The Devil's Blade

I'll cut your flesh,
And I'll snap your bone.
I'll make sure
You're not alone.

Oh no, not alone!
Others will follow:
Blood shall fill
This blade so hollow.

Oh, so hollow,
This broken soul.
Oh how fast
My bell did toll.

Oh, this bell,
That artificial life!
Cursed after slain
To my murderer's knife.

Oh, this knife,
Now skin and bone,
But my prison
And mine alone.

Oh, so alone,
But it's been said
That I'll be free
After thousands dead.

Oh so many
Have been found,
And now you'll add
To that mound.

Oh, that mound,
How high it reaches!
But enough of this,
Such boring speeches.

Oh, such speeches
Brings victims to light.
So come one now,
Get up and fight!

Oh, fight so hard
And maybe you'll win,
But if you do,
You'll come to sin.

Oh, what sin
The Devil does see.
So give up now!
Come set me free!