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Matched Chapter 22

Good Night

It was 345am at titans Tower on the day Robin and Starfire would return home. Beast Boy was still in bed, dreaming of being a rock star. It was way to early to get up, the sun wouldn't even be up for another 4 hours Unfortunately for Beast Boy, Raven did not think it was too early to be awake.

Raven's voice came on the communication system "Beast Boy! Cyborg! Get down to the gym at once! We have work to do." Very reluctantly the green titan forced himself to sit up, rubbing his eyes. Glancing at his alarm clock he could see the time 346am. "You Raven... Slave driver." He mumbled, tempted to use bad words, but he did not, laying back down with his hand over his eyes.

Recently Raven had been very strict. Enforcing every rule and adding new rules every day for at least a month. Beast Boy tried to recall the last time he had been allowed to sleep until 600am. He couldn't remember, though it couldn't have been more than a month ago. All the strict rules had really started the day after the titans had decorated the common room for Robin and Starfire's wedding shower.

Raven made the boys eat breakfast and supper at very specific times, then she would send them to their rooms at 830pm every night. The lights in the tower would go off at 900pm and come on again no later than 400am.

Every day they would train for at least seven hours. They got exactly seven hours of free time. The remaining hours before lights out would be community service and fighting bad guys, cleaning the tower and such.

"Beast Boy! Cyborg is already here, so get over her now!" Yelled through the system. "Yes Raven." Beast Boy yelled back, even though he was pretty sure the she couldn't hear him.

He scrambled out of bed and rushed to put his utility belt on. Even though he was still extremely drowsy Beast Boy ran out of his room and down the hall, past the windows and down five flights of stairs to the gym.

In the old days, back when Robin was in charge he would have taken the elevator, but last week Raven had disabled it, saying it made them lazy. Of course, back when Robin was there they wouldn't have been awake at 348am.

Beast Boy arrived at the gym at 352am. When he entered Raven and Cyborg were both waiting for him. They both looked awake and alert, and if Raven had anything to say about it, soon Beast Boy would be fully awake and alert as well.

"You're two minutes late. That's two minutes out of your free time." Their goth leader informed him.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'll try harder next time." He told her.

"You'd better. Well, since we're all here now we better start. For the first segment Beast Boy, will be on the treadmill. Cyborg, it's your turn to pick the music, then you may start with the moving targets. I'll start with the weight lifting." Raven commanded.

"Yes mother." Cyborg whispered into Beast Boy's ear. The elf like titan laughed and Raven became angry "What did you say!"She exclaimed "Uhh, nothing..." Cyborg lied. Raven looked at him and said "That's what I thought. Now get training."

Beast Boy promptly went to the treadmill and started running. According to Raven's new rules he had to run as a human for half of this training segment, then he could morph into animals. Raven pressed the button on the wall activating the Cyborg's weight lifting program. She had to lift 150lbs before she could start using her powers.

One of the okay things about Raven being in charge was that she allowed them to listen to music during training sessions. So Cyborg went over to the stereo and picked our one of his favorite music cd's, Switchfeet the Good Looking Letdown. Then activating his sonic cannon he pressed the button on the wall to activate the moving targets program.

It was hard work at such a early hour, but they had to admit thanks to Raven's strict rules they were all becoming better fighters. They could work harder then they ever had before, but it still it wasn't fun.

However Beast Boy and Cyborg couldn't complain too much because when they looked in the mirror they had to admit, they looked a lot stronger. Beast Boy wasn't much taller, but he no longer looked like a weak shrimp, he was no longer a weak shrimp. 'maybe there is a good side to waking up at 345.' Beast Boy thought.

At 6:00am the morning training session was over. Raven had broken her record by lifting 200lbs without using her powers and lifted 45,000lbs using her powers. Cyborg had defeated 20 targets in 5 minutes and Beast Boy pulled a muscle.

It was breakfast time. According to the schedule it was plain oatmeal and orange juice morning, a breakfast Cyborg nor Beast Boy enjoyed. Raven finished made the meal, and ate her portion in silence. She then went off to spend the remaining 43 minutes of breakfast hour in her room.

Beast Boy and Cyborg quickly finished their food.

"Cyborg, we have to do something about Raven. The last few weeks she's been way too strict, I mean, she's not our mother."

"Well, what do you suggest we do about her? You want to kill her?" Cyborg teased sarcastically.

"No of course not! I say we teach her a lesson... Pull off the prank of the century or something." Beast Boy quietly said.

"A prank sounds good... I guess... I'm thinking Raven's gonna get very, very wet. Heh heh ha..." Cyborg whispered. Beast Boy joined in with the sinister laughing.

Pay back time was near.

That eveining at about 800pm, after more training and lunch, super and community service Raven was using some free time to meditate in the common room. The tower was strangely quiet for free time, but that was okay with Raven. Strict enforcement of the rules had really done wonders for life in the tower.

'I wonder what those boys could be up to...' She wondered.

"Azrath, Metrion, Zinthos... Azrath, Metrion, Zinthos... Azrath, Metrion, Zinthos..." She chanted her mind completely at peace in meditation. For about 7 more minutes she meditated in peace. Then the boys came in. They snuck into the room, carefully avoiding the white congratulatory wedding decorations all over the room.

Beast Boy and Cyborg had spent three hours trying to come up with the perfect plan to get Raven soaked with water, elaborate plans involving complicated pulley and rope systems, and they had come up with a fool-proof plan, it would work, as long as they were very quiet.

Raven was still meditating and she did not notice that the boys were there. Cyborg was carrying a bucket full of water, and so was Beast Boy. They approached Raven from behind and poured the water on the top of her head.

Raven screamed falling to the ground. At first she was alarmed, then she became very angry. Cyborg and Beast Boy started to run for the door but Raven trapped them with her powers. "How dare you! I was meditating! If Robin was here you would both be grounded!" Raven would have continued yelling, but a vase on the counter top blew up so she stopped.

"Look, Raven, chill. It was just a joke to get you to be less strict. We're both tied of waking up early and training for nearly half the day. We thought that maybe... That was a bad idea, wasn't it?..." Beat Boy said.

Raven sighed and looked out the window. She was shocked, but relived at what she saw, Robin and Starfire were standing outside about to go in. "Guys! Look, Robin and Starfire are back!" She exclaimed.

The boys ran to the window Just in time to see the couple below kiss.

"EWW! Gross!" Beast Boy screamed.

"You'd better get used to that, now that they're married you're going to be seeing and hearing a lot more of that mushy stuff." Raven pointed out, watching Robin and Starfire enter the building.

"Yo, Raven, you had better get dry. They'll be here in like 5 minutes. I'll stall them and Beast Boy, you get the food out." Cyborg suggested, speaking so fast he had to catch his breath when he was done talking.

"Good idea." Raven said and she levitated up, using her powers to go right through the ceiling. Cyborg raced down the stairs, the he realized he might ruin the surprise if he tried to stall them, so he returned to the common room to help Beast Boy.

Robin and Starfire went through the door and came into the tower. Starfire sighed a happy sigh. "Home at last." She said. Robin grinned and pressed the button to open the elevator.

They waited. "Hmm... Maybe someone is using it..." Robin said after they had been waiting for about 2 minutes. They patiently waited, but the elevator never came. "Maybe it is off, or perhaps it is broken." Starfire suggested. "Okay, we'll just take the stairs." Robin finaly said.

So hand in hand they went up almost ten flights of stairs to the common room. "Well, here we are." Robin said and he opened the door. Stepping in the room Robin stopped short. Starfire followed and stood beside Robin, still holding his hand.

"What in the world..." Robin managed to say, his masked eyes wide at the sight. Stafire stood there, her mouth gaping. Robin would have let go of her hand, but he was too stunned to move.

The room was decorated in white streamers. There was a banner above the television that said CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN&STARFIRE. On the counter top there was a bowl of punch and some little sandwiches, even more strange, a cake with at least five layers and some people on the top of it.

Then Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven jumped out of behind the couch. Cyborg and Beast Boy yelled "Congratulations!"

"Uhh, yeah..." Robin stuttered, he let go of Starfire's hand and, confused he walked over to the other titans. Starfire flew over by Robin's side.

"So, Starfire, that's a nice white dress. A bit plain for what it should be, but it looks very nice." Raven commented.

"Umm... Yes... It is very plain." Starfire answered. There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Uhh... You know, this is all very nice, but how did you... I mean how did you-" Cyborg cut Robin off "We got Starfire's message, several months ago, and at first we didn't belive what had happened to you, but Raven solved the mystery."

"Well, then why did you not come and rescue us!" Starfire exclaimed, beginning to get angry. Beast Boy laughed. "We didn't know where to find you! You never told us!"

"Well... When people get kidnapped they generally don't get the chance to tell their friends where they are..." Robin said.

"You were kidnapped?" Raven questioned.

"Yes we were kidnapped! We were at the movies, then Slade and Blackfire came and defeated us. They took us to their hideout and we were held captive until about two weeks ago. Robin and I fought out of their hideout, and now we are here, back home." Startfire explained.

"When did you go to the movies?" Cyborg asked.

"On Starfire's birthday of course." Robin said. Raven and Cyborg's mouths fell open in realization. Beast Boy however had not caught on

"It must have been a short ceremony then..."

"What ceremony do you speak of? I do not recall any ceremony..." Starfire inquired. Beast Boy's face turned as pale as green skin can get, with still being green. Another moment of very uncomfortable silence.

"Well, umm that's cool, because uhh... Well... This is kind of weird to say..." Cyborg mumbled extremely embarrassed. Raven bravely finished for him "You see, we got this note... It said it was from Starfire, and umm... It said you had well... It said you had eloped."

There was a moment of silence, then Robin and Starfire burst into fits of laughter. Beast Boy and Cyborg half-hearted joined in. Raven stood there uncomfortably. When Starfire and Robin had cried themselves to tears the laughter calmed down.

"Well, since you're not married we can all go back to normal, single, super powered teen-agers!" Beast Boy exclaimed with a great amount of elation.

"Booya! And there's still food! We can eat!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Yeah! And now we won't have to go to bed at nine!" Beast Boy added. Robin looked at Starfire and she shrugged. Robin raised his voice above the noise of Beast Boy and Cyborg, announcing "I know you're both happy Starfire aren't yet married... However Starfire has agreed to marry me!"

Silence and shock. Raven seemed top have taken it well, but the other male Titans were quiet, having just recovered from the news that Robin and Starfire were not married.

The rest of the evening went well. There was much celebration and joy, even Raven seemed to be getting into the spirit of things. Everyone ate, though Robin and Starfire seemed to be eating the most. The punch was all drank, and all the sandwiches were devoured, even the ones with tofu in them.

All the titans sat down on the couch and Robin gave a full account of what had happened. Starfire let Robin tell the story, but every once in a while she would interrupt with a comment or put in a detail Robin had forgotten.

Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven shared the goings on at the tower, even the part about all the crazy rules... And the part about searching Robin and Starfire's rooms. They also told the part about thinking they had eloped.

At the end of the evening everyone was embarrassed, exhausted and happy. Robin and Starfire were glad to be home, and the other Titans were glad to have them back. At 220am, about 23 hours after Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy had gotten up the Titans all went upstairs in the elevator.

Everyone besides Robin and Starfire said a quick 'good night' and went into their rooms. Robin and Starfire stood out in the hall. "You know, this is the first time in quite a while we won't be sleeping on the floor." Robin pointed out. "Yes, but I don't know how I'll be able to sleep on my soft mattress. It may be too comfortable."

"Yeah, well... Good night Starfire. See you in the morning. It still feels so weird to be saying this, but I love you." Robin said, grinning. Starfire giggled."I love you too Robin. Good night." Robin gaveStarfire a quick kiss on her cheek and she blushed.

So they went into their rooms, both of them were asleep within minutes. The stars shone in the sky and all things were peaceful and safe. It was a good night.

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