Chapter 5 Finding Hermione

"Harry, where would she be?"

They were looking around the castle for Professor McGonagall; Ron carrying the basket of food and Harry carrying the mat and the bunch of flowers they had gathered earlier in the forbidden forest.

"Ron, she's probably sick or something, there is a logical explanation as to where she is."

Harry knew it wasn't like that though, something he didn't like was going on; he could feel it.

"Harry you sound just like Hermione" Ron scoffed.

Over the summers Ron had really taken an interest in Hermione, although Harry knew, Hermione didn't.

"Professor McGonagall have you seen Hermione?" Harry said, running over too his transfiguration professor.

"Ah hello Mr. Potter. No I have not seen Miss Granger this morning, why do you ask?"

Harry's smile faded. "Um Professor, we can't find Hermione anywhere and it isn't like her to be late"

"Well Mr. Potter, you can try her quarters, she is most likely to be there if she is not at the library".

Professor McGonagall told the boys the password (it changes everyday) to the Head Boy and Girl room and its whereabouts. "Thank you Professor" they said in unison as they ran towards the astronomy tower. They found the statue of a lion with a serpent draped over its head, they said the password and the statue sunk, revealing a black doorway, they entered. They were inside the heads common room.

"Oh my god Harry, this is humungous."

"Yea, it's like way bigger than the Gryffindor common room.

They spent about 20 minutes surveying the room, temporarily forgetting about their beloved Hermione. Ron found a picture taken in Hogsmede at Christmas of Harry, Hermione and himself along with a black shaggy dog; Sirius. They traipsed over to the door saying HERMIONE GRANGER, they pried it open and stepped into her beautiful bedroom. She wasn't there so they decided to take a look in the bathroom. They walked into the bathroom; filled with bubbles.

Harry and Ron stood there opened mouthed at the site of their friend in nothing but a piece of lingerie. Hermione noticed they were there.

"HARRY?" she screamed.

Draco walked into view, his boxers on; hanging on his waste line, daring to fall off at any moment.

"Hello Potter, Weasel" Draco smirked.

"WHAT??" Ron bellowed.

"What are you doing here Malfoy?" Harry sneered.

"Well if Potty here hasn't noticed I am head boy and this is MY bathroom also." "Don't you dare lay one finger on her Draco or I swear I will kill you" Ron snapped viciously.

"The thing is, I don't think she'd mind, right Mione?"

He slipped an arm around her waist. "Right, Draco."

Then, she closed her eyes and brushed Draco's lips with her own, standing in his warm embrace. Draco stood shocked for a second as she kissed him, he was so not expecting this... although he did like it and her lips were as soft as ever.

Hermione turned to Harry and Ron. "Guys, Draco is my friend, please just don't torment each other okay?"

Harry scoffed as did Ron whilst Draco sneered.

"For you my love." He said passionately kissing her hair.

"Now you too?"

"NO" Harry and Ron turned around and stormed out of their dorms.

"That went well" Hermione drawled.


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Chapter 6 Planning the Ball