Author's Note: I know it's literally been forever and a day since I last updated and I'll be surprised if any of the original readers still have their eye out for this chapter. Things have been insanely busy and this chapter is rather short but I'll finish the story eventually .

Kira's knee bounced nervously as she avidly watched the clock above the chalkboard during her algebra class. It was the last class of the day and she was anxious to meet up with Rei after school to buy her dress for the dance. Since the bell would ring in two minutes she quietly put her pencil and pen back in her pencil case and closed her book, hoping that the teacher wouldn't notice. As she packed her things away she wondered how Rei could ask her to such a formal thing, all Rei's friends would be there. She knew that they wouldn't approve of her and didn't think that she was worth Rei's popularity. She became so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear when the bell rang and was the last one to scurry out of the classroom.

Rei was standing right next to her classroom waiting for her with a lopsided smile. "Are you ready to go?" he asked her as he gestured for her to hand him her book bag.

"You don't have to, you're probably still sore from your fight today," Kira said as she readjusted her book bag on her back.

"Don't worry about it, I feel fine. Tylenol works wonders," he said with what would have been a grin if his cheek wasn't so swollen. He took the bag from her anyways, despite her weak protests. "So, is there a place you had in mind?" he asked her while they made their way to his car.

"No, I was hoping that you would..." she said, letting her voice trail off when she noticed how many eyes were on them. Her cheeks grew very hot and she glared at the pavement as she walked. She glanced up at Rei, he was walking as he always did. She assumed that he was accustomed to having all eyes on him, but she wasn't, and it made her feel awfully uncomfortable. She silently wished that a large black hole would open up on the floor she walked on and would swallow her up so that everyone would stop looking at her. She grimaced when she imagined how many more eyes would be upon them when they entered the school's gymnasium during the dance.

Kira looked up curiously when she felt Rei tugging at her hand. "What's wrong?" Rei asked her wrinkling his brow in worry.

"Oh!" she replied and then let out a small embarrassed giggle. She hadn't even realized that she stopped walking. "Nothing's wrong... Rei... do you really want to go to this dance with me tonight?" she asked tilting her head to the side and silently hoping that he would changer his mind.

"Well yeah, that's why I asked you to go with me. Don't you want to go?" he asked her as he dropped her hand.

She watched as her hand fell to her side and then looked back up at his cerulean eyes and then looked back at her feet and shuffled them from side to side. "I don't think I'm feeling well," she lied.

"You seemed fine earlier... I know you're in no rush to get home either. If you don't want to go just say so Kira. I wont hold it against you." There was a harshness in his voice that was urging Kira to make a decision, something she rarely had to do.

"Can we do something else tonight?" she finally said.

"Okay," he said as he got closer to her and put his arm around her and started to steer her towards his car again. "I always thought that school dances were lame anyways."

Kira smiled and breathed in deep, taking in the scent of him and relishing the feeling of his warm body against his. As long as she had that she could deal with the harsh glances from everyone else at school and her family.