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Chapter one: a ship is gone

An explosion resounded in the space. A gigantic large ship was burning with fierceness. Much smoke emanated from the windows at the sides of the ship. Above deck, spacers and officers were shouting and running trying to put out the fire.

"Watch out!" warned a spacer pointing up. One of the masts fell down and some spacers had to jump to avoid being crushed.

Then, a bell coming from the bridge sounded. "Abandon ship!" shouted the officer who was ringing it.

Those who could made their way to the escape platform. A hatch in starboard opened and the longboats, full with the crew, leave the ship quickly. They tried not to crash each other, since the panic was taking control. Unexpectedly, a burst of energy rays appeared coming from everywhere. The longboats hit by them, were locked in a bubble of light and disappeared.

The officer on the bridge near the bell saw all that frightened and confused. Then, the same rays fell over the deck like rain. He rolled in the ground and took cover behind a barrel. "What the heck is going on?" he yelled.

The helmsman, who was crouching trying to grasp the helm how he could, looked at him disconcerted. "I don't know, sir. I can't see who is shooting at us"

One of the rays hit him. The helm remained without control and the ship tilted to port. The sudden shake caused the fall of the stragglers still on the ship. The officer held on a handrail when he lost the balance. Stretched his arm to reach a rope from a broken shroud and tied a bow. He threw it to the helm, which rolled up around it, stopping it and the ship back to normal. After that, the officer stood up, went to the nearest door and he open it. That was the entrance to the Captain's stateroom.

"Captain McDack!" exclaimed when he entered.

The Captain was lying seated on the chair of his desk hanging a handkerchief on the wound of his shoulder. "Did you order the evacuation, Mr. Miller?"

"Aye Captain, but it was useless, the longboats were attacked and no one could escape. I'm afraid we almost lost the entire crew"

"Argh... in that case we got nothing to do," regretted the Captain standing from his seat. "head for the holo- transmissions room, Mr. Miller and send an emergency signal. I hope it could be received for any ship of the Navy"

"Right away, Captain" answered Mr. Miller. He made a salute and go out immediately.

The Captain McDack headed for the bridge. When he got there, he leaned on the helm, still hanging his handkerchief on his shoulder. The silence was sharp, wandering around, giving him a bad feeling filled with uncertainly. In all his years of service, he had never seen such an attack before. What kind of machine could kidnap a crew without even leave any trace? all what remained was the smoking rubbles of the ship to evidence what happened. Only in the old stories of Captain Flint, the most feared pirate in all the Etherium, they told about the odd way how he attacked and destroyed a ship in seconds, but what just happened was even odder.

The Captain McDack didn't think that Flint was there, because he had passed away almost a hundred of years. However, he looked for any signal of their attackers, waiting to see a ship with the Jolly Roger, preparing to board. But he couldn't see anything. Instead, the space was in calm. Even when it looked like it was all over, the Captain wasn't so sure of that, because nobody would have taken so many troubles to cause such destruction for nothing. Suddenly, a shine flashed. The ship, which was sailing in a straight line, stopped abruptly and started to sail backward. The Captain turned around to stern. "Heavens protect us!" he exclaimed frightened. The ship was going back faster and faster, leaving a trail of smoke in its way. Then, a second later the ship vanished.

Several weeks later, on planet Montressor, everybody was talking about the news of this event. Some moths ago were running rumors about similar incidents, but this one was the only confirmed. People always tend to make a mountain out of a molehill because that way, rumors were more interesting or more intriguing. But telling the story just as it had happened was enough to impress somebody. A ship and a crew disappearing was an old story dated back to Flint's days. Nobody was sure what could be behind that mystery, which caused annoyance to innkeepers and bartenders. They couldn't close theirs stores until the last guest felt tired, speaking about everyone's favorite palaver.

To normal people, it was just a good subject to discuss. But for Captain Amelia this matter needed careful handling. That could be understood because she was an excellent spacer, with an unselfish sense of duty. Her loyalty towards Imperial Navy was undeniable. Even when she left it long ago all what it afflicted, still concerned to her. Because those were the ways of Felinids; the race which Amelia belonged to, known for being a race similar in appearance to Felines. They were proud, with great courage and skilled in combat. Characteristics highly appreciated in the Navy, since their fundamental task was to protect the galaxy, and defend from pirates the crew and the cargo of Royal Light Ships.

To speak a few about Amelia, as any good Captain, she had an authoritarian and stoical personality. But in general nice, and sometimes she could have enough funny side to joke with people. She was respectful with other officers but not too patient neither with people of rude attitude nor who tend to do foolish things, and since she used to be hired to train graduated cadets on initiation journeys, she knew all the... mistakes, to tell it in a soft way, that people could make. But the years teach her to be tolerant; after all she was a cadet too. Her speech was like human's speech with British accent (some says the Felinids acquired this from humans but actually Felinids talked this language 2600 years before them) and her words were charged with subtlety. She always tended to finish a discussion. Sometimes, specially being anger, she could use language beyond "decent talk" (but just until certain point) and mixed with sarcasm.

As regards her look, she had a straight hair brown that reached the back of her neck. Her green eyes like felines, sometimes as big and round as an orange and sometimes thins like a scratch; give her a splendid nocturnal vision. She had pointed ears that could detect a bug walking in a wall. Her complexion was very thin but gifted with skilled legs providing her a great capability for acrobatics jumps and to run fast. Anyway, all this made her a dignified member of her race.

She was having a breakfast on the mansion's dining room with her husband: Doctor Delbert Doppler. (a Felinid too, you may be thinking, but no). Anyone who saw him, would think is seeing an enormous dog, and wouldn't be so far of the truth. Because Delbert was a Canid, a race as similar to dog as Felinids to cats. He had long and slightly fallen ears. A big nose; large and prominent with an excellent sense of smell. His hairstyle was ponytail very common between high society, and it was as long as the hair of his wife; brown but more opaque. If we talk about his character would be right to say he was a little petulant but very kind with impeccable manners. His colleagues from the University of Wine Grower (where he, besides astrophysics, imparted literature and history) described him like a good speaker, expert on every single one of his signatures. However, basically he was a "bookworm" because rarely he was seen without wearing a book. He acquired the habit of lecture from his father, since he was too a professor of literature. At short age he taught Delbert the wonderful world of books. He liked in particular poems and poetry, and every wedding anniversary he recited some of his favorites to Amelia.

Together, Amelia and Delbert were happy. But many asked themselves, how two people from different worlds (not to mention different planets) could be so enamored in the way they were. To know that you would have to back in time eight years, it was the time when Amelia and Delbert met. Actually was thanks to Jim the son of Sarah Hawkins, a dear friend of Delbert, who made that possible. One night young Hawkins received an odd sphere from a dying Thurley. At first, he didn't know what to do with it and hadn't time to find it out because some minutes later, a gang of pirates attacked his mother's inn; the Benbow and he had to escape. Once on the safety of Delbert's mansion, Jim discovered the reason of his pursuit. The sphere was actually a map that showed the way to the legendary treasure planet, where the loot of a thousand worlds was hidden. It was an opportunity, one in a trillion. Destiny gave them to realize the dream, which everybody dreamed once. Delbert immediately made preparations for the quest of the treasure. He hired a crew that he considered adequate (however, soon he would realize of his wrong choice picking spacers for a ship) and supposing the travel would be full of dangers, he needed a Captain highly capable to command the ship. He didn't need to look so much because there was only one with all the requirements: the Captain Amelia Smollett.

Was on board of the RLS Legacy, the ship Delbert had chosen for the quest, where he met Amelia for the first time (at least face to face). It wasn't love at first sight like some may think. The impression Amelia had of him wasn't so good at the beginning. But gradually she discovered the real nature of the Doctor, intelligent, kind and in a way brave. After crossing half galaxy, escape from a supernova and fight against the mutineers of the crew, Amelia and Delbert ended up falling in love for each other. What happened later is the story told here.

Author's Note: I'm still learning English, sorry if there are some mistakes.

Acknowledgements: thanks to Lauren Rae, for letting me write my fanfic sharing parts of her story (Amelia's Legacy: A Captain Promise) a very wonderful story. Thanks to Christy too, for letting me add some stuff from her story (I'm a Spacer, Not a Mother) I just love it. You may find it in Lauren's homepage (Captain's Orders site). I highly recommend you read their stories before or after mine. Thanks to VikM for giving my messages to Lauren and Christy, without your priceless help this wouldn't be possible. Last but not least, thanks to all those who gave me their support, the wonderful readers and writers of fanfiction, I hope you enjoy my story.