Words Unspoken

July 2004

Though a thousand words

Have never been spoken

They'll fly to you

Crossing over the time and distance holding you

Suspended on silver wings

-- 1000 Words; Jade, from Sweetbox. For Final Fantasy X-2

"Oooh, Neutron, you are such a jerk!" Cindy shrieked, throwing her hands into the air. Jimmy glared at her, narrowing blue eyes full of fire.

"Oh yes, as though you're the fullest evolved of all homo sapiens. The part of your brain that functions to coexist must be the size of an electron! And that's one-one thousandth the size of a neuron, which is—''

"I hate you, Jimmy Neutron!"

That was what she meant to say. Cindy Vortex had perfected the art of hiding her real feelings, and saying one thing when she really meant another. It was just another day, just another fight between the two classmates.

But this time, Jimmy had hurt her, and she found herself in such a high state of emotional stress that she couldn't control herself. He was a jerk, to have brought these feelings upon her.

"I love you, Jimmy!"

That was what she blurted out, in front of their entire class. There was a collective gasp from the surrounding students, and Libby gave a startled cry.

"Girl, you did not just say what I think you said!" she protested, waving her hand around.

Jimmy stared at her, blue eyes wide.

"Cindy …" he trailed off, looking confused.

"I-I didn't mean that! Ew!" Cindy laughed weakly, backing away from Jimmy quickly. "Of all the ridiculous ideas!"

"Cindy," Jimmy repeated softly, taking a step toward her.

"Stop saying my name like that, Neutron, it's creepy!" Cindy snapped; she stepped away from him, from Libby, toward the door.

"Ooooooooh, she loves you, Jimmy!" Sheen called out gleefully. "A girl!"

The class broke out into giggles, vindictive, spiteful.

"Sheen!" Libby scolded.

"Sorry, Libby."

Cindy ignored them, focused on getting the heck out of this room. Where on earth had Miss Fowl gone? This had to be a dream. A really messed up one. Cindy looked anxiously to the door.

While she was distracted by the door, Jimmy took her hand. She jumped, surprise filling her face.

"I don't know what to tell you," Jimmy said, frowning a little.

"Then don't say anything, Neutron. I've got to go." She tried to pull away.

"It's the middle of a school day. You've got no obligations to be anywhere."

Crap. He had a point.

"Would you let me go?"


Cindy sighed. He still had that confused expression, as though he couldn't figure out what he was feeling or what he wanted to say. Or something. Cindy didn't want to think about it. She wanted to get as far from this place, and from Jimmy Neutron, as she could.

"Cindy, we're only kids," he said at last, his gaze fixed on her hand.

"What the heck is that supposed to be mean?" She meant for a nastier tone, full of icy distance … the quiet curiosity wasn't what she'd intended. A lot of things today happened when she hadn't meant for them to, and it was seriously messing up her life.

"I don't really know." He met her eyes, and smiled a little, shyly. "But …"

He kissed her cheek, touching his lips to her soft skin. She smelled … really nice, actually. Flowery. Totally like a girl … he supposed that's what made it nice.

"There's that," he said, a faint flush taking over his face, and he stared determinedly at the floor. Cindy looked at him; the students around them were in an uproar; both Jimmy and Cindy ignored them. She touched her cheek, feeling a little dizzy. Messing it up? Or making it better?

Jimmy finally looked up at her; his eyes widened more than he thought possible when she leaned forward, returning his kiss.

"There's that," she repeated gently.