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Pairings: R/BB KEEP THE FAITH! (lighter), WO/RY, RO/ST



At Titans Tower the time slipped by as fast as sand through your fingers. Thanks to the Titans heroics in ending the threat to the planet, most of the crime stopped and any that existed was easily stopped by the cops or just one Titan.

It was so easy that there were periods of rest between crimes that spanned months; hell there was a point in time where there wasn't a single crime outburst for a whole year. Nevertheless, aside from that fact several of the Titans found the excruciatingly long time off boring so they went into other ventures.

Robin and Starfire, after the birth of their child, a boy, they left for Starfires home planet, Tameran, wanting to see how it was doing with Galfor as the emperor. After they left, all the Titans suspected everything went ok because they hadn't been back since they left.

Cyborg finding himself becoming obsolete with time left to find upgrades that were more recent in the technological empire known as Japan. He left a few years ago and hadn't been in contact since, give or take the few phone calls he gave every once and a while.

Raven and Beast Boy had decided to raise their child, Dove, in Titans Tower seeing as there was nowhere else to go. Beast Boy had somehow gotten a job at a zoo. He climbed through the ranks of the job so fast, due to his ability to become and talk to the animals; he was manager of the park in about a month.

Raven on the other hand got...well not a job. Call it a hobby as a professional gambler. Due to her perfect poker face and her telepathic ability, she could play perfectly all the time. Thanks to her tremendous income, ranging from a few bills to millions of dollars, she was the main up keeper of Titans Tower. Hey, it pays to cheat especially if you have a telepathic, shape shifting, child at home.

Wolf and Ryoko had also stayed at the Tower. Ryoko, thanks to the extremely long down time finished college (AN: Wow that must have been odd...imaging someone with crimson slit pupil eyes and fangs sitting behind you taking notes while the professor blathers on for hours...) and then searched for a position in her adopted fathers company.

Everyone was happy to see the old boss's daughter apply for a job and they accepted her in readily. She, being a smart woman made it to a high office and provided money for herself and Wolf. Speaking of Wolf...Thanks to all the down time, he started a new hobby.

Wolf was exploring the Tower one day and once he laid eyes on the gigantic open-mouthed furnace, he decided to start his new hobby. He went to the junk yard, requested some flat steel-titanium alloy from Fixit and he went to work.

He must have stayed in the basement for three days until he came up with a sword of his own design. Naturally, Ryoko and the rest of the Titans asked how he made it so he explained that when you lived in the type of village he did, you learned how to do just about everything. Thus began Wolfs' new hobby of creating swords and other weaponry for his family, his friends, himself, and for sale.

Now that the formalities are over, lets get to the story shall we?

A dark shadow crept inside of Titans Tower; quietly dashing from doorway to doorway pausing to see if someone noticed the black ghost roaming the halls. Finally after what seemed forever of sneaking around, the shadow entered a doorway leading to a simple bedroom. The shadow looked around and saw hanging above a dresser, below one gigantic black wing bone, a massive sword hung the insignia of a wing and a fang imprinted in the steel.

The shadow quickly grabbed the sword and dashed out of the room in an attempt to remain invisible. The shadow raced out of the Tower so quickly that all that could bee seen of it was a silver and blue blur. The shadow made it out side of Titans Tower and looked around to see if it had been caught. Seeing no one around the figure wiped its brow and smiled proudly at a job well done.

"Dad would skin you alive if he fond out you took Kamikiba again..." a voice above the figure said with a joking tone in it. The figure looked up to see a male about fifteen years of age a toothy grin adorned his face exposing fangs that replaced his canines. He was of medium build but he was quite tall standing head and shoulders above the other figure.

He sat on the doorway of Titans Towers doors calmly looking at the sky. His hair was down to his shoulder blades and tied back into a loose ponytail except for a few clumps that hung around his face. His hair was black with a light gray streak down the center. His gold and silver slit pupil eyes radiated a joking attitude as he turned his gaze down to the figure. He wore black combat boots, black baggy jeans, and a black and red streaked T-shirt. Claws dressed his fingertips, along with the silver fingerless gloves on his hands, as he jumped down to face the shadowed figure.

"Well what do you know Rahlon?" The figure, obviously a girl shouted. Her build was that of a normal girl give or take the obvious differences. The girl glared at Rahlon with intensity in her deep crimson slit pupil eyes. Her mouth was twisted in a snarl revealing her small and sharp fangs. Her hair was dark silver, with a deep blue streak down the center, and it reached her lower back easily.

She wore a pair of black sneakers, a pair of slightly baggy dark blue pants, and a black and gray stripped sweater. Her hands had small and delicate looking claws, yet they seemed to be of a higher serration then the boys' claws. In comparison with Rahlon, taking away the fact that she was obviously a girl and he was obviously a boy, they looked very similar. Well, the height and the hair and eye color gave it away too.

"Well I know that when dad finds out you stole his sword you better either be on the other side of the world, or in the one place he hates the most..." Rahlon said crossing his arms. "Hey we all hate that place, there are too many scents and all of them are nauseating...damn candle shop." The girl said balling her hand into a fist. "Anyway...Tenshi, only two people can use Kamikiba, me and dad, and even I have a hard time controlling it." Rahlon said calmly.

"Hey I can use it, I just need practice!" Tenshi shouted as she attempted to draw the gigantic sword from her back. This caused her to lose balance and she fell backward onto the ground. Rahlon shook his head and said, "You know that dad wont train you with it because it's to dangerous for daddy's little 'angel'" Rahlon smirked as he picked Tenshi off the ground by the back of her collar and setting her down upon her feet.

Tenshi growled and said with a smirk, "Well you know how mad mom gets whenever dad tries to train her little 'koinu'." "SHUT UP!" Rahlon shouted at Tenshi angrily. "Ok but I wonder what Dove would say if she ever heard you little nickname? I don't think she has ever been around when mom calls you that..." Tenshi said with a grin on her face.

"Shut up, leave now or I'll blow you little thievery of dads sword to him!" Rahlon shouted at Tenshi his fangs bared to their maximum. "Ok, sheesh, mention the girl you like and you blow up worse than the H-bomb..." Tenshi said as she took off in a blur of silver and blue. "Shut up, I don't like her!" Rahlon shouted after the silver and blue blur that was his sister.

"Don't like who?" a voice behind Rahlon asked. 'Oh crap not now...' Rahlon though as he turned and came face to face with Dove. "Uh hi Dove." Rahlon said with a slight blush on his face. Dove had about the same body structure as Raven except, she smiled more often.

Dove wore a long sleeve dark green shirt, a pair of dark purple bondage pants, and a pair of black boots, finishing her outfit with a pair of gloves that looked like Ravens only with a green jewel instead of a red one. Her eyes were a deep forest green and her hair was light purple with two streaks of green in the front. "Hi Rahlon what were you and Tenshi talking about?" She asked curious to the sibling fight.

Rahlon rolled his eyes and said, "She took Kamikiba again, I swear dad is gonna kill her one of these days." Dave nodded and said, "Yeah he's never too happy when she takes his sword now is he?" Rahlon shook his head and said, "So how's your mom doing with the baby?" Dove sighed and said, "Well according to my dad, the exact same she did with me. Attempting to kill him and being moody all the time."

Suddenly as if on cue, Beast Boy burst out of Titans Tower with Raven, obviously pregnant, hot on his heels. "Hey kids!" He shouted as he raced past. He turned sharply, ran back to Dove and Rahlon as Raven stopped to take a few breaths. He asked, "What's up?"

"Nothing really dad, how about you?" Dove asked with a slight smile. "Oh the same ol, same ol, evading your mothers rage while I try to calm her down. Uh oh she's got her second wind back bye!" BB shouted as he raced back toward Titans Tower.

Suddenly a large and powerful force knocked BB off his feet and onto the ground. Raven ceased her chasing for a minute feeling a large beacon of rage and power coming from within Titans Tower. "RAHLON!" a very irate voice called from inside. "Oh just great, I'M OUTSIDE DAD!" Rahlon shouted at Titans Tower.

Wolf emerged from Titans tower, his face covered in soot, on his back a large sword, as his eyes and hands burned with gold and silver energy. "Rahlon, where is your sister Tenshi?" Wolf asked through gritted teeth. "Same place as she was last time dad, over in the park." Rahlon said as he pointed over the bay at a park in the distance. "Good boy you get a treat for this later, TENSHI!" Wolf yelled as he ran off so fast that he left a trail of fire behind him. "That's terrible; you just shelled out our sister for a little perk!" Dove yelled at Rahlon as Raven took to chasing BB around again.

"Not necessarily. Tenshi's over in the training hall, I got dad off her back because she is so damn intent on learning how to use Kamikiba I figured she should have some time with it." Rahlon said as he began to walk off. "Wait, where are you going?" Dove asked confused. "The only place I'm safe from my dad, the candle shop. Even if I do have to suffer those nauseating fumes for a few hours...or days...or months..." Rahlon said looking up. "Mind if I join you?" Dove asked walking fast to catch up with Rahlon.

About the offspring's attitudes and powers. Rahlon had close to the same attitude as Wolf with some of Ryoko spliced in to make him loyal and joking. He had Wolfs power and his speed but Ryokos fire abilities evaded him in the genetic pool. Overall, he was more like Wolf and he had become the next in line to receive Kamikiba as his sword.

Tenshi had the same attitude as Ryoko, with some of Wolf mixed in to make her a royal pain, but still fun to be around. She had gained the abilities to control fire from Ryoko, and she had to be one of the fastest Titans due to her small size and genetics, but her strength was less then Wolfs and Rahlons making it difficult for her to use heavy weapons. She was more like Ryoko due to her fire controlling abilities and just as stubborn on most subjects. Wolf made her a plethora of quick attack weapons but she refuses to use anything besides her arm blade, Kamikiba, or sometimes, rarely a spear.

Dove...well Doves attitude was a bit complex. Dove was a mix of dark and light, a mix of Raven and Beast Boy. At times, she could be as dark and gothic as Raven or as joking and happy as Beast Boy. Nevertheless, most of the time she was an even medium.

"Sure, it'll help to have some company, especially a shape shifting telepath." Rahlon said with a grin. On the outside, he appeared cool and collected, but on the inside, his stomach was packed to the brim with butterflies.

You see Rahlon and Dove have known each other since they were born. They had been friends for what seemed to be forever. Moreover, as with most boys and girls Rahlon developed a crush on Dove. However, he never said anything about it to his parents because they had the tendency to play matchmaker. Tenshi so far was the only one to find out and probably Raven thanks to her telepathic powers.

Dove on the other hand had never considered reading Rahlons' mind. She saw most people's thoughts as private so unlike her mother who made a living of reading peoples minds, she kept hers to a minimum. Well since I'm on the subject, Dove had the privilege to be born under Lamarks principle of evolution.

She had gained her mothers power, albeit a little weaker, and she had gained her mothers control from the white orb. Having received her fathers powers too she used them to their full advantage, shifting shapes to hide and for about every other occasion. She also had the idea of researching all the animals she could so she knew every type of animal she could become. She had even been able to turn into things BB had not even thought of.

Onto Doves thoughts, ok first off she had no idea that Rahlon liked her, but she did know that she liked him. He always seemed to be around her for some reason or another and she enjoyed his company. She had known him her whole life and their friendship had been growing something in her heart with its light.

Dove never said anything, for fear of rejection or anything else. (AN: Jeeze what is everyone around here a chicken, or just plain stupid? Sorry, sorry, ranting don't mind me...) Dove did consider the option to read Rahlons mind to see what he was thinking but she was afraid to find out what was within.

Eventually they made it to the candle shop and Rahlon entered first, his arm covering his nose to try to fend off the offending odor. Dove entered next and found that even with a normal nose it was very hard to stand the scents of the candles mixing so she too covered her nose. "Hello what can I do for you? Oh its you Rahlon, hiding from your dad again I see." An old man behind the counter said lifting his glasses to see Rahlon.

The old man was hunched over due to his obvious elderly status, and he wore a red sweater and a beige pair of slacks. "Hey Fred, you still got that room open?" Rahlon asked with his nose covered. "Yes I do, hold on I'll get the key." Fred said as he shuffled over to the side of the counter with a kind and tired smile.

Dove quirked an eyebrow and asked, "Fred?" Rahlon laughed lightly and said, "Hey I have to come here a lot so I started talking to the guy who owns the place. Nice dude, really generous type, even if he's got nothing to give..." Rahlon said with a touch sadness in closing. Dove was about to put her hand on Rahlons' shoulder but suddenly Fred came back and said, "Ok it's all set up, go ahead Rahlon." Rahlon nodded and walked behind the counter as Dove followed him.

Rahlon entered a room and held the door open for Dove a she followed him in. There was not much there except a hammock, a mini fridge, and a small antenna TV with remote. "What is this place?" Dove asked looking around confused. "This is Fred's home...this is where he lives right in his shop. Selling candles isn't a really profitable business so he had to make do with what he can." Rahlon said grabbing a remote control from the TV and sitting in the hammock flipping the TV on.

"You must come here a lot..." Dove said sitting next to Rahlon on the hammock. "Yeah it's nice, quiet and smell proof." Rahlon said flipping through channels. "I started coming here when I was about, 10 when dad got furious about me trashing the living room. Fred was really nice about having a 'freak' here. Only real person out side of Titans Tower that accepts my kind, the experiment kind that is. You'd think with all the aliens and weird stuff walking around people would have some tolerance, but no..." Rahlon said rolling his eyes and holding up his hand as a gesture of joking.

Dove smiled and Rahlon continued his little monologue. "He taught me a lot of stuff too, about people. He told me that everyone who taunted me was afraid and didn't understand. People hate and attack things they don't truly understand. To me he's part of the family." Rahlon sighed and was quite for a bit. Dove looked at him and saw that his face held a look of recollection on it.

Rahlon broke from his trance and began anew with, "I try to give him some money for letting me stay here every once and a while but he never takes any of it. If I leave cash on the counter I get it back in an envelope a few days later." Rahlon said with a disappointed tune in his voice, "He really needs help, his health isn't the best and all his blood relatives are gone." Dove was about to say something but a large explosion stopped any words from coming. "What the hell?" Rahlon asked as he rushed out of the door only to be thrown back in by a powerful punch that planted him in the opposite wall.

From the darkness of the hallway Gizmo and Mammoth walked in followed by two HIVE robots. "Who are you?" Dove asked menacingly. As she stood in front of the fallen Rahlon. "Oh we're just old enemies of your mothers and fathers." Mammoth said with a dark smirk. "Yeah your pitsniffin parents beat us all the time but it's our turn to beat their kids!" Gizmo shouted as he raised a gun from his backpack. Suddenly Doves eyes became white with her power as she used her powers to force Mammoth, Gizmo, and all of the robots out into the street.

Dove followed the bunch out into the street to find it abandoned, at least that's what she thought. Suddenly a large blast hit her from the side as a large metal thing grabbed her in mid flight. "Ha, Ha we got her!" Gizmo shouted as he prepared a large gun from his backpack.

"Think again!" Dove shouted as she transformed into a bird flying away from the robots grip. Gizmo fired his gun accidentally subsequently destroying the robot in the process. It looked like Dove was about to escape, however, Mammoth grabbed her midair and she turned back to normal in his grip. "Ok little birdie time to get your wings clipped." Mammoths said as he began to squeeze the life out of her. "Rah...lon..." Dove said as the air was driven out of her lungs.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!" a voice behind Mammoth shouted. Mammoth turned to find a clawed hand racing toward his face. The claws sliced his flesh easily as a long four-stripped scar formed on his face. Mammoth dropped Dove the second the claws made contact with his face and Rahlon caught Dove. "You ok?" Rahlon asked obviously worried. "Yeah...I'm fine..." Dove said trying to get her breathing back to normal. "Good...You hear that, you two are lucky!" Rahlon shouted at Gizmo and Mammoth.

"This is just the beginning boy!" Mammoth shouted angrily at Rahlon as his face continued to bleed. Gizmo pressed a few buttons on his controller and from his backpack several rockets emerged and aimed themselves at Rahlon and Dove. "You ready to die, crud munchers!" Gizmo yelled as his finger hovered over the fire button.

"Nope how about you?" Rahlon asked with a grin. Suddenly a flash of blue and silver ran past Gizmo and Mammoth. After the flash passed, all of Gizmos rockets fell to the ground split in half by a blade.

"Wha...WHAT HAPPENED?" Gizmo yelled looking at his disabled rockets. The blue and silver blur came once again and landed itself in front of Rahlon and Dove, turning into Tenshi, Rahlons sister.

"Now aren't you happy dad made you that weapon?" Rahlon asked helping Dove to her feet. "I still want Kamikiba you know that, but yeah the arm blade helps." Tenshi said raising her arm where a retractable, large single edge, fang style blade was attached to her forearm by leather straps.

"You should be using this." Tenshi said as she tossed Kamikiba the best she could over to Rahlon. It landed in the ground blade first but Rahlon picked it up, with just a bit of difficulty, and grinned. "Just you three? Ha! You can't beat all of us!" Mammoth laughed as several dozen HIVE robots came from the shadows.

"That's it? I was hoping for a challenge." Dove said looking around her statues back to normal. "All of those can beat you three." Mammoth said smugly. "Who said it's just us three?" Rahlon asked with a smug look on his face. Suddenly a large blue beam fired and destroyed a good portion of the robots.

"What was that?" Gizmo asked looking around with Mammoth. They looked up toward the source of the beam to find what seemed to be Cyborg, completely redone and even sleeker then before. Instead of all the old bulky equipment, he was completely remodeled and even able to wear clothes over his armor.

His sonic cannon was now fitted with its own ion amplifier (AN: Forgot what it was called sorry...). Therefore, Cyborg was now even more powerful than before. Cyborg stood his right arm prepped to shoot, and his left holding a bag over his back. He wore the same clothes he did when he portrayed Stone in the infiltration of HIVE academy.

"Hey Cy what's new?" Rahlon asked with a smirk. "Nothin much how about you little dude?" Cyborg asked with a smirk. "Same, man you sure chose a good time to come back to Jump City." Rahlon said putting Kamikiba over his shoulder.

"Yeah and I have been gone way to long. I mean last time I saw you bunch you were playin with plastic swords not real ones." Cyborg said with a chuckle. "Hey Gizmo what's up short stuff, and Mammoth, still stupid with age huh?" Cyborg said looking the two in the eye. Mammoth and Gizmo for some reason were grinning and Cyborg was confused why until a large blast of bad luck energy threw him from the top of the building to where Rahlon and the others where.

"Hey Cyborg, long time no see huh?" Jinx asked as she stood on the building. She leapt down next to Mammoth and Gizmo as the trio of bad guys was complete. "Oh man...that hurt more than the last time she did that..." Cyborg said getting up a rubbing his head.

"Everyone's power grows with age, you should know that Cyborg." Jinx said as she prepared a bad luck spell. "Yeah you should know that Cy..." A voice behind the HIVE said. Behind them stood Beast Boy, Raven, Ryoko, and Wolf all ready and eager to fight.

"Ha we'll have the robots take care of you while we kill your kids." Jinx said as she took out a remote control and pressed the button. She closed her eyes along with the rest of the HIVE crew awaiting the sound of the robots tearing them to shreds but no such sound came. Jinx and the others looked around and saw all the robots standing completely still.

"What's the matter with these pieces of junk?" Jinx asked looking at the robots and clicking the button repeatedly. "This is." Cyborg said as he held up one finger with an antenna sticking out of it. "Jamming signal, your remote is useless." Cyborg said as he prepped his sonic cannon. "Uh oh..." The HIVE members said as Cyborg aimed at them. Wolf dashed past the HIVE and to the kids and Cyborg.

"Rahlon use this." Wolf said as he unstrapped the sword from his back and took Kamikiba. Rahlon shrugged and took the sword attaching it to his own back. "The point of that was?" Rahlon asked getting the sword comfortable. "Look at the blade, and Tenshi you're still in trouble." Wolf said as he disappeared in a blur and returned to the older Titans side.

Rahlon drew the blade from his back and found it to be magnificently made. It was a swirling metal composed of black and silver coloration on the blade. It had several air assist holes to increase the speed of a strike and it was honed down to that of a razors edge.

On the back, the blade was serrated and the front was a pure blade that had a gradual curve from tip to handle. Rahlon whistled at the blades beauty and said, "Wow dad went all out on this one." Tenshi grimaced and said, "Awe man, Rahlon always gets the best stuff..."

"Will you two stop arguing about a sword and start fighting." Dove said as she hovered in the air with her power. "Oh yeah." Tenshi said as she disappeared in a blur. Suddenly one line of robots fell down as something was ripped out of them by a silver and blue blur. The blur rushed up to Cyborg and stopped to reveal Tenshi, an armful of the robots power cores.

"Hey Cyborg, what do I do with these?" Tenshi asked with a grin. "Give'm to me." Cyborg said grabbing the cores in one arm. He threw the cores at all the other robots, and due to the unstable nature of the cores, they exploded on impact causing all of the robots to be decimated in a tremendous blast of power.

"Well there goes our plan..." Mammoth said as he began to turn. "Where are you going? We are just getting started." Dove said in a cold tone as she levitated in Mammoths escape path. Mammoth attempted a punch but his arm was wrapped in a glove of black aura stopping his attack and, using her powers proficiently, Dove threw Mammoth into a building causing it to collapse on him.

"Oh that's gotta hurt." Ryoko said watching along with the adult Titans. "How about we let the kids handle this?" Wolf asked everyone. "What about Cy?" Beast Boy asked pointing over to the battleground. "He always acted like a kid so why not let him fight?" Wolf said with a smirk. "What was that?" a voice behind Wolf asked. Wolf froze and turned slowly coming face to face with Cyborg.

"Oh hi Cy." Wolf said with an edgy grin. "Welcome back Cyborg." Raven said with her cold factor to normal. "Yeah dude! Welcome back!" Beast Boy said with a wide grin. Ryoko nodded as the group began watching Tenshi, Dove, and Rahlon fight the HIVE members.

Gizmo was about to fly off with his mechanical wings but a black and silver being leapt up and cut off his wings with a black and silver flash. Gizmo fell to the ground but caught himself on the sides of the buildings with his mechanized spider legs. "Oh, nice toys Gizmo, that's your name right?" Rahlon asked hanging from the side of a building by his new sword that was driven deep into the brick and concrete.

"Yeah that's my name crud muncher and it's the last name you'll ever know!" Gizmo said as he brought out a new weapon. It looked like a simple gun but out of it came a buzz saw composed entirely of light. "Whoa..." Rahlon said as he dislodged his sword and leapt out of the path of the saw only to have more come his way. He leapt from building side to building side until he lost Gizmo in the wreckage.

"Where is that toe jamming gunk eater?" Gizmo asked himself as he stalked the alleyways for his prey. Suddenly a gust of wind passed by his face and a familiar weight was lifted from his hands. Gizmo looked at his hands and saw that his controller was missing.

"Nice...wireless model huh Gizmo?" A voice above Gizmo asked. Gizmo looked up and saw Rahlon, standing on his sword, it buried in the side of a building, with the controller in hands. "Oh crud." Gizmo said as Rahlon began toying with the controller turning Gizmo into a living puppet.

Mammoth rose out of the annihilated building, and instead of attacking the girl that threw him into the colossal destruction, he aimed his sights on the other female of the group. Tenshi heard the gigantic running footsteps of Mammoth a little too late as he plowed her into a wall.

"Ouch..." Tenshi said as she peeled herself off the wall falling face down in the ground. Mammoth laughed excessively as he readied for another attack. Mammoth charged full force at Tenshi but this time she was ready and disappeared the second he was about to hit her. Mammoth ran into the wall that Tenshi was standing in front of achieving nothing except for a tremendous headache.

"Where is she?" Mammoth yelled as he spun around looking for Tenshi. He saw a silver and blue out of the corner of his eye and caught Tenshi by her foot as she tried to attack. Mammoth laughed and raised her to eye level saying, "What was that?" Tenshi grinned and said, "Oh that, it was to get a better shot."

Tenshi then raised a burning lighter in front of Mammoths face and using her powers inherited from her mother, she created a titanic blast of fire that incinerated Mammoth from head to toe. Tenshi sniffed and said, "Mmmm, crispy." Mammoth then proceeded to pass out from the heat and pain of the fire.

Dove, after throwing Mammoth took on Jinx in battle. Jinx was constantly using her bad luck powers in an attempt to bury Dove in a collapsing building of a bunch of ground rubble. Dove dodged the attacks easily enough while a plan formed in her head. That's when she remembered an old story her dad told her about their first encounter with the HIVE. This sparked her brain into wondering if it could happen again.

Dove charged at Jinx and transformed into a monkey in mid air. She landed on Jinxes head and just as planned Jinx fired her energy wildly in all directions until she grabbed hold of Doves body and threw her. Dove landed in the form of a human and grinned saying, "You fell for the same trick twice...you are stupid."

Jinx quirked an eyebrow confused until she heard the creaking and groaning of beams and bricks. She looked around and saw the building begin to tilt toward her. The only thing she could say was, "Damn..." As the buildings buried her in their rubble.

"Well that was easy enough." Dove said dusting her hands with a grin on her face. "Easier than I thought it would be." Tenshi said throwing a fireball up and down in her hands. "Yeah, I still wish it was harder, but this is fun!" Rahlon said as he walked up to them with Gizmo in tow, doing cartwheels with his mechanical spider legs.

Tenshi and Dove giggled at all the crazy stuff Rahlon was making Gizmo do. Rahlon then saw a button that was labeled self-destruct. "Hmm...I wonder what this button does." He said with a devious grin. "No, No, NO!" Gizmo shouted as Rahlons finger hovered above the button.

"Meh, to bored. I'm gonna go see if Fred's ok, you're in charge Tenshi. Give it to dad maybe he'll forgive you for taking Kamikiba." Rahlon said tossing the controller to Tenshi. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and began walking in the direction of the damaged candle shop when Dove joined him.

Rahlon quirked an eyebrow and said, "Hmm, it seems as if I have company." Dove smiled and said, "Hey I want to see how he's doing too." Rahlon shrugged and entered through the decimated front door.

"Hey Fred? You here?" Rahlon called out his eyes searching the store. His eyes scanned the store until he caught sight of red from the corner of his eye. "Fred?" Rahlon asked as he walked up to the red spot.

As he approached the spot, he saw that it was on the ground and it wasn't moving. "Fred..." Rahlon asked reaching over with a hand to see if Fred was awake. That's when he noticed it was a candle and not a person. Rahlon 'whewed' and wiped the sweat from his brow and he continued to search.

Rahlon was completely confused. As much as they searched, they couldn't find Fred...until they heard the toilet flush. Fred walked out of the bathroom zipping his fly as he said, "Hello Rahlon, what happened here?" Fred asked looking at his demolished shop. "Uh well...let's say some unexpected guests came for a visit." Rahlon said with a nervous grin and his hand behind his head.

Fred shrugged and said, "Uh Rahlon, about that money you offer me all the time..." Rahlon smiled and left a generous amount of cash on the table as Dove and himself left. "See yah later Fred!" Rahlon shouted as he disappeared in a flash of black and silver. "Nice to meet you." Dove said as she dissolved into one of her black portals. "Bye." Fred said as he called up the police and his insurance agency.

When Rahlon and Dove returned walking together, they noticed that Wolf and Beast Boy were tying up the HIVE members while Raven, Ryoko, and Tenshi were talking to Cyborg about his new modifications.

"My new body structure was based on my memories of my full human form and the metal is ten times stronger than my old armor." Cyborg finished off his droning while the girls, except Tenshi who only feigned interest, listened. "Hey everyone, what's up?" Rahlon asked as he walked side by side with Dove. Everyone looked at the pair and their faces turned red as they suppressed laughing.

Dove and Rahlon stood there holding hands both oblivious to the fact. "What are you guys laughing at?" Rahlon and Dove asked as they followed the Titans eyes down to their own conjoined hands. They both blushed madly and released each other's hands as their frazzled brains attempted to form logical sentences.

"Hello...what's this?" Wolf asked with a smile and slick tone as Ryoko giggled. Rahlon glared at his parents as he was sweating bullets and yelled, "Don't either of you get any ideas!" "Oh we won't" Ryoko said with fake purity. Rahlon growled and disappeared in a flash.

Dove looked at her mom and dad and saw both of them grinning and shaking their heads. "Don't you two say anything either." Dove said with flushed cheeks. Beast Boy grinned and said, "Oh com'mon don't you trust this face?" Beast Boy proceeded to transform into his 'face' causing a light laugh from Raven.

"Dad..." Dove said menacingly as her eye blazed a white color. Beast Boy transformed back and smiled with such innocence that you couldn't help but believe him. (AN: wow, after all these years BB can still pull it off.) Dove disappeared into one of her portals looking furious.

"Well now that that's over, let's take these guys to jail." Wolf said as he grabbed Gizmos remote and commanded it to walk. "Just like old times." Cyborg said as he lifted Mammoth on his back and walked with the team to the jail. "Yep..." Raven said as she put Jinx over Beast Boys transformed back. "Not exactly..." A familiar voice behind the Titans said.

All of the Titans turned to see Robin and Starfire, both of them much older, and Robin was now decked in Nightwing garb and long black hair. "Robin! Wow is everyone coming back to town today?" Beast Boy said as he transformed to a human dropping Jinx. "First of all Beast boy, it's Nightwing, and second, I guess so." Nightwing said looking at Cyborg. Who nodded with a grin "Friends it is a pleasure to see you once again!" Starfire said as she grabbed everyone one by one and gave everyone a bone-crushing hug.

"Nice to see you too Starfire..." Cyborg said as his new metal was being bent in the fierce hug. "Ok Star that's enough..." Beast Boy said as his face turned from green to purple. Starfire got Ryoko and Wolf in one hug and they both said, "Bones...crunching...not...good..." Starfire was about to hug Raven but she pointed to her stomach and Starfire stopped and gave her a simple smile instead.

Starfire then went up to Tenshi and was confused. "Who is this?" Starfire asked naively. Wolf getting his wind back said, "That's our daughter, Tenshi." Starfire smiled widely and said, "It is wonderful to see you again, you have grown so!" Tenshi got a gigantic hug and said, "Please let go...hurting me..."

Starfire dropped Tenshi and smiled while Nightwing walked up and put a hand on her shoulder. "Ok Star enough hellos, I think they want to see the end of the day." Starfire nodded as a new figure floated down from the sky. Nightwing grinned slightly and, gesturing to the boy that just appeared, said, "Everyone we would like you to meet our son, Nightfire."

Everyone gawked at the boy that was younger than Tenshi but he seemed older because of his appearance. He looked like Robin used to only with spiked back red hair and a blue, black, and metallic silver uniform. Think regular T-shirt and pants with belts crossing the front. He wore a pair of boots and his fathers' infamous mask over his eyes. His cape was black with a dark blue underneath and the crossing belts were obviously his utility belts even though he probably had no use for them.

Nightfire held a calm and content smile on his face as he walked up to the Titans coolly. That was until he tripped on a rock and fell flat on his face. 'Great way to make a first impression...' He thought to himself as he stood up and dusted himself off.

He finished his walk to the Titans and was greeted by them all except the girl in the back who kept as quiet as a mouse. Nightfire quirked an eyebrow and walked past the group to come face to face with the girl and he reached out with his hand for a handshake.

Tenshi, blushing furiously tentatively took hold of his hand and shook it lightly before she withdrew her hand quickly. "Hi my names Nightfire, what's yours?" Nightfire asked with a smile "T...Tenshi..." Tenshi said stuttering and sweating. "Uh...I have to go!" Tenshi said as she disappeared in a flash moving so fast it took the wind a few moments to catch up.

Nightfire was confused but almost all the Titans knew what was going on. "Oh boy two in one day is this lucky." Wolf whispered to Ryoko as she nodded with a smile. Nightfire shrugged and said, "Dad where's the tower?" Nightwing pointed in the direction and Nightfire flew off to Titans Tower to see how it was compared to his parents' stories.

"Well let's take these guys to jail, just like old times." Nightwing said as everyone commenced picking a villain and carrying them to jail together once again the Teen Titans, even thought they were all adults.

END...or is it? Yeah it is...

Well there it is. How'd you like it? Odd? Confusing? Cliché? Yeah that part I know but sorry all I could think of. Hope you enjoyed this extremely long chapter, and if I get enough pleas, I will think of an adventure for these brand new heroes and heroines. Well Cyah! Remember to Review!

P.S. Kamikiba means 'God Fang' and its the name of Wolfs gigantic sword made from the pheonix feather and such.