Giles meets some old friends and starts to wonder. Answer to the Mid-Year Fic-a-Thon 2004 for Shelley.

Genre: Harry Potter

Characters: Giles and Remus. Also a bit of Oz wouldn't go amiss.

Want To See: An exploration of how alike these characters are, both kind and gentle with hidden dark sides.

I Lupi Della Luna


The Wolfs of the Moon

By: Shadow Rise

Rupert Giles sat in the musky old pub, waiting for an old friend patiently. A very old friend, one that he had not seen in quite a few years. He had wanted to speak with him and requested he meet him in the pub, 'The Leaky Cauldron'.

He and what was left of the gang had desided that England would be a good place to go after Buffy closed the Hellmouth of Sunnydale. Rupert looked up slightly as the door opened to reveal a man standing there in a set of rather ragged looking wizard's robes with sandy brown hair, which was graying lightly, but you could still tell that this was once a very handsome man.

He recognized him instantly as Remus J. Lupin. There was just something about the man's face that you would never forget him. A saddness, maybe? Remus had his angst, sure, but the man was also very kind and loving, not to mention protective over all that he loved. Instantly, Giles' mind turned to one Daniel Osbourne, Oz.

"Rupert! So good to see you!"

Giles smiled a small bit and motioned for his old friend to have a seat. "It's good to see you too, Remus."

"Now, I'm running late for another appointment, so what is it?" the wizard inquired, "Not to sound rude in any way."

"Well, I have heard that there is a recent discovery of a potion for - " Giles coughed twice and Remus knew then what his old friend wanted.

He just wanted to know who it was for.

"Rupert, are you a - ?"

"No no, not for me. A while ago I ran into an old student and he looked ruff around the edges."

he replied in a low tone.

"Rather snippy, too." he added as an after-thought.

"Ah, and so you ask me for this potion, why?"

Giles threw the werewolf a 'look', one of the many things he'd picked up off of Buffy Summers and her friends, and Remus then remembered why.

"So you would like me to get this potion for your friend..."


"Like the muggle television show?

"No, like Ozzy Osbourne." said a voice only Rupert knew, "Only, not."

Well, brown hair these days. he thought, Strange.

"Oz, thank you for meeting us." Giles said, shaking the younger man's hand, "Remus, this is Oz. Oz, Remus Lupin."

"No problem, Giles man." he replied, seating himself at the table, "So what's up?"

Rupert plucked his glasses off his face and started to clean them in that way he always did. My Lord, they could be related. The man glanced between the other two and started to wonder, vaguely, if they just might be.