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Authors Note: I didn't know King Bob's last name so I made it up. Also, this is the first story of my Ashleys' Series.

Ashleys' Series #1

Lip Gloss on A Hockey Jersey

Chapter One

King Bob sat diligently but bored at his desk while he watched his idiot-of-a-teacher, Mr. Williams, walk back and forth in front of his six grade glass.

"Now I want to give your next assignment-" Mr. Williams started to say.

Before the class could whine, groan or complain; the bell for recess rung.

"Yeah!" Shouted the class, everyone rushing out of their seats and out the door.

The teacher stood sighing, "I should have listened to my mother and become a doctor..."

Bob stood in the hallway as he awaited the daily ritual of his men coming with his platform to carry him around.

"Your running late, Jerome." Bob stated as his men kneeled with the platforms arms rested on their shoulders.

"I am sorry, King Bob. Someone had gotten in the way, Sir." Said on of the carriers.

Bob jumped up onto the Royal Platform. "Well, I'll let that one pass."

"Well, sir..." Jordan said slowly. "This person rather made it a point to get in our way."

This got Bob's attention, rasing an eyebrow, he asked. "And who might I ask was this boy?"

Jordan and Jerome exchanged looks, looked back at Bob and answered at the same time.


King Bob leaned forward, confused. "Don't you mean that Spinster, Spaghetti-"

"Spenilli, sir." Jordan corrected him.

"Whatever." King Bob dismissed with a wave of his hand.

"It wasn't her, though, sir." Jerome said quickly.

"It was an Ashley, your highness." Jordan added.

Bob blinked, "Which one?".

"Ashley A." Jerome said.

"Take me to her." King Bob demanded angrily. It wasn't at all normal for any Ashley-except for that Spinelli girl-to take on his authority. They usually always complied.

As the carriers walked down the stairs to the Recess area, Jerome came running to him.

"I found her, sire!" Jerome shouted.

"Where is she?" Bob asked.

"Here, your highness." Jordan came walking with another one of the service men, holding a struggling Ashley A.

Which was a sight to see because her clothes were messy, her face was smudged, and she was yelling on the top of her lungs.

"LIKE, LET GO YOU IDIOT!" Ashley was so loud that everyone at the playground stopped what they were doing so they could stare at this spectacle.

King Bob waved for his footmen to place the podium down and bring Ashley A forward to him.

Bob placed his elbow on the armrest and leaned forward to Ashley. "Your only making a scene. You don't want to embarrass yourself, now, do you?"

Ashley turned her head away, anger in her blue eyes. "I don't care."

King Bob blinked.

An Ashley stood in front of him, ungroomed sunflower-blonde hair, and not a care at all about what the people around her were thinking about her at that moment...

Something was wrong.

King Bob leaned back in his chair. "Let her go." He told Jordan and the service man.

"But sir-" Jordan protested.

"I said let - her - go."

Jordan and the service man complied, letting go of Ashley's arm.

"You may go now." Bob told the girl.

Ashley didn't look at him but she did start to straighten up her hair and clothes. After a minute, she looked up.

"Thank you, King Bob." Ashley said with a light curtsey and a nod. Then she turned around and left while all the children stared after her, whispering about what had just happened.

"Jerome!" King Bob barked.

"Yes sir!" He shouted, saluting him.

"I want a full fledge report about that girl." King Bob ordered. "I want you to ask questions to anybody who knows what's wrong with her. Got that?"

"Sir, but why-"

"Just do it! I just have this feeling..." Bob shouted.

Jerome and Jordan jumped, "YES SIR!"

School was out and Bob sat in a minivan with his mother who was telling him about some chores he had to do later on that day.

"Okay, honey. I'll see you later on." Mrs. Cartwright told "King" Robert Cartwright.

Bob looked at his mother, "It'll be you that I'll be seeing, right? I hate it when Aunt Louise picks me up. Her car smells like a horses pen and she's always pinching my cheeks and calling me Bobby-Bo."

Bob glanced outside to see Ashley A with a cheerleader uniform on and climbing into a limo. He made a note to check that out later on. He had a suspicion that something was going on with her. If an Ashley went array, the Recess lot would have all those Ashleys running around the place and driving everyone crazy. He had to keep order because he is the king.

Mrs. Cartwright smiled and kissed her son on the head. "I will. Don't worry."

Bob sighed with relief, "Good. Bye!" He jumped out of the van with his athletic bag hanging from his shoulder.

Bob stood in front of the Sports center, which held the Third Street Ice Rink. He had hockey practice here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with his team, The Pirates.

"Yo! Bob!" Shouted a loud voice.

Bob turned to see Antoine Smith and Rover McCann.

"Yo, Lil' man! How's it rollin'?" Antoine pounded fists with Bob, who grinned.

"Are you coming out for the hockey team this year?" Bob said.

Antoine have Bob an incredulous look. "Ain't no way I'm gonna be caught dead on an ice rink. I still remember what happened a few months back when you was tryin' to teach me how to skate...."

Antoine shuddered from the thought of it as Rover and Bob laughed wildly.

Antoine was seventeen and played for Third Street High School's varsity basketball team. He wasn't very tall but he was the perfect size for point guard. He was built lean with a full head of cornrows, and dark brown eyes.

"I remember you crashing into the window and into the bleachers!" Rover laughed, playfully slapping Antoine on the shoulder.

Rover was the same age as Antoine but much taller. He was on the advanced hockey team for the same team as Bob. He had rusty-red hair, ripped with muscles, bright green eyes and always wore a smile.

Rover and Antoine had known Bob since the day he first entered the rink with a stick in one hand and a puck in the other.

"Did you hear about the new player you have?" Rover asked Bob as they made their way into the rink.

"What new player?" Bob asked.

They crossed the huge open area of the Sport center, passing many athletes and coaches. The reached the rink and opened the double doors to the large arena.

"He's GREAT!" Rover said with a laugh. "And I can say this because he's my cousin!"

"You have a cousin?" Bob asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah," Rover laughed. "He's a great kid. But don't worry, kid. He ain't here to take your spot, Captain!"

Bob flushed.

He wasn't thinking about that but it was a relief to know that this kid wasn't in for the competition.

"He's just here to play the game," Rover said with a laugh. "Mind you, he's not as good as you but he could give you a run for your money."

Bob grinned. "I'm always up for a challenge!"

Antoine pretended to cry, dabbing his eyes with his collar. "My baby is growing up so fast!"

Bob and Rover groaned but laughed all the same.

Rover looked up and started to wave. "Hey, there he is! Sam! Come over here!"

Bob turned around to see a young boy about his age skating across the rink. "Hey, you came!" The boy said.

Bob looked the kid up and down. He didn't look like much. He had small arms and didn't look to weigh very much. He had sandy blonde hair and light blue eyes.

However, he was light on his skates and moved around as if he were on air.

"No duh, squirt!" Rover ruffled Sam hair with a hand. "Sam, this is Antoine Smith and your teammate, Bob Cartwright. Guys, my cousin, Sam McCann."

"Hey," Bob said, shaking Sam's hand.

Rover reached over the wall and put an arm around Sam's neck, "Don't worry if this guy doesn't speak much! He's shy."

Sam grinned sheepishly and shrugged. "Not unless I've got something to say about something."

Bob nodded, "I can dig that. So what position do you play?"

Sam placed his stick to the side. "Center."

"Hey," Bob exclaimed. "That's my position, too!"

"Don't worry! I'm playing right wing so-"

Bob laughed, "No, it okay. I was pointing it out."

"See?" Rover said, "What did I tell you? He's a great kid." He then turned to Sam, "Okay, kid. I'll be in the other rink with my team. When your done, go on to your next practice. Then wait for me up in the bleachers, got that?"

"Sure, Rove. I got it!" Sam said. He then turned to Bob, "I guess I'll be seeing you on the ice. Check ya' later." Sam grabbed his stick and skated back to a group of boys that were working on their slap shots.

"Watch this," Rover grinned.

Bob and Antoine turned their attention to Sam.

Sam grabbed a puck and placed it on the floor. In perfect formation, Sam drew his stick up into the air, swung it down, and hit that puck with so much force that the puck went flying into the air and right through the net and made a hole in the wall.

"DANG!" Shouted Bob and Antoine.

"My cousin's the greatest, I know. I know." Rover laughed. "It's the Irish in us!"

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