A/N: Wow, it's been a long time since I've written anything on this. I hope I can pick it up where it left off and do a good job. There may be certain details changed in this chapter, making it slightly AU to fit the story.

Chapter Eight: Soul Calibur.

Murderer, traitor.


You killed him.

No, you killed him. I don't know how, but it was you.

You must restore his life to make up for your sins.

No! I didn't kill him. I loved him.

Then why did you come to me?

You came to me. I know you did. I didn't kill him.

Yes you did.


"Nobody knows how or where the soul edge was created."

The four had taken up their seats in the home of the Edgemaster. He lived in a hut similar to all those they had passed the previous day except that it was larger. Inside was a rendition of a native style home. There was a fire pit in the very center of the circular room with several stones surrounding it serving as seats. At the back of the hut was a concoction of grass and moss which Sophitia thought had to be his bed? There was no other decoration except a painting above this bed. It was a beautiful charcoal drawing of a young boy and an old man. The older man, with a lined face and kind green eyes, had his hand on the shoulder of the boy. The boy had long hair and a youthful face which was covered with a joyful grin. The most interesting part of the painting, however, was the sword the boy clutched in his right hand. It was Soul Calibur. Sophitia tore her eyes away from the picture and turned her attention back to the elderly man.

"All anyone can guess is that it was created by the greatest evil this world will ever know." The Edgemaster continued. "But how it was created is not important. What is important is destroying it."

"How can we do that?" Sophitia asked earnestly. Finally they were getting answers. She had a feeling this man could tell her all that she needed to know and that it was not by coincidence they had ended up here.

"First by listening to my story." he replied, looking amused.

"Sorry." she apologized.

"Just get on with it." said Ivy, who had stretched herself onto the bed in a relaxed manner. She almost appeared bored. Sophitia knew better of her self-assured manner. She could never forget the pain in those eyes when she told them about her father.

"As far back as anyone can remember, our story begins with a pirate captain named Cervantes de Leon."

Ivy sat straight up. "A pirate captain you say?" she asked, her bored façade forgotten and her face hopeful.

"Yes. He was dreaded throughout the Atlantic and no boat felt safe when on those waters. I cannot tell you how, but he came across two swords- the male and female variations of the soul edge. You see, at one time there were two sexes of the sword. That is not so anymore." The Edgemaster sighed, his face weary. He stared into the fire for a few moments.

"Do you happen to know whether or not he had a child?" said Ivy. She had masked her hopefulness with her usual stone expression and seductive eyes.

"I have heard as much. His lady, her name was Adrian, bore just one child. He actually named his ship after her. A beautiful woman I've heard. Her violet eyes were the talk of the oceans. She was the only woman capable of taming the fierce Cervantes. That was, until he grasped the soul edge."

"What happened to her?"

"Once the swords possessed him, he killed his entire crew and her along with them. He slaughtered the people of his home. Rumor has it that she gave the child to a passing traveler who left before his destruction."

"Ah." Ivy leaned back, looking thoughtful. "Please continue."

"For twenty or more years he fought challengers of his sword. Eventually he traveled through Europe, killing as the sword dictated." said the Edgemaster and he looked around at them all now. "Until something happened in this very settlement."

"What happened?" demanded Cassandra, her eyes alight with curiosity and Sophitia marveled at how she could have stayed quiet for so long.

"A man, a warrior, was contacted by our ancient god himself. He was told to forge a sword under the instructions of the god. It took several years and he only received sparing instructions spattered over that time. When the sword was forged he assumed he was to hunt down the soul edge. He was told to call the sword, Soul Calibur."

So this sword was made by a god. Sophitia thought it must be blessed with special powers. She gazed at the beautiful blue-ribboned blade. Would this be the key to saving Siegfried?

"He hunted down the sword and Cervantes. They fought a ferocious battle. The sword made one of its biggest mistakes by overestimating itself and was splintered into several shards when Cervantes was killed. The warrior thought it was destroyed and left them lying there next to the ashes of the pirate."

"But why wasn't it destroyed?" asked Sophitia.

"Although the sword was no longer whole, its heart was not pierced. There is a great eye that dwells on the sword and in it is the soul."

A great eye. Sophitia's eyes widened.

"That day, when I saw Siegfried!" she exclaimed. "I barely gave the sword a passing glance because I was so enthralled with him but I did notice its appearance. How could I be so naïve?"

They all turned to look at her. She blushed and cleared her throat, turning her eyes toward the ground.

"Ah, yes. Siegfried." the Edgemaster studied her face carefully. "Is it he that you hunt?"

"Yes…"she replied. "I felt a strong connection with him that day. He seemed haunted, sad. He had to leave before sunset. 'There are horrors about my life that you must not know', that's what he said."

"I would imagine as much." said the Edgemaster wisely.

"Please, tell me all that you know." Sophitia said eagerly. "I know so little about him. He simply kissed me and left."

Maybe she had imagined it, but Sophitia swore that at this Ivy gave her a pitying glance. She looked questioningly at the white-haired woman but Ivy turned her attention toward polishing Valentine.

"Siegfried was once the leader of the Blackwind, a group of brigands in Rome. His father was murdered when he was a very young man and he wanted revenge. He heard, as many have, about the soul edge and desired its power. Perhaps his lust for revenge was what attracted the soul edge, because it betrayed Cervantes for his loss to the Soul Calibur wielder and allowed Siegfried to become its new host. The soul edge possessed him, as it had Cervantes and Siegfried became known as Nightmare. He went through Europe and became the most feared knight, trying to resurrect his dead father. However, once again, the evil sword was confronted by Soul Calibur."

"It battled twice and this sword couldn't destroy it?" Ivy asked, looking skeptical. "Then why do you say we can destroy it with this thing after two failed attempts?"

"The soul edge was at its strongest point during this battle. Nightmare brought out an even greater evil in the sword. His mind was easy for it to prey on. All he wanted was his father back and by giving him the tantalizing promise of his resurrection, the sword turned his grief into power. I, myself, was the one who fought this battle with him."

"It was you?" Cassandra asked incredulously.

The Edgemaster nodded. "And my grandfather was the forger of the sword. My own father possessed it during the few dormant years. That's a picture of myself and him on the wall."

"And the battle?"

"I thought it was over. I really did. It was the hardest battle I have ever fought and most thought I would not make it afterwards. I shattered the sword once again and Siegfried became himself in the light of day. You asked, Ivy, why you would be able to destroy the sword after two failed attempts? Because it is severely weakened."

"How can you be sure?" said Ivy.

"After Siegfried returned to himself, he vowed that he would keep himself away from civilization and controls the sword. I assume those are the years in which you met him, Sophitia. Siegfried now sees the error of his ways. The soul edge has taught him a horrible lesson about revenge. It is the good in Siegfried which weakens the sword."

"But he is overtaken again." Ivy said, looking from Sophitia to the Edgemaster. "He attempted to kill me. He is Nightmare.

"Nightmare will not be able to take complete control again because Siegfried will battle with him. You will see. Sophitia, I believe your feelings for him will draw him out. This is why it is unto you in which I bestow this sword. You are the true wielder it was meant to find."

He handed the sword to her. She took it and gazed down onto the foreign writing. She had to destroy it. Siegfried had spent his life battling with this sword. He had probably never known happiness since his father had died. She suddenly realized that she had never known anything about him up until this moment. She had always felt as if she had known him but she had never truly gotten the picture of his predicament. Maybe her love was impulsive but Siegfried depended on her love, no matter how impulsive it was.


We will revive your father. That is your only mission.

You don't care about my father. You killed him.

It was you. You need me to replenish your life.


We need one more soul.


We need the soul of a warrior. And a strong one she is.

You already killed Ivy.

Sophitia. Only her soul can bring him back.