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Chapter 1

Sango's POV

"Oh shit." This is the biggest mistake of my life. I shouldn't have done it; I could've finished the job without any help. Man I am such an idiot. Well I guess you should know what happened so here it is.

I had entered the village for my latest job assignment. I was suppose to meet an old miko, Kaiede, there. Some jackasses, I mean guards, asked me my purpose in this village. I told them I was the Taijiya they requested.

One responded with this remark, "Ha! As if you could destroy that demon woman!"

"Well it looks like you can't, and I think I'm stronger than you fucker." She retorted.

The man was in awe. Never had he seen such language come from a woman before.

"And," she continued, more calmly this time, "if you don't want me, there shall be no services, for I am the last taijiya living. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to speak to Kaede-sama."

"The head miko is ill, but the youkai you seek is in that direction. Now hurry!"

I headed in the direction they pointed in, which I think is called Inuyasha's Forest. I have heard stories of a hanyou that was cursed so that he cannot move from the tree he has been confined to. They called it the goshinboku tree if I recall.


I heard a twig snap. I turned around. Oh shit. Always on a Monday.

"Who dares disturb my resting?" questioned a very pissed off snake demon.

"I do bitch!" I exclaimed as I chucked hirakatsu at the demon. She easily repelled it with her tail. I thought I was fighting a loosing battle.

"Oi! Girl! If you free me I'll defeat that demon for you." Said a smug voice.

Without even thinking I said, "Deal."

I jumped up to where I thought the voice was. And then I took out what looked to be an arrow. That was when I started to get suspicious. It wasn't rill I looked up to his face, and saw dog ears that I realized who this was. He took out the demon with one swipe of his claws, and all I could think was this: What sort of horible creature have I condemned this world upon.

"You're Inuyasha. You tried to kill Kikyo 50 years ago." His eyes glazed over for just a few seconds at the mention of his old lovers name. They quickly returned to normal.

"So thats what that bitch has been telling everyone. Well I need to get a few things straight with her then."

"You can't. She's dead." And that's how my troubles began.

That's the end of the first chapter.

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