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Meet the Twins


Daylight was fading swiftly from the sky, as stars began to show themselves. Blinking brightly as if waking from a sleep during the day. Paths to planets known and unknown. Guides to things not seen before. Watching these stars, far below on earth, were two girls. Far from ordinary, what with their slightly pointed ears and mystical eyes. Some believed them witches, while others believed them angels. No they weren't either of those two, but what they were was unique.

These two girls, Kala and Alika, as said in Hawaiian, or Sarah and Alex. Unknown was the faerie blood that coursed through them rapidly, from the pixie mother they never knew. They weren't entirely faerie, and they weren't entirely human. They were lost somewhere in between without a real place for themselves to truly fit in. They knew there had to be something special, something different about them. Being in this world it just didn't seem right. Some how there was always something missing that they just couldn't put their finger on. To fill this in though, they read. They read and reread their favorite story of all time, Peter Pan. It never got old for the two, seeing as they are nearly seventeen and started reading it at two.


"Let the fight between the old captain Hook and the great Peter Pan begin!" Alika chanted, as she raced about the room with Kala in close pursuit. They were playing one of their favorite make-believe games. At the moment Kala was dressed up in a leather pirate hat with a large feather protruding from the top. In her left hand she clutched a plastic hook, and in her right, a play sword. Long and sharp with an elegant scoop-like handle, like the real Captain's.

"I'll get you this time Peter Pan!!" Kala shouted as she thrust her sword at Alika, who swiftly side-stepped the dull blade. Alika pounced onto the bed and grabbed hold of one of the wide wooden poles of the elaborate four poster bed.

"Never, never, never you old cod fish!!" Alika replied with a playful grin on her face. Alika stood with a leather belt swung around her hips. A pouch attached to one side of it was supposed to be the daggers sheath. The black dagger was made of flexible plastic so as not to harm those they may duel with. Make believe agony suited the girls just fine.

After a few hours of pretend fights, duels, and bouts, Kala slipped down onto her knees, exhausted. She lifted the leather hat from a-top her head and brought it to a rest up against her heart. "It's been a good fight Pan yawn but I'm much too tired to fight you with my full strength. But don't worry, tomorrow's another day, and another fight shall rage."

Alika cocked her head to the side "What? Can't the old codfish take it anymore?" Kala was now face down on her blown up mattress, but the instant she heard this she bolted upright. Chucking a pillow towards Alika, who in turn took a pillow to commence a new battle. The bedroom soon became a feather wonderland, much like a snow globe being shaken. Trembling with life and movement as the girls playfully threw the fillings at each other. Covering the room in a soft white blanket.


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