The large fortress stood in the intense sunlight; an immense sight to anyone. To the three youths who now stood in the elevator that led inside, it was overwhelming. The weather was fair that day, but outside the fortress was unbearably hot, due to the fact that the fortress was only accessible through a tunnel lined with molten lava.

Inside, however, it was nice and cool.

Finally the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Three youths looked around cautiously. The boy with the blue hair and red bandanna looked particularly wary.

"What's the matter, Serge?" asked the boy with the red mohawk, "You look troubled."

Serge said nothing.

"This is it," the boy reminded him, "There's no turning back now!"

"Oi!" agreed the blonde girl wearing a braided ponytail, "C'mon, Serge! Korcha!"

She stepped out of the elevator, and Korcha followed her. "Just you wait, Lynx!" she said fiercely, "Today's gonna be the day of reckonin'. Say yer prayers…not that it'll do ya any good…!" She began to laugh.

"Serge!" Korcha called, exasperated.

Still hesitant, Serge stepped out of the elevator and followed his companions down the hallway into a room with a purplish-black looking beam emanating from the floor, behind a podium. Serge stepped up and pushed a button on the podium, and the light vanished.

The trio backtracked into the hallway, this time, approaching a platform with a circle around it. Upon stepping on it, the three youths were transported by a beam, up onto another platform outside, before a large set of doors.

"Oi!" exclaimed the girl as she stumbled a bit, "What the bloody hell just happened?"

She looked over the edge of the platform they now stood on.

"Wow…bugger!" she exclaimed, "We're so high up! Is this thing floatin'?"

"Did it feel like your body just passed through the floor right now?" Korcha asked her.

The girl nodded. "This sure is some fort!" she commented, "Eh, Serge?"

Serge remained silent.

The girl turned around and faced him.

"You alright, mate?" she asked him,"You've been acting all weird. Who knows what's up ahead, so just stay on your toes, eh?"

Serge nodded irritably.

The three headed toward the doors. Just as the girl was about to open them, Serge's heart started beating faster. Suddenly, in his mind, he saw the girl falling to the floor, and himself, holding a bloody knife, the corners of his mouth slowly twisting into a menacing smirk…