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Chapter One The Plan Titans Tower...

Robin woke up at four o'clock one morning as the sun shone in through his window.

'Perfect' He thought. It was Starfire's birthday. Robin had been planing this day for weeks now. He wanted Starfire to have the best day in her life.

He had bought cinnamon rolls and Danishes from the bakery. Orange juice and lemonade, bacon and tofu, the best food he could buy on a strict budget.

He had also reserved two seats in the Movie Theater for Spider-man 2. The movie was to start at 4:00pm. He would take her out for pizza after the movie was finished.

Robin had told the other titans (with the exeption of Starfire) about his plans and had asked them to help him do the shopping secretly.

So for the last several weeks Robin had secretly been making a list of things that they needed for the party. Beast Boy and Raven had took secret trips to the grocery store and Cyborg had been responsible to put the stuff somewhere that Starfire wouldn't find them. This had been very hard to do because Starfire always likes to know what all the other titans are doing and if they are alone and where they are. That makes her a good friend but that also makes it harder to plan a surprise party.

Robin had done it. He had kept a secret from Starfire. He had planed a surprise party. Beast Boy actually kept his mouth shut. Raven had had helped out with what she thought was a "pointless activity". Cyborg was brave enough to hid the party stuff in the basement, the only place Starfire wouldn't go in Cyborg had actually gone down there by himself.

Robin was very pleased at what they had done but he hoped he wouldn't have to keep any more secrets from Starfire. He had kept one secret from all the titans: He had bought her a special present it was a sapphire necklace. It had three of earth's finest sapphires on the front and on the back, there was a tracking device on the back of one of one of the jewels. Whenever he needed he could find her, even if he didn't have access to the Cyborg's arm tracker, as long as she was wearing the necklace.

Robin was still trying to decide if he should tell the others about it. On the good side they would be able to track her too. On the bad side he would be teased about getting her a piece of jewelry. He could just imagine Beast Boy saying 'Robin and Starfire sittn' in a tree...' But then Robin wasn't sure that he didn't want to be teased.

This was all confusing him. Robin hadn't been confused when he had been in situations where his life was on the line, but yet Starfire confused him. He knew he 'liked' her but he was not sure if she liked him in that way. 'She may just want to be best friends.' he thought. If that was what Starfire wanted, Robin would be disappointed but content to remain friends and only friends...

As he went down the stairs he wondered what would happen to the titans after they broke up. 'I wonder if Starfire and I... well whatever happens I hope all of us will be happy.'

He walked into the living room. No one else but Raven was down there, but she was meditating. Robin decided to do something he hoped wouldn't disturb her, play video games. As he plugged the Games Station into the TV Raven came out of her trance:

"Robin you don't usually get up this early."

"No I don't but today I couldn't get back to sleep. Too excited I guess."

"Just don't turn on the sound on the TV. I have to meditate." Robin nodded and turned down the volume on the television. He put in his favorite game: Gauntlet Dark Legacy and started playing...

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