Ch 2. Let's keep him!

"Oh what the heck!" Touya sighed as the puppy gently licked his face. "I'll keep him!" The puppy ran in circles around the Ice master's feet. "Well, I can't call you 'dog', now can I? I guess I'll have to give you a name!" he thought or a moment. "How bout... Huyen!" (Huyen means black jewel in... um, Vietnamese, I believe.) The puppy barked in agreement.

"TTOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA!!" called a voice that he recognized to be Shishi's. "HURRY UP AND GET IN HERE!!"

'Oh great, how do I get him past them?' A light bulb glowed above Touya's head. "Perfect!'


Touya crept past the kitchen. He was crawling on his hands and knees, and a certain muddy black puppy was seated on his back.

"AACHHOOOOOOO!!" Shishi sneezed quite loudly. "Dammit, either someone's talking crap about me or there's a dog in here!"

Touya's blue eyes widened in shock. He'd forgotten! Shishi was highly allergic to dogs! Huyen nudged Touya with his nose. "Shhhh" whispered Touya. There was a creak from the floor, and Huyen yelped. More footsteps. Then everyone stood in the kitchen doorway, staring at the crawling Ice Master, who swiftly hid Huyen beneath an old shirt on the floor.

"Oh, there you are, Touya!"

'Crap! They've found me!' "Oh, um, hi Rinku!"

"Why are you crawling on the ground?"

"Um, I... lost... something."

"And why are you covered in mud??" Suzuki poked Touya's muddy garments curiously.

"Ano, I slipped!" Touya glanced behind him, and gasped. Huyen was gone!

"'Ey! Touya! Tis yours?" Jin held Huyen in the air.

"N-no..." Touya stuttered. Shishi sneezed at the top of his lungs.

"Touya's got a puppy!!" squealed Rinku. "Ooooh, did ya name 'im yet??"

"Uh, his name's Huyen..." blushed Touya.

"Tat's a perfect name!" laughed Jin as the puppy licked his face. "'Ell, it looks like we'll 'ave ta get both o' ya in ta tub!"

"Nani?" Touya looked at his muddy clothes. "heh, yeah."

"Hey, I'll find him some food!" exclaimed Rinku, dashing to the pantry.

Shishi sneezed. "We AREN'T keeping him!"

Everyone froze. "Nani? Why not?"

"I'b allergic! Now let's send dis thing to the pound!"

Touya looked as if Christmas had been cancelled. "He was abandoned! We can't send him away!"

"We can't keep him, Touya!"

Touya's eyes seemed to freeze over. "oh, well then..." Touya looked at the others with pleading eyes. "C'mon! Help me a bit here!"

Rinku sighed, exasperated. "Here, let me..." His eyes widened, and he stuck out his lower lip. "oh, pleeeaasseee, Shishi! Pwetty pweeze with sugar and chocolate icing and peppermint and caramel and..."


"HOORAY!!!!" everyone cheered. Huyen barked along with them.

"Let's give 'im a bath and feed 'im!" laughed Rinku.

"I'll set up a bed for him!"

Touya smiled slightly. Who knows, maybe this would be fun!

(preview of Ch 3.)

"Whoa! Down, boy!" screamed Rinku. "Touya, help me!"

"I'm trying!" shouted the ice master from the bottom of the towel pile. "but I seem to be stuck!"

Huyen barked happily, clearly enjoying the sight of the dripping wet Rinku and the still-struggling Touya.

"'Ey! Shishi said ta give 'im tis!" Jin held up a small cube.

"Jin, that's rat poison!" exclaimed Suzuki. "Don't give that to him!"

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