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''Another day you've had your fill of sinking...

Stick to me.

Are you going to keep me strong?

Move along, move along.''

The mp3 player rang out. Axl turned over on his bed with a sharp movement. So many things had started to happen, and he didn't even know why. Sure, there was always the threat of Mavericks and their evil schemes, but something else began to happen even closer to home. It seemed that everyone in the base had tensed up. No one laughed anymore, no one told jokes, no one enjoyed just kicking back...

It had all changed. And of course, as usual, being considered as a 'child' no one was going to brief him on the situation. Only the higher ups seemed to know the root of everybody's emotions as of late. Words flooded his mind. 'Next time, ask.' He closed his eye lids halfway. Perhaps he really was going to take up that offer.


Their was a brief knock on the door post. Afraid of being kicked out for trespassing or spying (like before), he decided to make his presence known. He waited a while, still propped up against the edge of the door but no one came. Checking his personal internal clock he sighed when he realized that it was just a minute past seven thirty. Why was there nothing to do? It seemed like the only time he ever had fun was risking his life an limbs for the greater of human and reploid kind. And this is how they repaid him. By ignoring him!

Kicking the lower part of Signas' chamber's door, Axl walked off in a huff shoving his hands into his pockets roughly. He turned around the corner of the hallway, sneaking by the brick. He was pushed back violently by a fist. Slamming to the floor (seems to happen a lot to him) he glared upwards at the intruder.

Dynamo smirked at the shook up young boy, a dangerous grin playing on his lips. "The little man wants to go for a walk?" His pupils were narrow and a glistening of white took over the hue of his eyes. The only reason Axl could see this was because both were dressed in human-esk clothes.

"None o' your business.." Axl started, still staring up at the white haired mercenary who's expression only deepened in hate. Dynamo took a step forward, he was tired of this little brat's attitude and intended to take the means necessary...

To beat it out of him.

Grabbing the child by the collar of his green sweater, Dynamo ran off, back the way he came. Slamming his fists against the other reploid's grip the teenager desperately tried to unlatch himself from his assailant. They came to a closed off hallway that ended with a glass wall for a window. The lights barely flickered on and off. It was the perfect place to land a hit without anyone knowing, only reploids getting rid of garbage down the nearby by shoot(sp?) would be able to barely see, and even at that, the HQ normally got rid of junk during the morning.

Dynamo grinned wickedly as he slammed Axl back into the wall while still keeping a firm grip on his arm.

"I've had just enough of you! You seem to think that you should be here, but you're way out of your league. There's only adults here. One's that don't care about a little brat like you." He snidely remarked, bringing his face close to Axl's nose. He sneered with content as he could see that his remarks were getting through to the boy.

Axl fought back, trying to take a swing at the taller reploid's face. His fist was caught in mid flight by Dynamo's left hand. Immediate shock overwhelmed the boy.

'Crap! I had forgotten about his other hand.' Cursing inwardly, he struggled with more ferocity.

Dynamo was enjoying this scene a little too much.

"You see," his grin widened, "You're just a little boy who can't even get his daddy to protect him. But wait, your daddy got his ass royally kicked by the blue bomber, he's gone!"

Perhaps it was that comment, or maybe the situation, but Axl could feel a small lock crack open deep inside. It took him two hits to completely knock Dynamo away. He cracked down on Dynamo's forehead with his own head, and sent a straight punch to the other reploid's gut. His eyes burned with fury as he stood there shaking.

You didn't talk about Red like that.

Red was better than that.

Even though his enemy was slightly wavering to unconsciousness, the punches kept flying. His body moved with such velocity and precision that his normal self would have been terrified. Somehow it all felt so good. He couldn't think. there was nothing to think about! His aggression slowed as he felt arms wrap around him, and his vision blurred to a white.


Axl woke up, sitting straight up in the bed. His body felt heavy and tense but he couldn't remember why. He moved the bed sheets further down so that they sat comfortably near his belly. He lazily gazed out as his vision returned. It was a simple room, rectangle in shape. The bed he was in rested in the top left of the room, or bottom if you counted the top of the room as to where the door was. A red oval carpet was placed on the right of the bed and it stretched until a three seated red sofa began. Behind him there was a desk with a rather large computer looking as though it owned the place due to its bulky extra hard-drives and over flowing tubes of coolant liquid. There was also many packed papers on one side of the desk that were outlined in light blue, most were scribbled on.

It was only when his eyes adjusted to the light that he noticed one more of his surroundings. It was a person with sharp narrow eyes who was lying down on the sofa, propped up by an arm. The figure wore a black open neck shirt with thin faded green cargo pants, and stared down at a gadget that he held in his hands. Prodding and pushing it as though he were bored or in thought. The light purples eyes rose to see Axl in almost a sheepish manner.

There was a pause in time until the figure spoke. "I see you're awake."

"Yeah," Axl concluded, "I am."

There was a little lapse in time as the other spoke.

"You have a mean right hook." The other reploid groaned, as he rubbed the side of his shoulder in remembrance.

"I don't remember much.."

"I doubt you do."

Axl stared at the other reploid with a look of dissatisfaction and was returned with one of the same.

"I can't protect you every time..." the other began.

"-And I'm not ASKING you too." Axl was beginning to get annoyed. His hands clasped onto his red hair and he dared not to let go.

"But I can't leave you running amock and beating up poor defenseless mercenaries all over HQ. We're friends Axl. I don't want anything bad happening to you.."

Tears began to spread down Axl's face with no warning. Violent sobs came from his throat but he refused to let them out.

"I DIDN'T ASK YOU FOR ANYTHING!!" He raged, torn between his sense of loneliness and sadness.

The figure stayed on the coach, not quite sure of what to do. Finally he got up and came closer to the boy. He was so unsure of what to do... How could he console somebody if he couldn't even console himself at times?

Meekly the words came out of his mouth. "I know... that you didn't ask for anything, but please Axl, I-I want to do this for you.."

Axl's tear stained face turned harshly to meet the other person's (who instinctively jumped back a bit). The boy stared through sobs, rasping out a, "Why?"

"Because..." 'Am I seriously going to go through this?! What's wrong with me?!!' The other reploid took a deep breath.

"We're more than just friends."

Axl didn't quite understand in that moment, when Gate wrapped his arms behind his neck and their lips were pressed together, but somehow this new sensation calmed him. His sobbing calmed to a stop.

Gate pulled away, a bright flush across his face visible to the naked eye. "I- er... Uh, what I mean is that-" 'Why, oh why, did I just do that?'

Gate's flush increased as laughter rang out from the younger reploid. "D-don't get any ideas!! I only did that to shut you up!" The scientist growled.

Axl's face crinkled in absolute elation as he tried to contain his laughter but failed miserably. Choking out a few breaths, he looked back up at Gate, a wide smile on his lips.

"Well then you'd better shut me up again!"


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