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Ginny's Mental Twin-A One-Shot About a Bumblebee

It was a beautiful day outside-sunny, cool, and with a small breeze-and Ginny Weasley was sitting in a tree, watching her mother through the window of her kitchen. She was bored to tears, and desperately wanted to get back to Hogwarts, where she would finally be able to do magic again.

She was, even still, enjoying the pleasant day, and then she decided to go find Ron, Fred, and George. She found the playing Quidditch in their backyard.

After a while, she again got bored, and trudged into her room, opening the window, allowing a cool breeze to blow her hair back from her face. She thought about how, in just a month, she would be returning to her school, where she would be a third year student. Sighing to herself, she said, 'I wish I had a friend to play with now. I'm sooooo bored!'

Just then, a bumblebee flew in her window and started flying around her head angrily. Ginny tried to swat it away, but the bee only got madder. Finally, Ginny took her wand and tapped the bee hard, but not saying an incantation, or making a certain movement. She only meant to make the bee stop, and that is exactly what it did.

Suddenly, though, the bee did something even more frightening. It fell to the floor and started twitching madly. It began to grow and grow until it was a life-size duplication of Ginny. She started screaming wildly. What was this...bumblebee doing, mocking her in the middle of her bedroom? WHY WAS IT HERE?!?!?!

Her questions were answered as the bumblebee (the human mockery) started to talk. It said, quietly, 'Hello, Ginny, I'm Jinny, that is, with a "J". You must be surprised to have me come to your house so unexpectedly. However, there are some things that you need to know, including that I am your twin sister, whom Lucius Malfoy captured and turned into a bumblebee. I know this sounds very odd and unexpected, but I have waited so long to finally meet you yet again, after the many years we have spent in completely different lives. I am, a witch, as you are, but I have attended Durmstrang, as Lucius lives very close to there. No one has ever seen me, but now that we have finally found each other, I will be able to come with you every where you go! Isn't that exciting?!'

'Uhh...well...I...uh-' but Ginny was never able to finish her sentence, as at that very moment, two people Apparated and Disapparated so quickly with Jinny, that they were never able to say another word to each other.

To this day, Ginny has never again seen her twin, Jinny, as a human, but has occasionally seen a bumblebee flying madly around her house in the summers. Mostly, though, she thinks she is going mental, and puts it from her mind.

Ginny has never felt the same since.

The End, with love from Ginny Weasley.

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