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Here Be Dragons

Chapter 4:- By the Light of the Night

Mina stared down the barrow of the rifle, not moving. She was pretty sure she could dodge any bullet fired by it or at the very least, she could explode into her bats and fly away. She was even pretty sure she could hit the weapon out of the women's hand before she had time to fire.

"Who are you?" The woman asked, her voice holding a quiver of fear, though the rifle was being held steady. Mina carried on staring at the barrow of the rifle, a small part of her curious about the apparent modifications made on the weapon. It didn't look like a normal rifle, at least not one that would fire normal bullets... a nasty thought entered Mina's mind and she wondered if wooden bullets soaked with holy water rested within the weapon.

"My name is Mrs. Harker." Mina answered coldly, fighting to keep the change down until the last moment. It wouldn't do to give the women a fright and make her to fire in panic. The women's eyes widened and Mina tensed slightly, expecting the rifle to sound out, bullets shooting towards her.

"Oh, thank goodness for that." The women said, lowering the weapon. "I thought it was you from the description I have, but I wasn't sure..." She trailed off, tucking the rifle under her arm, brushing some of her blond hair away from her soft brown eyes. She held the rifle with confidence and for a moment Mina was reminded of another rifle user. The moment was shattered when the young women brought her hand to her mouth in shock.

"I nearly forgot!" She exclaimed. "My name is Janet Weiss. I'm Dr. Jekyll's secretary."

"And does a secretary find it necessary to carry a weapon late at night in her place of employment?" Mina asked, her eyes showing a flicker of doubt at Janet's words. Janet looked down at the rifle and sighed lightly, guilt showing in her eyes as she looked back up.

"When you work late on nights like this, then yes, you do." Janet answered quietly. Mina stared at her and then around the room, at a loss of what to say. A silence descended on the room as Mina wandered around it, lightly touching the odd piece of equipment. She wanted to ask where Dr. Jekyll was but at the same time she was conscious of the thought that Janet would have taken her to see Dr. Jekyll if she had been able.

The female vampire's attention was caught by the door that led to the furthest away room. She took a step towards it and then another, causing Janet's head to snap up, fear showing on her face.

"No, Mrs. Harker!" Janet yelled, moving swiftly after her. At the same time there was an almighty roar from the room and the closed door shook, rattling hard. The doorknob twisted and – finding it locked – another roar issued from the locked room. Janet brought the rifle up swiftly and pointed it at the door.

"Do not even think about it Mr. Hyde, you know full well I will use this if I have to." Janet called out and at that moment several things fell into place for Mina. Janet knew about Hyde and was clearly prepared to deal with him, hence the weapon and also why she was staying late tonight.

A horse laughter drifted towards the two and Janet carefully aimed the rifle at the door, her breathing shaky. Suddenly there was an extremely loud bang and the door flew off it's hinges. Janet screamed as Mr. Hyde bounded out of the room, with a manic laugh. She squeezed the trigger on her rifle, trying to shoot the monstrous brute who dodged it with ease, one of his club like arms flying out and hitting Janet in the side and causing her to fly across the room, where she crashed into the wall and fell to the ground.

"Well hello Mina." Hyde said, a smile on his face. He pulled the tranquillizer dart out of the wall next to him, examining it with interest. "Poor little Jekyll having to give her a tranquillizer weapon because he didn't trust himself." The beast like man laughed, the sharp noise sounding more like a bark than a laugh.

"Mr. Hyde." Mina answered frostily. "I see you have fallen back into odd habits."

"The worm gave up trying to control me, so he lets me out more often... of course it's always in these rooms, with his faithful secretarywaiting for me. I always enjoy a challenge." Hyde smirked. "I've not had any real fun for ages, but now... mmm, I hear there are some ladies down by the docks... I'm a bad bad man Mina." Hyde said, moving closer to the vampire, as if hoping to intimidate her. Mina raised an eyebrow at him, not impressed.

"Dr. Jekyll is a good man. And you yourself are capable of good acts." She answered. Hyde roared in anger, spittle flying out of his mouth.

"I am not! And that snivelling excuse for a man is not good. He's not strong enough to be good or evil" Hyde all but spat out the words, glaring hard at Mina. There was the sound of two darts behind fired and Hyde jerked in surprise as they lodged themselves in his back. He half turned to face Janet who was on her knees, the rifle held steady and pointing at Hyde.

"Dr. Jekyll is a good man." Janet said softly, determination in her voice. Hyde took half a step towards her and without hesitation she fired again, hitting him in his chest. The giant man sank to the ground and suddenly gave a coughing laugh.

"Pointless my dear... you see, I'm done." Hyde whispered as his head crashed to the ground. Janet dropped the rifle in shock as his words became clear to her. Hyde roared in his drugged state, his body twisting in pain as the transformation took place. The grotesque change seemed to take an age to Janet as she watched, until, at last, the sleeping form of Dr. Jekyll lay on the ground.

Janet looked down at the still form of Dr. Jekyll, a thin layer of tears glistening in her eyes. It was almost painfully obviously to Mina as she helped Janet move Jekyll to a bed that the secretary was in love with her employer. And it was just as clear from the way the girl acted that Dr. Jekyll had no idea of the fact.


"Would you like a drink? We have tea, coffee..." Janet asked, as the two moved into the outer room, where Janet worked. Mina glanced over her shoulder for a second before looking back at Janet.

"Thank you. Some tea, Earl Gray, nice and hot would be lovely." Mina said and Janet nodded, hurrying away to make the drinks. Mina sat down on one of the seats and glanced around the room, seeing clear evidence of Janet's presence. This was clearly her room. Her gaze fell on a tattered book lying on the wooden desk, a scrap of paper acting as bookmark. Without thinking Mina picked it up and thumbed through it. It seemed to be some romance novel, no doubt with some dashing hero rushing to save a damsel in distress. Mina didn't think much of it to be honest, though by the state of it, it was clear the book was a favourite of Janet's.

Janet herself chose that minute to return with two cups of tea, the steam rising up from the surface. She carefully placed the cups on her desk before sitting at her seat.

"I see you found my book." Janet said shyly, nodding at the tattered novel in Mina's hands. "It's a wonderful story, so romantic and so sad."

"... a love that will live forever..." Mina read, having opened the book at the last page. Janet nodded and smiled to herself.

"It is such an amazing story of love overcoming everything, even though the two lovers are from completely different world." Janet softly added, talking more to the table than to Mina. "The author had to have it published privately but I'm glad I was given a copy." She blushed and gave a little cough.

"Dr. Jekyll will be sleeping for hours yet, he probably will not wake up till the morning." Janet said, adopting a more professional tone. "There is a spare room with a bed in the back, if you wish to rest."

"Thank you." Mina said sipping at the tea. Janet nodded and picked up her own tea, looking a bit uncomfortable. Morning had never seemed so far off.


The tiny blue dragon flew steadily through the air, beating it's wings to rise above the clouds should the need arise. Blue dragons were not known for their great speed, but instead for their stealth and cunning. The perfect spy, the small dragon now flew back to report to his Master and Mistress.

Some way out of London was a series of abandoned mines, where once men had dug for coal. Now though, the dark tunnels were home to only the rat. At least, that was what people though. Years ago though, some new creatures had entered the mines under the cover of darkness, burring there way deeper and deeper into the mines until they lived in the secret tunnels, ways that the majority of humans did not even know existed.

The blue dragon darted into the mine, heading down one of the larger tunnels, flying with confidence. It moved further and further into the mine, until it reached the limit of human knowledge. Then it suddenly flew to the left, flapping it's scaly wings as it flew down a tunnel that was large enough only for dragons of it's kind or the odd, idiotic rat. Any rat that was foolish enough to travel down this tunnel would soon become a crispy meal for the ever hungry dragons.

Finally the blue dragon reached a small cave where a young woman sat, her brown eyes fixed on the hole the dragon came out of, almost as if she had been waiting for it. The flying creature landed on the women's shoulder and snarled, making some harsh sounds. The women frowned.

"We need to see Sulyn about this." she said sharply, standing up. The dragon stretched it's wings out and jumped from her shoulder, gliding forward, into one of the larger tunnels. The woman strode deeper into the cave, following the small dragon as it fluttered into front of her, breathing the odd tiny flame every now and then to light up the area in front of them. Soon the two reached a larger carven, with giant tunnel's stretching off in all directions, each one dark and foreboding. For a long time the woman stood silently in the middle of the cavern, looking almost as if she was listening to something.

"Well." she said at last. "This is not a happy turn of events for us, now is it. It seems the thief has decided to try and stop drinking." Her voice remained calm, almost deadly calm, even as the volume raised.

"The Vampire has returned to London and is seeking the Doctor out. If I didn't know better I would say they were planning on reforming." She paused for a second, before carrying on, her voice developing a slightly sarcastic edge to it.

"Oh! But I forgot. You took care of it didn't you. Your actions actions five years ago were supposed to have stopped them forever" The women placed her hands on her hips and glared down one of the tunnels.

"As I told you then, you should have let me handle it! But no, you knew best didn't you. Now we will have to step ahead in our plans, before they become a problem again." A rumbling came from the tunnel she had been talking to, cutting her off and she froze before throwing her head back and laughing.

"Perhaps you are right." She mused, a cruel and calculating look on her face. "Perhaps we can use this to our advantage after all..."

To Be Continued...

And there we have it, check back soon for the next part. Hope you enjoyed this part.