Hermione's Trouble As Head Girl

Chapter 1 – The News

"Hermione, Hermione, get up" Hermione's eyes fluttered open, she sat up and yawned.

"What is it?" her eyes lids drooped shut. Ginny was waving around a letter excitedly. "You've got a letter from Hogwarts" Hermione's eyes were open at the sound of the word Hogwarts. "Ooo, I wonder what this is about" she said leaning towards Ginny and grasping the letter. "OMIGOD, GINNY, GINNY, guess what???" Hermione was practically jumping up and down now. "What?" Ginny put down her hair brush and ran to Hermione's side. "I'm head girl! I just got the letter and my badge" "I'm so happy for you Hermione, come on lets go tell Ron and Harry". Hermione followed her younger roommate up the narrow stair case to a room that had "Chudley Cannon's Rule" pinned to the door. Ginny shoved open the door as it creaked madly. "RON HARRY WAKE UP" Ginny yelled.

"Where, what's going on, who's in trouble" were Harry's first words. Ron sat bolt up right. "Hermione has something to tell the both of you"

"I'm head girl, I just got my letter". Harry got up and gave Hermione a huge hug causing Hermione to fall backwards in shock. But as soon as she fell a weary Harry fell on top of her his hands right on her breasts. "Oh errr sorry Hermione" Harry said getting up quickly. "Umm its ok Harry" Hermione's face was a dark reddy color and Harry's cheeks had gone deep pinkish, in embarrassment. Ron and Ginny clasped to the floor laughing there hearts out.

"Thanks mate" Ron held out his hand for Harry to shake it. "What are you thanking me for?" he dare not look at Hermione. "For giving me a good early morning laugh".

"BREAKFAST IS READY" Mrs. Weasley could be heard from the bottom of the seven story house. "I think we should go down now, before it gets cold," Hermione told them, swiftly strolling out of the boy's bedroom. Ginny, Ron and Harry followed.

"Aaaah, good morning to you all"

"Good morning Mrs. Weasley" They all sat down for breakfast as Fred, George and Percy apparated from their bedrooms. "Why cant you just walk done the stairs like the bloody rest of us?" Ron snorted with a mouth full of scrambled egg. "Oh is little Ronnie jealous, Oh mum Ron's got something on his face" Mrs. Weasley came over to Ron licked her finger and wiped the tiny smudge on his face. "All better now dear", she resumed her cooking as Ron's face tuned a slight pink.

"Mum, guess what. Hermione got head girl"

"Oh my, congratulations dear." "Thank you Mrs. Weasley". "Good on ya Hermione" Fred & George said "Yes, congratulations Hermione, excellent, just excellent" Percy chimed. Everybody looked at each other and suppressed a laugh.

"Right then, its time to go and get your books, now there's only one place for that – Diagon Alley". Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny were wearing their nice black robes, ready to travel by floo powder to Diagon Alley when Fred and George strolled into the room.

"And where do you think you're going Fred & George Weasley?" Mrs. Weasley asked her two sons. "Well, we're going with you to Diagon Alley" "Why is that dear, you don't need anything do you?"

"Oh no, we're just coming to err walk around a bit" Fred said with a mischievous smile meaning trouble.

They spend a wonderful day in Diagon Alley, they visited Gringotts to get some money, they visited Madam Malkins for a new set of robes each and Florish and Blotts, plus many, many other shops.

When they returned home Ron slumped onto the couch tired as ever as Hermione, Harry and Ginny sat around the coffee table talking about their new year coming up.

"It's time dears, come on, get your trunks the ministry cars are outside waiting". Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny raced down the stairs, their trunks behind them.

"Come on now" they put their trunks in the ministry cars and waved goodbye to Mr. Weasley and Percy. "Oi Harry, we'll rite to you" Fred said "Make us proud Harry" George said as they got into the cars. They waved goodbye and set of for platforms 9 ¾.