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If you don't like Axl then you're in the the wrong fic. I've warned you. But who COULDN'T like him? He's so kawaii! Yah, I guess you've probably figured out what this fic is going to be about. Pretty much takes place after X 7, though I don't know the end of X 7.... . Stupid Snipe Anteater... It's a serious fic (fans: Oh My STARS!!!) by Uzu-chan o0. It revolves around how X and Zero's opinions about Axl change. IE, X wanting to send Axl back to red Alert at the beginning of the game. How mean can you be? Duh, if you were X and you knew they're the top bounty hunters, the person they want back is going to get a hell of a "welcome"/Torture.... laughs I'd probably be in Axl's position though. screams over her shoulder NOOO!!!! DON'T TAKE ME AWWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

X: over computer I think you've had enough time on this. Zero get the bag before she writes shouenai.

Zero: comes behind the chair with a big body bag For the fear of yoai, I'm going to have to bag you. stuffs her in the bag

Uzu: muffled Nwwooo!! guyshhh!!!! DOWN'T DWO THISH TWO MEH!!!!

Axl: Sorry Uzu but this is for our own good.

The wind had been howling fearcely since the 4th morning hour had begun. Thick dark storm clouds replaced where the sun usually set, and life outside of buildings was generally at a stand still.

Inside the blue tiled corridors, not a soul stirred. All had been tired out from the preceeding day's exhibitions. No one wanted to be forced out of bed on a dreary day like today. Even the revered comander lay at peace in his bed, snuggled up with his blankets. A soft pitter-patter filled the dead silent corridors as a figure made it's way past the soundless chambers on each side. Peering into the occasional room, he found the ones he was looking for. The door to the room on his right stood open, letting his eyes wander to the slumbering figure under a mass of blue blankets. Everything in the room for that matter was blue. Including the counters that were at either side of bed frame. The room was neat and tidy, no posters hung on the walls. Which was the complet opposite of the room besides it.

Gingerly the figure stepped over to the second chamber who's door was also open and layed his hand on the frame. The walls had been painted a light red, which in some ways clashed with the blood red furniture. Posters hung on the main wall in a disorderly fashion, as if the owner was to lazy to get a ruler at the time. One of the bigger posters read in bright yellow "If it isn't gory, I don't want to know."

Axl cringed. Was there ever a time that Zero did not think about blood? He was always the first one to volanteer for any mission. Always the first to attack. Looking at the dozing form's chest move up and down from each intake of breath, he sighed. He wouldn't admit it to any one else, but before he had joined the maveric hunters, Zero had been his hero. Brave, daring, and fierce, he was the ultimate figure to look up to.... But now, after the "Red Alert" saga, Axl had seen a different side to his idol.

Though he would have to confess that Zero was the first person to talk nicely to him. Everybody else HATED him. X had chewn him out the first time they had met, and obviously was ready to ship him back to Red. Alia always kept to herself, and well everyone else.... He could tell by the nasty glares and looks that he wasn't welcome at the Maveric Hunter HQ. The only other person that accepted his presence apart from Zero seemed to be their commander Signas. A least this allowed him to have a place to bunk.

Looking back with sad memories he remembered how Red Alert had been more of a familly to him. He even remembered that fateful day when Red had found him living inside a old abandoned warehouse without any recollection of what happened the day before.


Red had been like the father and brother that Axl had never known. He would always take care of Axl, bring him on certain missions, and let him get to know the other bounty hunters. Making sure that he was never in trouble or any danger. He had been the one who had introduced Axl to his dual hand guns. He remembered his delight when Red had presented him with the two new hand guns, both of which he fondly named "the Axl bullet". Red had shown him different shooting techniques, how each angle was extremely important depending on what you wanted to shoot and how hard. He remembered his childlike glee while praticing on the range targets with Red besides him hold up his arms, showing him the ropes. (Uzu: So cute.) The others had always liked him. They didn't treat him as an outsider, or some inexperienced kid. They would often talk with him about the all the raids they did, and even look forward to the day when he could join them. Nothing like now.

As silently as he came he left the hallway, his heart being pulled by grief. He remembered watching Red walk off damaged beyond repair after their final battle. He knew that he would never see Red again. Zero had had to hold Axl back with everything he had, for fear that the boy would rush after Red. Axl did not hate Zero for what he did. He knew the red robot just didn't want to see him get hurt. That he actually... cared for the boy.

Which was more than anything else that anybody was willing to do for him.

Scanning the area before him, Axl made sure that nobody was there. Inching up towards the main computer. They wouldn't mind if he just LOOKED would they? It wasn't like anybody told him about their missions or why they were doing them. Quickly flipping the dormant computer on he took a wire out of his side compartement. If some one did manage to come down to the main room, at least he could download and mull over the information later. Interesting. The first maverick uprising had taken two years to win. It had been started by some virus... the Zero Virus. Axl pulled away from the computer. Zero Virus? Is this what the others refused to tell him about Zero? Pausing a bit he went back to typing. Maybe the answer was in these files. Second maverick uprising, it had been confirmed that it was not the Zero Virus, but the "Sigma" virus that had turned the reploids mad. X had made his way into the maverick's base and first encountered the rabid Zero. Later they had found out that he wasn't infected with the maverick virus, but was in a way, a virus on his own. Strange. They had taken him back to base and transformed him into the reploid/hybrid that they all knew today. Zero.

There didn't seem to be anymore information on him in the time log. Maybe if he ran a data search? A biography?

With a click a small paragraph popped up. Name: Zero, species Hybrid/reploid. Creator: Unknown.

"That's strange.." axl frowned at the monitor. Creator unknown? But wouldn't there be information in Zero's harddrive? Did they even bother to look? The next line answered his question.

We found Zero on May 8th, 3274. It seems he was protected from the Sigma Virus by his own virus in his hardrive. We tried running a search through his data files, but we still couldn't find who had created him. Maybe tomorrow will enlighten us on this mystery. - X

So.... Whoever had created him didn't want to be found. "I should see what missions we have instore for us first." Changing his mind to something of the future. The past could catch up later.

"Lets see lets see.... The mavericks are trying to take over a base not to far from South Point. Nyah. Don't they ever give up? Hmmm... And trying to regain their base at BattleShip Dock."

"South West of South Point."

"Gah!" Spinning around in the work chair Axl flinched looking behind him. X stood their quietly examining the monitor. The boy blushed deeply as X turned his gaze on him.

"They seem to be planning something big." Both males jumped as a loud bleep sounded from the computer. Another red dot appeared South East of the other places.

Eyes wide X searched the screen. "It seems they're trying to take back all their old bases for some reason. That was the Underground Caves.... Something's wrong here.." Turning he started to walk out past the younger boy, but then decidingly turned around again. Looking at the boy square in the face with a look that could kill, X not so lightly took Axl's arm. "You have some explaining to do."

It wasn't long before Axl stood in front of Signas, Alia and Zero, with X non to gently still clenching his arm. Knowing he had been caught, the boy trying to beat down the increasing blush that traveled across his nose, though it was a losing battle.

"After I saw him on the main unit I noticed that all the points that the mavericks are attacking or trying to get back are all in the south. I don't think this is coincidental."

Pulling his hand to his hip Zero stare at X. "Then that means their planning an attack."

"Which could possibly be on the Maverick Hunter HQ."

Both turned to look at their commander. Zero though waved his hand airily. "What does it matter? We just go and stop them before they finish their plan! We could always send some spies in."

"On the 'subject' of spies." X's glare fastened itself on Axl's face, which in turn made the red head blush even more. "This one tried accessing the main computer to find out information, without authorisation."

Being put on the spot, Axl stammered under all the glances. "I-I, nobody ever tells me anything! Not even why we're going on a mission!! I just wanted to-to know like everybody else!!"

"Well. Since you are the one who wanted to know, you can be the first to find out what they are up to."

Needless to say everyone in the room gawked at Signas. "You're-You're not serious?" X stuttered. "He's- He's to young!!"

Signas paused for a moment as if in thought. "That's why you will acompagny him."

"What? No, I -I Can't! I'm Zero's partner! I-" The Blue Bomber didn't seem to know what to do with himself. Looking from Axl to his leader pleading with his eyes.

With a stern look Signas silenced him. "X. Last time even Zero partnered up with Axl. The boy is an exellent recruit in this field. That's an order."

As the meeting was over Alia made her way out of the room back to her command post. Zero followed suit but went in the dirrection of the cafeteria. X druggingly walked out, almost as if he had been told that his worst nightmare had come true. Axl hesitantly started to step out when a hand landed on his shoulder. Looking up he saw Signas' face.

"And, please.. The next time you want to look up information. Ask." His mouth curved into a reassuring smile. He removed his hand from Axl's shoulder and headed back into the room.

Walking out Axl pitter-pattered past the silent dorms again, this time looking for one in particular. Flopping himself on his bed he snuggled up with his blankets. The wind was still howling outside like a wild animal, which made him feel even more comfortable. His shift didn't start until night fall and he had pleinty of time to go over all the information that he had downloaded today..

5 hours later...

Pan to inside the bag, Uzu hunched over a few papers with a pen and a flash light: Heheheh!! They thought they could stop me! But hits chest in proud manner an authoress always comes prepared!!! maniacle laughter

Zero: opens the bag Ok Uzu. You can come out now. Whatever idea you had before must have been forgotten by now.gasps as he notices the papers and pen NOO!! She already wrote it!!! AXL!! GO GET X!!!

Axl: rushes to get out of the room, but Uzu blocks his path to the door and locks it Oh crap 00.

Uzu: :P You guys ain't going anywhere!

Zero: advances on her with beam saber I didn't want to do this before, but this time you have left me no choice. We'll burn those papers if we have to! goes for an agressive jump

Axl: readies his gun

7 minutes later....

Zero: tied up in a corner Damit!!!

Axl: tied up as well but in a sitting position

Uzu: sitting on top of him, arms aroung his neck Hello there handsome!

Axl: gulps Zerooooooo.... heeelp...

Zero: Sorry kid, you're on your own. Gah! Stupid ropes! desperatly tries to wriggle out

Uzu: rubs up against Axl Rawr! XD

Axl: shudders ZERRRRROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uzu: stops Ok peoples! One chapter done! Stay tuned for the next!