Nekura: Ok, this story kinda popped into my head when I adopted my new puppy Kass! He's soooo cute! (snuggles Kass)

Kass: bark bark!

Azural: ACHOOO! (rubs nose) dab you, Neku-chan! You KNOW I'b allergic to dogs!

Nekura: hee hee hee! Aw, Kass is sooo precious!


Touya closed his eyes in concentration. Emptying his mind was a new strategy he'd developed in focusing his power. A strange, icy glow surrounded him, and the temperature dropped almost instantly to the negatives. The grass close to him froze into sharp icicles. When he was like this, no one dared to disturb him. Or, at least, almost no one.

"'Ey! Touya! Anybody 'ome?" chirped a heavily accented voice Touya knew all too well. "C'mon inside! Chuu made waffles!"

Touya opened one eye to glare at the Wind Master hovering five feet in the air. "That's wonderful, Jin. Now if you don't mind, I'm in the middle of something. Would you mind leaving me alone?"

"Oh," muttered Jin, looking slightly put out. "Well, I'll 'ave Chuu save ya one, 'K?

"Yes, now please leave." Jin sighed and hovered slowly back into the house.

'He never wants ta talk ta us anymore.' Jin thought sadly. 'I jus' don' get it!'

"Hey, Jin!" shouted a young voice. "Is Touya coming? Chuu put chocolate chips in the waffles! They're awesome!"

"No," sighed the Wind master. "'E's in ta middle of sumthin and didn' wanna be disturbed."

"Maaan," moaned Rinku. "He never wants to hang out with us anymore!"

"I know." replied Jin.

"Rinku? Jin?" called Shishi. "Hurry up or Suzuka'll eat your waffles for you!"

Jin and Rinku exchanged glances, then trudged to the kitchen. It was an amazing sight. Chuu had managed to cook six batches of huge, delicious-looking chocolate-chip waffles, five for each person.

"Wow!" exclaimed Rinku. "Chuu, you're a pretty good cook after all!"

"Thanks!" replied Chuu, exiting the kitchen. "I tell ya, those things sure ain't the easiest buggers on the planet ta make!" He paused and looked around the kitchen.

"Something wrong, Chuu?" asked Suzuka.

"Yeah, I jus' noticed… Where's Touya? Didn' ya say ya were gonna get 'im, Jin?"

"Well, ya know Touya… If 'e wan's ta be alone, he'll bite yer 'ead off if ya disturb 'im!"

The room's occupants sighed heavily.

"What do you want now?" Touya's eyes opened slowly. The yard was empty. "Nani? I could've swore I heard…" There it was again. The young Ice Master got to his feet. "Hello?" No answer. "Is someone there?" There was a slight whimper from under the porch. Touya's head snapped up. "Found you," he whispered, summoning his you-ki. Slowly, he peeked under the wooden frame. What he saw surprised him.

A little puppy, probably only a few weeks old, lay curled in the mud beneath the porch. It must have noticed Touya's presence, because it raised its head and stumbled blindly towards him. Finally, the creature's legs went limp and it fell back to the ground.

'I can't just leave it to die." Touya thought. 'It was probably abandoned.' With a sigh, he dropped to his knees and crawled through the mud under the porch. "Hey… dog… c'mere." The puppy whimpered again. "Kami-sama, I can't believe this…" He edged a bit closer and lifted the puppy from the mud. Its fur was black beneath the dirt, and its eyes gleamed with mischief. 'Well…' thought Touya with a slight smile. 'It is kinda cute…' "Oh what the heck!" he sighed as the puppy gently licked his face. "I'll keep him!"


Touya: A dog? Of all things, why a dog?

Kass: Bark bark!

Touya: Get away from me!

Little black puppy from the porch: bark!

Touya: n.n I'll name him… uh… dammit, I dunno!

Jin: Aw, Touya's got a puppy!

Touya: Shut up.

Shishi, Rinku&Chuu: awwwww