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Summary- He's a playboy who's carefree and takes advantage of his father's riches because it's what's expected of him. She endures life with her stepfather and several evil stepbrothers because she has to. Through each other they find themselves.

Chapter 1.0- Starless Night

The cool crisp night air whipped Rei's skin brutally and sent his hair swishing in every direction as the jet black corvette convertible sped down the road. He sat in the back sea with his head resting on the head rest and his arms stretched wide open. Although it was his car he didn't mind letting his best friend Tatsuya drive it while Tatsuya's girlfriend Harumi sat in the passenger's seat.

"I'll take you on a ride in the back seat of this car for a twenty," cooed a voluptuous scantily clad woman when they pulled up at the red stop light.

Rei looked up, only to see two large breasts pointing proudly in his face. They could not be contained by the polyester of her outfit. It was the small girl in the background that caught his eyes, not her large breasts. The tiny girl appeared no older than sixteen and wore a spandex mini skirt that barely covered her bottom and a sequin bra. Her arms were crossed against her stomach in an effort to cover up as much of her as possible. He watched silently as a man; who looked obviously much over fifty; grabbed her arm and pulled her into a ally way. The car pulled up a few more feet and Rei could see her get on her knees and could watch no longer.

"How's about you baby? You look like you could use a little something something," said the woman to Tatsuya this time.

He ogled her assets as she ran her claw like fingernails through his short hair.

"Get out of here you skank! Why don't you get a real job and stop trying to sleep with people's boyfriends," Harumi snapped, turning up his window with the button on her armrest.

"'Get a job'- that was a bit uncalled for wasn't it Harumi? Everyone's gotta earn a living someway right? It's a viable profession supply destitute men with something highly in demand, sex," he said in his best impression of a scholarly voice.

"Whatever Tatsuya. You can spin it any way you want but they're all disgusting beasts. They spread venereal diseases and all other kinds of disgusting things," she said, her pouty Clinique lip glossed lips shining in the streetlight.

"Nah, the rain washes all that away," Tatsuya answered as he made a sharp right.

She gasped and turned to look at him. "You can't seriously think that!?"

Tatsuya laughed, happy to have gotten a rise out of her.

Rei tilted his head back and gazed up at the sky. Not a star could be seen through the smog and pollution that had collected over the years. His thoughts traveled back to the girl he'd seen standing against the building. He didn't want to believe that such a young innocent looking girl could be a prostitute, but he knew it was true. He remembered seeing a movie or documentary about a teen girl who sold her body to fund an addiction, she wound up dead. He wondered if she was in the same predicament, or was being pimped by a controlling boyfriend, was homeless and had to do that to buy food and clothes, or perhaps she was a single mother who dropped out of high school to raise her children and a nine to five shift at MsDonald's wasn't enough to keep a roof over their heads.

"Rei! Hey Rei snap out f it!" Tatsuya was leaning into the car and dangling the keys in Rei's face.

Rei blinked a few times to ge the sleep out of his eyes and reached out to ge this keys.

"No way man you look wasted. Let me drive you home," Tatsuya said, gasping Rei's keys in his hand and jumping back into the driver's seat.

Rei laughed. "You just want to drive my car some more."

Tatsuya smiled and glanced at Rei through the rear view mirror. You're just mad about you're lack of game at the Chrome dice tonight. Not only did you fail to get the brunette to go home with you but you were almost turned away at the bar!" he chuckled as he relived the scene in his head.

"Don't even get me started on that bartender!" he said as he used a rubber band to keep his hair out of his eyes.

"Doesn't he know that the only ID you need is you're father's business card?" Tatsuya added.

Rei said nothing. He knew the effect his father's millions had on his life and the way people saw him. He also knew that Tatsuya sometimes was jealous of him and felt a little resentment towards him. Tatsuya was the eldest of a large family and had two hardworking parents and yet he still had to work on weekends and after school to pay for utilities.

"Here you are, home sweet home," Tatsuya said as he pulled into Rei's four car garage.

"Thanks," Rei said as he got out and locked up the car. "Wanna sleep over or should I call a cab for you?"

"No thanks, I can walk home from here. See you on Monday," he replied as he walked down the driveway towards the sidewalk.

Rei turned around and walked to his house. It was behind his father's two story mansion. Where Rei lived was really a maid's quarters, but his father gave it to him as his seventeenth birthday party. He had many parties there since then, further establishing his throne at his high school. He was the heartthrob, quarterback, homecoming king of three years; each year with a new queen. All these things he did not because he wanted to but because it was what was expected of him. After screwing around in high school he'd have his father put in a good word for him at the prestigious college all his uncles and grandfather's father's went to, he'd join the fraternity started by his ancestors and take over his father's company.

He shed his clothes on the floor as he made his way to the bathroom, leaving a trail of socks, shoes, a shirt, jeans and boxers behind. After a short shower he toweled off and gazed into the mirror after brushing his teeth. He asked himself how he could have such a beautiful face with an ugly personality, or how he had such a perfect body when he had so many flaws. He walked to his bed, picking up his clothes and throwing them in his hamper, not missing a single shot. He climbed into bed and got comfortable. He caught a glimpse of his alarm clock, it was the earliest he'd gone to sleep in weeks.

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