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And now, just the prologue...


Prologue Conspiracy Theories.

There is a saying:-

Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus

(Never tickle a sleeping dragon)

There were conspiracy theories of course.

There always was, when someone famous died suddenly, in mysterious circumstances. The situation around this participially death gave rise to the wildest ideas and beliefs and was a god send to people who didn't believe in the government. After the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had become famous, the newspapers full of their daring deeds, another story followed on after it. One of the League's celebrated members was dead. And it was all slightly suspicious.

Some people claimed he had been murdered by a trusted friend, possibly even a member of the League itself. The government ordered the hit, they would say darkly, nodding their heads sagely. The government was worried about the League being under control of this man and so had engineered the death to take place during a mission, so that everyone would think he had died doing his duty. They always referred to the government as one body, a collective group of people, instead of any one person. It was much more simple that way, it meant that nobody had to worry about naming names or get into trouble for spreading lies against any one certain person. This didn't stop the government try and stamp out the theories, running round and denying everything left, right and center. The problem was, every time one theory was firmly destroyed, another two would spring up in its place.

If the government had nothing to do with his death, why were they so desperate to try and get people to stop talking about it? That was one on the main topics of discussion and only served to make more people believe in the theories, no matter how wild they became.

No-one had seen the body. That was another reason to not believe the official story. After his death, the League had rushed to bury him before anyone had a chance to even take in the sudden news. One day they found out about his death and the next day – before they had even begun to morn or understand – one of the League had given a statement telling the world that there team mate had been buried. Plus, one, the invisible thief had not attended the burial. He wasn't seen for weeks after the... 'incident'. Blame was mostly pointed in his direction. There were some people who didn't even believe he was dead. As time went on, people began to claim that they had seen him alive, all over the world. One woman even claimed to have spoken to him.

Her story was that she had seen him walking along a road, his gun over his shoulder. She had called out to him and he had stopped, turning to face her, a surprised look on his face. Then he had smiled and the woman had blushed.

"You shouldn't be out here alone." He had said, and he had sounded so worried about her, as if he was scared that something bad might happen. The woman had simply nodded a few times, her mouth opening and closing before she took a step closer to him. She blinked and then the man was gone.

The governments of the world wanted to brush the death under the carpet. The public had reacted furiously to that plan, new conspiracy theories springing up over night. It was as if they didn't want the public to look to closely and deeply into his death.

Five years had passed, and while now, there was no large interest in his death, the people close to him were still refused any privy or allowed to move on. If any member of the disbanded League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were spotted, the same question would always be asked, no matter what the occasion or how long ago it happened; 'Is he really dead?'.

Dr. Jekyll suffered the most. While the others had been able to mostly vanish, Dr. Jekyll had remained in London and partly in the public eye as he worked on his experiments. Even though he was asked again and again, the single sentence answer was always the same, always spoken in a dull neutral tone to mask the pain he really felt as he told them.

"Special Agent Sawyer is dead."


On the other side of the world, in America, in the sleepy town of St. Petersburg there was a simple grave in a tiny churchyard. The grave was similar to the others around it, the grass neatly cut, the gravestone – in the shape of a cross – well tended to. This grave however held the body of an remarkable young man. The text on the cross was the only hint that this grave was special. It said;

Thomas Sawyer

That was it. There was no birth or death dates. No hint of Vampires, invisible men or plots to take over the world, just a single, simple name, that seemed to speak more of a personal grief, than anything bigger. It seemed as far removed from mystery and traitors as you could get. It was only when you started to think about the name, that you would begin to understand. You would understand why it was missing a date as you remembered. In the center of the town a bronze plaque was attached to a wall. This small piece of metal was boldly inscribed with the following text;

Sacred to the memories of Special Agent Huckleberry Finn and Special Agent Thomas Sawyer.

Brave men who gave their lives not only for America...

But also for the world.

Huckleberry Finn

[1876 – 1899]

"I move forward without fear."

Also to...

Thomas Sawyer

[1874 – 1899]

"May you find your peace in death."

Many came to visit first this plaque and then the grave. The grave of Huckleberry Finn was close by, but it was not visited by mourners who had never even met him like Tom's grave. People from all the over the world came to pay there respects to the fallen League member. The date was missing because it wasn't needed or wanted. In decades to come, the people would be able to look at the plaque to find the dates. Just like his mentor; Allan Quartermain, the public mourned the loss of one of the great souls of the world – this loss so much more painful by the fact that Thomas Sawyer was still so young and should have had so much more in front of him, even after all the wonderful things he had done for the world as a whole. His cross always had at least two bunches of flowers under it, even now, five years after his death.

He had become something of a celebrity within the League while he was alive. Of course there was people who disapproved of him, tutting and shaking there heads at the brash American. Even so his good looks and natural charm had proved a hit with the younger generation, while his acts of bravery and almost idiotic heroics earned him the respect of the older generation who would chuckle slightly as they read his latest exploits in the paper. To these men, the young Tom Sawyer remained themselves of what they were like at that age.

Strange to think that a young man from the south of America could have bewitched the public of the world so easily.

To Be Continued...

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