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Lip Gloss On A Hockey Jersey

Chapter Six

It was six forty-seven finally. It was Saturday and competition day, and Ashley had been sitting in front of the Third Street Ice Rink. She had hoped that the janitor would be up earlier.

To her dismay-this was not the case.

Ashley sighed as she sat against the double doors of the rink, duffel bag on one side and her skates on the other. She looked around to see nothing but some mourning fog and just two cars had passed in the last ten minutes. The sun hadn't even popped up in the sky!

"Wow!" A voice laughed out. "Someone here before me!"

Ashley jumped, surprised and looked to the side of her.

There stood a tall, young teenage girl with a blue athletics bag with white skates slung over her shoulder. She was gorgeous with big brown eyes that gleamed of laughter and a glint of gold. She had glossy blonde hair that was thick and long, which she pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a white leotard with baggy, dark-blue jeans over it and a thin, green overcoat and white, green streaked sneakers.

Ashley blinked when realization dawned on her.

"Y-you're-" Ashley was flabbergasted as she stood up.

The girl just laughed as she swung her hips to the side and flipped her hair over her right shoulder, doing both in one graceful move. "You're Ashley, right?"

Ashley blushed in embarrassment, "Um, like, yeah…"

The girl laughed, "I'm-"

"Toots, right?" Ashley finished.

The girl laughed. "That would be me!"

Ashley gushed, "I've only just seen you around! Like, I totally watched you during practice and I try to practice to perfect the moves you do. Like the way you do your Tucks and the-" Ashley stopped and looked down at the ground. "Sorry," she said softly. "I so ramble a lot."

Toots laughed, "No worries!" Her eyes twinkled, "I ramble, too."

Ashley smiled as she looked up.

Toots cocked her head to the side, "Why are you here so early anyways?"

"I wanted to get in some warm-ups before the competition." Ashley said.

"Dedicated." Toots grinned, "Sounds like me."

Ashley blushed. She was talking to one of the best skaters in Third Street!

Toots was the star of Third Street and only a high school sophomore! She was practically a legend around the Sports Arena. Toots was a gymnast as well as a dancer, outside of ice skating. She had won five national teen contests and earned a silver and bronze medal at the Junior Olympics the year before. If anyone wanted to be someone else-you wanted to be Toots.

Toots grinned, "Come on, then. I got a key."

She swung on skate over her shoulder so that it was being balanced on the laces connecting the skates. She pulled out a key for her pocket and opened the door. She then held the door for Ashley to walk in.

"Thank you." Ashley smiled at Toots.

Toots closed the door behind her. "I've been coming here early since the day I could walk. Heck, I think I learned how to skate before I could walk! So Bert, the guy that owns this place, gave me a spare when I was an eighth grader. He also hired me to work here when I was Freshman."

As they walked to the locker rooms, Toots began to ask questions.

"So how is it that you're the only girl I haven't seen at competitions?" Toots asked. "I've seen you in practice and I say your pretty good!"

Ashley blushed again. "I wasn't eligible."

"How can you not be eligible?" Toots asked, confused.

"I started late."

Toots stopped walking and blinked at Ashley. "What?"

Ashley turned, afraid that she had said something wrong. "I only started skating two months ago. I've skated a few times when I was younger but I didn't know how to do anything. Like, spins or any steps."

Toots laughed, throwing her head back a little. "You've got to be kidding!"

Ashley cringed. Is she laughing at me?

Toots slowly stopped laughing and wiped her eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry Ashley!" She apologized, placing a hand on Ashley's shoulder. "I just thought it was funny how every time I saw you, I thought you had been skating all your life."

"Or in other words…" Toots smiled, "You looked real good out there."

Ashley couldn't believe her ears!

The Toots was telling her that she was good!

"Gosh," Ashley blushed. "I-I…"

Toots let go of Ashley and started to walk again. "Lets hurry and get on that ice! I can't wait to see you up close! It's like seeing me all over again!"

It was about twenty minutes when Toots stood on the ice with a black one-piece dress with no sleeves. The skirt was flowing and the top of her dress gleamed with glitter, shinning from the overhead lights. Her hair was pulled into a elegant chignon and a gold necklace adorned her neck.

Ashley stood across from her with a pink leotard and a silk skirt tied at her hip and her hair in a ponytail.

"What can you do?" Toots smiled as she circled around Ashley. "I know you can do your Compulsory figures just fine. What tricks have you learned?"

"Well, I can show you a Toe Jump." Ashley said.

"Well," Toots smiled, "Go on then!"

Ashley nodded and skated a few yards from Toots. With on big breath, Ashley skated towards Toots. She then turned, skating backwards, took off from one skate into the air. She then rotated in the air, and landed on the outer edge of the same skate she jumped off from.

"That was great! When I first started, I couldn't do that without falling right at the start of the move. Though, be sure when you come back down, lean backward a little before you fall." Toots nodded her head with a big grin on her face. "I'll see your routine later so you don't wear yourself out now. Lets just do some rounds to warm up."

Ashley grinned as well. "Thank you for the advice."

"No problem!" Toots laughed, "I've been waiting to get my hands on some talent."

Ashley blushed, "I can't wait to see you out there tonight."

"Oh, not today." Toots grinned, "I'm only working tonight."

But why?" Ashley asked.

Toots sighed and smiled, "The Skating board wont let me compete because I've been to Olympics and all that. They say its not fair to everyone else."

"But they should at least let youskate for fun!" Ashley protested.

Toots laughed, "Don't worry about, baby girl. They can't keep this girl down for very long."

Bob yawned as he woke up, sitting up in his bed. He heard the door open and his mom's head popped out from behind the door.

"Mourning, Bobby!" Mrs. Cartwright smiled at her son.

"Hey mom…" Bob said groggily. "Need something?"

Mrs. Cartwright smiled as she walked into the room, jumping over a pile of sneakers, loads of clothes, and hockey gear. "Well, not really." Mrs. Cartwright nose wrinkled as she lifted a dirty sock from off of Bob's bed. "Maybe a bulldozer for the room."

"Mom." Bob said with authority. "A man's room is his domain."

"A boy needs to clean his domain." Mrs. Cartwright said as she sat on the side of Bob's bed.

Bob was just about to say something when Mrs. Cartwright sat quietly.

Bob's mom is never quiet.

"Mom…" Bob asked, fully awake. "Something wrong?"

Mrs. Cartwright looked up at her son and smiled softly. "Well, its just… How long have you known Ashley?"

Bob blinked at this.

Weird question…

"Um, a few years I guess." Bob shrugged, "She's been going to my school since I was in the-well, she started in kindergarten. I was like in the second."

Mrs. Cartwright smiled as she put a hand to her head and looked off to the side. "I haven't seen that little girl in such a long time."

"You knew Ashley?" Bob asked, "Weird. How come I never met her?"

Mrs. Cartwright looked back at Bob. "Robert, you don't remember when Ashley came over one time?"

Bob shook his head.

"You were about ten and she came over and got lipstick all over one of your favorite jersey's and then you cried." Mrs. Cartwright tried.

"Hey! I didn't cry!"

"So you remember?"

"That's not the point! I didn't cry!"

Mrs. Cartwright laughed out loud, the glint of amusement came back into her eyes. She stood up as she ruffled her son's hair, "Yes you did, Bobby. And you were so cute when you did!"

"Mom!" Bob whined, getting back underneath the covers. "You always embarrass me! It's like Sheila all over again!"

"Which reminds me," Mrs. Cartwright smiled, "She'll be here to pick you up in a few. Your father and I will be there in a little while." She then waved a little wave before she disappeared into the hallway.

"Girls." Bob muttered, "They stay girls even when they turn into mothers."

Bob entered the locker room and spotted Jake coming out from one of the bathrooms with a sour expression on his face.

"Hey…" Jake said in monotone.

"Hey." Bob blinked, "What's wrong?"

"I learned that my beautiful princess is Ashley Quintas! My dad's bosses daughter!" Jake groaned and fell to the ground with a hand over his heart. "She's so out of my league…"

"Dude… I told you that."

Jake lifted up a hand, palm facing Bob, indicating to Bob to hush up. "Let me be heartbroken and lie here in despair…"

"You're standing and another thing, you probably don't even know how to spell despair!"

Jake just moaned and Bob shook his head and was about to turn to leave when he spotted Charles walking out with the same sour look that Jake had.

Charles sighed a hello and Bob rolled his eyes.

"Your heartbroken, too?"

Charles nodded slowly and slid down next to Jake. "I've heard she is engaged to Luther Donovan! I should have proclaimed my love for her when I had the chance…"

"Donovan? Like Donovan Incorporated? The son of the guy who makes those Donovan Convertibles?" Bob blinked and then snickered, "Well, he is rich."

"And we're two lowly hockey players…" Jake stated. He and Charles then both looked at each other and let out two loud wails.

"SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE!" They both shouted, crying together.

Bob shook his head and then said, "Well, I guess the beautiful blonde walking through the door right now is mine, huh?"

"What blonde?" Jake shouted.

"Which door?" Charles added loudly.

They both looked at a pretty doll-faced girl with curly blonde ringlets, walked passed them with a soft giggle. Jake and Charles both looked at each other once again and shouted, "MINE!" They then started after the girl, both tripping each other along the way.

"You know we have a game in an hour!" Bob shouted after them.

"So," a voice said, "you heard about the Jake-Charles-Ashley break up, huh?"

Bob turned to see Sam, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"What?" Bob asked, confused.

Sam grinned, "Ashley Q heard about their "love" for her so she told them who she was and twisted the truth around."

Bob laughed, "Twisted the truth?"

Sam shrugged, "She isn't Jake's dad boss, really. Her dad's more of the guy who sits at the top of the company and rather owns Jake's dad's boss."

"And the arranged marriage?"

"They are not engaged-unfortunately for Ashley's mother."

Bob grinned, "I gotta say, she's clever. Though, this might get around and people will think its true."

"Did you see how fast they forgot about Ashley?" Sam said with a grin, "Its in the bag."

Bob laughed, "Why didn't you just tell them that you and Ashley had a thing? Ain't it the truth?"

Sam blushed so hard it seemed his ears were going to melt. "No way! I could never-no, I'm not her type and I'm way too young and…"

Bob blinked, "Too what?"

"She's just a friend, okay?" Sam said with finality and a look that said, "Leave it alone."

Bob just nodded and smiled, "Okay. Come on!" Bob threw an arm across Sam's shoulder.

The game ended at 4-3; Pirates win. It was a close game but Bob had skated right down the middle, faked a left to the goalie and shot it right. The puck went right in and cheers rang throughout the ice rink.

Bob threw off his helmet and jumped into the air as the sweat poured down his face. He shouted a loudly, cheering as he pumped a fist up into the air. "YEAH!" Bob shouted, jumping into the arms of his teammates. He felt himself being pulled up into the air; In a mere few seconds, found himself on the shoulders of Jake and Charles. "We're in the semi-playoffs! We're in the semi-playoffs!"

The Third-Street Pirates haven't been past the first round of playoffs in ages-not since Rover had played at their age.

"When I said you were genius," Rover shouted out to Bob from the stands, "I meant you-are-a-prodigy!"

Bob laughed as he cheered along with his teammates. He could hear his father singing to all the parents, "That's my kid! That's my kid!"

It was a great day.

Once the calamity of it all, quieted down, Bob and headed towards his beaming parents. Mrs. Cartwright took hold of her son, hugging him with such force that Bob thought his eyes were going to pop out.

"Oh, I'm so proud!" Mrs. Cartwright laughed tearfully.

"Victoria! Let the boy breath!" Mr. Cartwright laughed out loud.

Bob shot his father a grateful look once his mother let go of him. Mr. Cartwright just kept on laughing and ruffled his son's hair with a hand. "You were great, Bobby."

"Thanks, Dad." Bob smiled sheepishly at his Dad.

"Just like your father," Mrs. Cartwright said as she looked up at her husband. "Right, Jason?"

"Yup! And just as good looking!" Mr. Cartwright laughed again, throwing an arm across his son's shoulder. They all laughed out loud as they walked towards the doors leading out of the rink.

"You've been so good lately," Victoria said with a smile, looking down at her son.

"Really?" Jason grinned, "What could top this?"

"Oh, stop it." Victoria giggled as she poked her husband's side. "There are other things in life that are better than hockey."

"Yeah," Jason paused and winked at Bob. "Football."

Victoria hushed Jason as all three of them walked out of the stadium and onto the parking lot. "Well, there are grades."

Jason blinked, "Wait…Bobby did well on his report card?"

"What else? Straight A's!" Victoria answered.

"Great athlete; Good-looking; Smart Guy?" Jason looked at his son and then put him into a choke hold. "Rover is right! My boy is a prodigy!" Jason ruffled Bob's hair as Bob laughed.


"Hey Bob!" Shouted a voice.

Jason and Bob looked up from there entanglement, which caused Jason to loosen grip. Bob broke loose and ran towards Sam before his Dad could get him back into the head lock.

"Hey!" Bob gave a high-five to Sam and they grinned.

"That was such a great game! My cousin was right, you are amazing!" Sam grinned.

Bob laughed, "No way! If you didn't pull the puck out the first goal and shot it to Camry, we wouldn't have gotten that first goal." Bob then turned to his parents and introduced them to Sam. "These are my parents," Bob told Sam. "And Mom and Dad, meet Sam."

Sam smiled at Bob's parents but he had a faraway look in his eyes.

"You've got some talent, son." Jason patted Sam's head and grinned.

Sam's look brightened immediately and his cheeks took on a pink coloring. "Thanks, Mr. Cartwright!"

"Yes. Such a smart play that first quarter!" Victoria beamed down at Sam.

"Gee, thanks…" Sam said, reddening even more.

"You look very familiar, son." Jason said, leaning just a little to take a closer look.

"That's because Rover's my cousin." Sam said with a sheepish grin.

"No wonder!" Victoria laughed, "Handsome boys run in your family, don't they?"

"Gosh, thank you but I'm not handsome at all…" Sam blushed.

"Stop it, Mom! Your embarrassing him!" Bob shook his head and slapped a hand on his forehead.

"Its okay, Bob." Sam shrugged and smiled softly. "Reminds me of my mom. She's always doing that to me."

Bob grinned and nodded. "Check you later?"

Sam laughed, "Yeah. See you later!" With that, Sam ran off to Rover who was standing by his car talking to some brunette girl.

The Cartwright's then turned and walked on to car. If Bob had looked back, he would have seen Sam had turn back at the family and sigh.

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