Tonight was the night. He was finally going to do it.

Miroku stole a glance out of the corner of his eye at Sango, as she sat polishing her boomerang. So pretty, with her smooth dark hair and guarded eyes, with her fitted uniform hidden under a modest skirt. Not everyone knew that she was a deadly demon-slayer -- certainly one couldn't tell just by looking.

It was nearly a week since he had first asked Sango to live with him as man and wife, if they killed Naraku. Things had gotten a little hectic after that, but now their group was enjoying some hard-earned peace and quiet. And it seemed only right to Miroku that if he was going to try to turn his ways around, he show it to Sango.

I haven't groped any other woman ever since then, he thought proudly. I almost did, but I caught myself -- even when Sango wasn't watching me. Now my mind is made up.

He was going to kiss her.

Miroku pondered this for a moment. He had kissed women in the past, true. But not Sango. Even if she didn't slap him out whenever he took what Kagome called "physical liberties," he felt it was somehow... well, more intimate than his usual bottom-stroking. After all, he had stroked many women's bottoms, but hadn't kissed many of those women.

That night, he waited until Sango was by herself. She was siting on a large flat rock, looking out over a moonlit valley. The setting couldn't have been more perfect if Miroku had arranged it himself.

"Are you out here by yourself, Sango?" he asked softly.

"Yes," Sango said. "I was just thinking by myself."

Miroku settled himself beside her. At first she tensed, clearly expecting him to touch her backside. But as the moments passed, she relaxed. Apparently she was a little more comfortable now.

Slowly, the monk eased his arm around Sango's slender shoulders. "Such a lovely view," Miroku murmured. He glanced sideways at the young woman's face. Sango's face shone like silk in the moonlight, and her eyes were closed as if she already were waiting for his kiss.

Now is the perfect time! Miroku thought. He started to turn...

"You think he's gonna do it?"

Miroku froze. A voice was coming from the bushes. A voice he recognized all too well -- Inuyasha.

"Shh, be quiet," another voice whispered. Kagome's voice. "I'm trying to listen. What did he say?"

"I don't know why he took so long," Shippo's voice whispered.

I'm going to just ignore them, Miroku thought darkly. I will NOT have them ruin this for me.

"Yeah, I think he's going for it. Come on, you idiot..."

"Inuyasha, get your elbow out of my eye!"

"S'your fault. You had to bring Shippo along. If he weren't here, there'd be room for both of us."

"Is he touching her butt? I have leaves in my face."

"Ow -- Inuyasha, move over! No, he's not touching her butt."

"What's he waiting for? Why's he hesitating?" Inuyasha's voice said, sounding disappointed.

"You think he's chickened out?" Kagome whispered.

I just need to not pay attention to them, Miroku thought. He could feel himself straining to ignore those little voices...

"Him? He gropes her butt every time she turns her back, and he's too scared to give her a kiss?"

"Those things are entirely different, Inuyasha! This is much more romantic and sensitive and -"

"I still don't get it."

"Hey, Kagome," Shippo piped up. "You're not gonna cover my eyes if he kisses her, right?"

"Not unless they do more'n kiss," Inuyasha said.

That did it. Miroku sighed heavily and removed his hand from Sango's shoulder. He just couldn't do it, with the others watching and critiquing him during this deep, important, romantic moment. Ah well, there would be other moonlit nights.