Yo, 'sup? How's everybody doin? Well this is the sequel to my hit story 'Hearts Under a Full Moon'. Hope you enjoy the new plot and everything. Well, shall we get started?

Pairings: Raveast AKA R/BB KEEP THE FAITH! (Lighter), RO/ST, WO/RY



After the odd adventure, the Titans had things settled down to barely a murmur of crime. Every once and a while an isolated incident caused them to spring into action however, that was a rare occurrence. Time passed faster than a blur. Now all the Teen Titans weren't teens anymore. Hell even Beast Boy was 20 now but you know the deal with names. If they give it to you once, it sticks forever.

Despite the age accumulation, they all acted just as they always had. Beast Boy and Raven were now dating often, or as often as Beast Boy could drag Raven out. Robin and Starfire were dating almost every night because of the excessive amount of free time they had. Wolf and Ryoko went out every so often but they liked it on the roof of the tower because of the magnificent view. Cyborg still had no girlfriend but with experience, the boy had now become a world-class player.

Slade had not shown himself for years and years. After his defeat at the hands of the Titans he was put into a jail cell but with the help of some money and his current condition of being a paraplegic, he was set free to live at his home. However, Slade had something big planned...something that would change the Titans and the entire world forever. But, let us focus on that at a later date, because now Beast Boy was about to do something extremely drastic in his relationship with Raven. Something that could make it or break it.

"Hey Raven..." Beast Boy said as he walked up to her while she read in the living room of Titans Tower. "What is it Beast Boy?" Raven said in the cold manner that she had always had to every Titan in Titans Tower. Beast Boy smiled faintly as he knew it was all for show. "Raven how would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" Beast Boy asked more nervous than usual. Raven quirked an eyebrow at his jumpy mood but she said, "Of course Beast Boy. Where are we going today?" Raven put her book down and looked Beast Boy directly in the eye.

"Well I was thinking since Robin and Star are going out all night and so is Wolf and Ryoko maybe we can go to the new restaurant and then come back to the tower..." Beast Boy said putting his finger together in a nervous yet comical fashion. "Uh Beast Boy what about Cyborg. He's probably gonna be here when we get back." Raven said.

"He said that he was going to go hook up with some girl down town for the night. Well what do you say?" Beast boy said hopefully. Raven shrugged and said, "Ok Beast Boy." Beast boy grinned and said she won't regret it. Raven was confused about what BB had just said but she shrugged it off in favor of finding something nice to wear. Beast Boy rushed off to find Wolf and ask him for a favor.

Wolf felt today was a good day to go and train so Beast Boy found Wolf on the shore braking dummies like crazy. "Hey dude!" Beast Boy called causing Wolf to stop what he was doing. Wolf turned to the green elf and saw Beast Boy was standing on a dummy that was ready to spring up. "Beast Boy move!" Wolf shouted but it was too late.

The dummy sprung up with such tremendous force that it made Beast Boy fly into the bay. "Dude you're an idiot..." Wolf said covering his face and shaking his head. Beast Boy climbed out of the bay soaking wet but he shook himself off and once again walked up to Wolf careful not to step on any dummies.

"Well what do you want you jade goblin?" Wolf asked wiping sweat off his brow. "I was wondering if you could get the guy who caters the party's we throw to make a special dinner for Raven and I tonight." Beast Boy asked. Wolf thought this over and asked, "What is this for?" Beast Boy fidgeted for a minute then he whispered something that only Wolf could hear.

Wolfs eyes grew wide and he put on a big grin as he slapped BB on the back. "It took long enough! Sure I can get the guy but what do you want do you want and where do you want it?" Beast Boy gave a list of what to order and where to have it placed and Wolf went off to get the order sorted out that instant.

"Ok now to go find Aqualad." Beast Boy said as he dove into the bay. He transformed into a marlin and he took off at tremendous speed toward Atlantis. He made it safely and he found Aqualad fairly easily. "Hey Best Boy is something wrong?" Aqualad asked BB curiously. Beast Boy shook his fish head and said, "No but I have a small request..."

Aqualad asked, "What's the occasion?" Beast Boy telepathically told Aqualad and he smiled at Beast Boy. "Thought so...ok what is it you want me to do?" Beast Boy told Aqualad his plan and he was on his way with a loud 'good luck' from Aqualad.

Beast Boy emerged from the bay and he shook himself off as he went into the third phase of his plan. He ran to the garage where Cyborg resided at the moment. "Yo Cy you still here?" Beast Boy yelled into the garage. Cyborg emerged from beneath the T-SUV and he said, "Yeah what do yah want BB?" Cyborg got up from the ground and wiped the grease from his hands with a washrag as he walked up to aforementioned elf.

"I was wondering...do you still have some leftover fireworks from the fourth of July?" Cyborg nodded and asked, "What do yah want'em for BB?" Beast Boy blushed and whispered his little plan to Cy. "Finally man...I was wondering if that was ever going to happen. When do you want'em?" Cyborg asked smiling. Beast Boy told him a time and place and Beast Boy was all set for the evening...

"Raven you there?" Beast Boy asked as he knocked on Ravens door. Beast Boy thought that tonight was a good night to actually get dressed up so he wore a nice and CLEAN tuxedo. "Just a minute!" a voice sounded from inside Ravens room. A few minutes later Beast Boy heard the tumbling of several locks and gears and Raven emerged from her room looking magnificent.

Raven wore a bark blue and black dress that flared out slightly from the hip down. Her hair was normal but it seemed as if she wore makeup tonight. The dress had some shine to it as every once and a while it caught some light and it reflected perfectly.

"Wow Raven, you look beautiful." Beast Boy said commenting her greatly. Raven blushed a little thinking, 'No matter how many times he does that I always blush.' "Thank you Beast Boy. You look very handsome yourself." Raven said with the blush still present on her face. "Well shall we leave?" Beast Boy asked Raven with a grin on his face. Raven nodded as they left the tower, both of them on Beast Boys new moped.

He had saved up all those years to finally buy a moped and he got one in fact, it was one of the best on the market and with Cyborgs complimentary upgrades, it went twice as fast.

"Beast Boy where did you get the moped?" Raven asked riding on the back. "Saved up as long as I could." Beast Boy replied. "Now hang on, I'm gonna see what Cyborg did to this baby!" Beast Boy yelled as he took the moped into high gear. Once they arrived at the new restaurant, entitled Lovers Lounge, They both agreed to NEVER do that again. They both entered the Lovers Lounge to find that it was relatively crowded.

"Maybe we should go...to many people." Raven said looking at Beast Boy. Beast Boy smiled as he led Raven to the waitress. "Excuse me party of two under the name Boy, Beast Boy." Beast boy said to the waitress. The waitress looked at the clipboard and said, "Oh! Yes right this way sir." The waitress led Beast Boy and Raven to a private room, concealed by curtains, with a single candle in the center of a two person table. All around the room was a mix of black and white roses as they mixed into the perfect mesh of dark and light. Raven looked amazed at the sight along with Beast Boy who though, 'I have to thank Wolf when I see him next.'

Raven and Beast boy sat on opposite sides of the table and the waitress said that she would be right back. She left and Raven looked over at Beast Boy asking, "Ok how did you get a secluded table and all of this?" She finished directing her hand over the roses. "I ordered ahead because I want everything to be perfect for you." Beast Boy said with a smile. Raven smiled back and at that moment, the waitress came in with a platter of food already prepared for the two.

She began with the drink, Beast Boy just had water while Raven had, you guessed it, herbal tea. Then the food came. Beast Boy had a variable forest of tofu and soy on the plate that sat before him. Raven had a simple duck dinner which she enjoyed after an incident when Beast Boy cried out "Carl what did they do to you!" and he was about to begin resuscitation maneuvers but a glare from Raven stopped him.

Dinner went well with good food and some talking. They left for Titans Tower after they were done but not before the server took Beast Boy to the side for a moment and said, "Give these to her...she'll like them." The server then proceeded to give Beast Boy a bouquet of black roses. Beast Boy returned to Raven and he gave her the flowers, which she loved even though the smell of roses was all they smelled the entire dinner.

They got back to Titans Tower in record time thanks to Cyborgs modifications to BBs moped. Hey it went fast and they wanted to be home before all the other Titans why not do something potentially life threatening. Beast Boy and Raven walked into Titans Tower and Raven was about to go to bed but Beast Boy said, "Wait! I was wondering if you want to join me on the roof..." Raven looked slightly confused but she said, "Ok...but none of your lame jokes." Beast Boy smiled and said, "I know you like my jokes." Raven scowled a little and said, "Let's just go."

"Ok BB said about this time so I have to get ready for the signal..." Cyborg said as he stood on the opposite shore from Titans Tower. Over the time that was consumed by the emptiness of having no powerful villains to face Cyborg had become and excellent pyrotechnic. He had set up a perfect system for this night. He was prepared for every occurrence of nature and he walked up to his control panel waiting for the signal from a certain Atlantian.

Speaking of Aqualad, he sat just beneath the surface of the water close to Titans Tower. He had a small waterproof microphone and speaker on his head in the form of an ear and mouthpiece. "Com-on BB they wont stay here all night where are you?" Aqualad asked to himself as he swam back a forth in the water. Suddenly Aqualad saw two figures stirring on the top of Titans Tower and he readied himself for what was about to happen.

Beast Boy and Raven made it to the top of Titans Tower at a slow and even pace. They reached the top and saw that the full moon that decorated the sky lit the entire city in a soft glow. "You know what this reminds me of?" Beast Boy asked as they both neared the edge of the roof. "What?" Raven asked turning to him. "The first night it told you that I loved you." Beast Boy said holding Raven in his arms. "Yes I remember, you were so nervous...what were you thinking when I didn't answer for a while?" Raven asked.

"What you couldn't read my mind?" Beast Boy asked with a sarcastic joking tone. "I kind of had my mind on something else." Raven said with a slight smile. "I was thinking if a fall from the roof could kill me or not..." Beast boy said with a touch of depression in his voice, "I just couldn't stand loving you and you not returning it...I love you Raven." Beast boy said with a very serious voice. "Beast Boy...I love you too." Raven said with some very small tears in her eyes. "Raven look out there..." Beast Boy said as he drew his hand out over the bay...

"Ok that was the signal guys go!" Aqualad shouted to all the fish that were lined up behind him. The fish that Aqualad had recruited were lantern fish. One by one, they lit up in a phenomenal display of under water lights. With each new light it seemed like a new piece of the puzzle was being put into place and when the final fish lit it all spelled out five little words with a gigantic meaning...

Raven gasped as the last of the lights shone from the depths of the bay and she looked at Beast Boy with wide eyes. Beast Boy looked Raven in the eye and he proceeded to kneel down upon one knee. "Raven we have known each other for years. First as strangers, then as friends, then as lovers. I can't see myself apart from you anywhere in the future. I love you and I always will so I ask these five simple words...Raven, will you marry me?" Beast Boy finished his little proposal speech by taking a box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Raven covered her mouth, nodding as she whispered several times "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes." Raven put her hand out to Beast Boy indicating him to put the ring on her finger. Beast Boy, grinning ear to ear, carefully removed the ring from the box and he slipped the ring, which fit perfectly, onto Ravens slender ring finger. Beast Boy got up from his kneeling pose with a gigantic smile on his face and it was soon joined by the smile from Ravens shocked yet overjoyed face.

"Go Beast Boy!" Cyborg shouted as he looked at the pair on the top of Titans Tower with the aid of a pair of binoculars. "Ok this is my cue." Cyborg continued to talk to himself as he pushed a small red button on the control panel for all his fireworks. Instantly rockets and fountains began to explode and it was a beautiful show for everyone that could see. However, the two that it was meant for were to busy kissing each other to notice anything but one another. Forever set in stone these two were meant to be but now destiny pulled them together for the final commitment...and it was a big success. Raven and Beast Boy parted lips briefly and Raven said, "I love you Beast Boy." "I love you too Raven." Beast Boy as they soon resumed kissing.

Silently behind the two, a pair of shadows moved from the entrance to the roof to a more secure location in Titans Tower.

"Jeeze it took those two a while but I have to admit, that show makes up for all their waiting." One of the shadows said as it walked into the living room of Titans Tower. "Oh I thought it was sweet. How come you don't do anything like that for me?" The second shadow asked. They both stepped into the light and it revealed Wolf and Ryoko talking. "Uh because I can't talk to fish?" Wolf said with a joking attitude. Ryoko began to pout but Wolf drew her into a hug and said, "Trust me if I ever come up with something that...idealistic I will do it. I'm just short on ideas."

Ryoko smiled a bit and they both decided on watching TV instead of bickering. "How long do you think they will be up there?" Ryoko asked scooting close to Wolf o her head was on his shoulder. "I don't know...it depends on how long it takes for their lips to get cramps." Wolf said with a grin as he turned on the TV.

Far away from the newly engaged Raven and Beast Boy. Away from Cyborgs satisfied smiled as he watched his two friends lock lips on the top of the Tower an evil villain sat at a warehouse on the far side of the city contemplating his next move.

Slade sat in his wheel chair as his robot commandos constructed the containment chamber for the newest arrival to Slades team. Slade grinned as he spun the black and red crystal in his hands momentarily stopping over that ancient writing on one side. "Titans once I complete this you will be all but alive." Slade threw up the crystal and caught it in one fluid motion.

"Master Slade we have everything ready...but we are missing one component." A robot commando informed Slade. "I know what we lack and it is only a matter of time until we have everything we need." Slade responded sending the minion away. Slade looked into the crystal with his one good eye and he saw a being inside scratching at the crystal anxious for its inevitable release into the world...

Well how was that? It is the first chapter to my sequel to my hit story so I hope it lived up to my past deeds at least a little. Well that's all I have to Say except...GO BEAST BOY AND RAVEN!!! GO R/BB!!!