bulma sighed, "It takes a lot of effort if a wife has to throw herself naked at her man to get his attention."

"You're not naked, you forgot the stupid hat," he plucked it off her head and threw it into the corner. Bulma was then carried over to the bed.


The week passed quickly for Bulma and Vegeta, the pirates much to Vegeta's surprise never made a move on them. Earth was now a moments flight away and Bulma was making a teary goodbye to her crew.

"But Captain Bulma, stay with us!" Zaza pleaded, "We have never met such a demanding and arrogant Captain you are like a dream to us Space Pirates."

Bulma winced at the remark, she was not demanding, "Sorry boys, maybe when my son has grown up some more, but I have a family to get back to."

"Yarr..." Sobbed one pirate.

"Don't cry Iago," Bulma soothed. "I'm sure there are other Captains out there that will throw things at you and scream obscenities."

"Not like thee Cap'n" Iago cried. He pulled away sobbing into his poker dot handkerchief one of the other pirates pulled him away patting his back.

"Well so long everyone, I know we'll meet again!" Bulma waved from her spaceship. Vegeta hid in the background and slunk back inside. He was glad to be home and enough of all this Bulma ego stroking. He knew she was going to be hell to live with in the next month or so. She was never going to forget this.

The door closed with a hiss and the small craft was released into the atmosphere, the crafts own engines started up as they got clear of the larger ship. The Space pirates all had their faces pressed against the glass waving them goodbye. In part they were glad to see the back of the Saiyan Prince but they knew they would miss their bossy Captain.

"Till we meet again Captain," Zaza said giving the salute as the ship disappeared into the Earth atmosphere.

As it set down on Capsule Corps there was squeals of delight both from Mrs Briefs and the now walking Trunks. They had received the radio transmission from Bulma a few days ago about her sudden arrival home.

The spaceship landed with a hiss and Dr Briefs had to hold back both his wife and grandchild from running under the rockets to greet them.

"MOMMA! DADDY!" Trunks yelled at the top of his voice.

The door hissed open and Bulma bounded out her arms stretched out for her son. She was never going to leave his side for so long again.

"Trunks, Mommy's missed you so much!" She swept the young babe up in her arms and cuddled him tight. Mrs. Briefs hugged them both happy tears in her eyes.

"We knew you would be fine!" She sniffed. "Though you did take your time, I bet it was a fabulous honeymoon!"

"Dear don't ask for details," Dr. Briefs chuckled. "It has been too quiet without you Bulma."

"Not forgetting our handsome Prince!" Mrs Briefs shrilly cried as she ran up to embrace Vegeta as he came out of the spaceship. Much to everyone's amusement he just stood there as Mrs Briefs hugged him tight. Though he did have a slight snarl on his lips.

"Mom, let go of my husband and I better not find out you were groping him!"

Vegeta blushed at the crude comment and slinked by taking a moment to pat Trunks head.

"Daddy!" Trunks chirped but Vegeta walked on his tail swinging behind him. Though he was suddenly yanked back as Trunks had got hold of the tail. "DADDY!"

For a moment Vegeta smiled and picked up his son. "Hmmph he was strong enough to pull my tail,"

"What do you expect he is our son!" Bulma said proudly.

"Of course," Vegeta smirked and handed the boy back to his mother. "I'll...

"Be in the gravity chamber training, yes I know," Bulma sighed but winked. "Go ahead, I'll call you when it's dinner time."

Bulma watched her Saiyan Prince walk away, yes everything had stayed the same only this time she was going to make sure she appreciated every moment.

"So was it really a good honeymoon," Mrs Briefs said giggling like a school girl.

"Heh, well I'm not going into details," Bulma blushed. "But I'll tell you one thing though Mom, I'm never eating octopus again!"



Author's Notes: Sorry, this has taken almost forever to conclude but as it stood I couldn't think how to end it. Now there we have an ending of sorts. It isn't the best Dragonball Z story out there but I've enjoyed writing it and that to me is all that matters. I hope everyone feels the same way.

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