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Clocks: The bedside table clocks in this story are advanced. They tell you the time, date, the temperature of the room you're in, your own temperature, and the nearest rooms' temperature.

Ganger Ships: There are groups of people that have small armies of their own. Ganger ships are somewhat similar to the Mafia, and like inter space pirates. They raid unsuspecting towns and do hurtful things to everyone.

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Italics: Kagome and Inuyasha speaking through their minds

'Italics': Thoughts

"Italics": Voices in a flashback, intercom, TV, radio ect.




Chapter 2

Who He Really Is







"Bong…bong…bong…Students level four and up, report to the cafeteria for breakfast."

A bell, accompanied by a robotic voice sounded early the next morning. Kagome awoke with a start, still used to getting up an hour later. With a yawn she turned her sleep-muddled eyes towards the clock on her bedside table, also taking note of the temperature of the room, her own temperature, and the temperature outside of her room.

She really felt like skipping breakfast today. She and Sango had stayed up late into the night, talking to each other and completely loosing track of the time. Sango was a very nice person, one who you could look at and nearly instantly trust. Her chocolate brown eyes were like windows into her soul, and by just looking into them you could tell what she was feeling.

Sango's family had been killed a long time ago by a battalion of Ganger ships, one of the larger groups. The gangers had attacked her home mercilessly while she was away training at her base. She received a letter from the government, expressing their apologies for what had happened, and told her that the only survivor of the raid was her little brother, Kohaku, who sustained serious internal wounds and was recovering slowly in the city hospital. Sango had clearly convinced her that she would, in her own words, 'never forgive the damn government bastards' for not letting her go home to visit her sick brother.

Kagome had whole-heartedly agreed with her of course. She would have felt the same way if she was sent a notice that her family had been revenged by Gangers and her little brother critically wounded in the hospital. When the girls did remember to check the clock, they both yelped and quickly got ready for bed.

After toying with the idea of sleeping in for the extra hour that breakfast was served, she threw the thought away and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Raising her thin arms over her head, she stretched, her nightshirt lifting to reveal her navel. With a groan of contentment, she stood up and made her way to the bathroom, brushing her teeth and hair before toddling over to the closet.

Pushing the red button beside it, she watched as it slid open quickly with a quiet hiss. Sighing as the girl remembered that she hadn't gotten much unpacking done, she bent down to dig through the yellow bag on the floor. Pulling out a grey, long sleeved shirt and matching metallic grey skirt, she quickly slipped out of her night cloths and into the new uniform. She pushed the button again, and when the door closed, she surveyed her new attire in the mirror.

Twirling around a bit for show she smiled. It didn't look half as bad as she thought it would. After making sure everything was in place and she had all of her supplies, she skipped out of her room and into the den, taking a deep breath of air and letting it out with a grin. Today she would meet Inuyasha! She could hardly wait!

So she began to hum a little tune as she bustled about her dorm, looking at the little things she had been ignorant of the night before. Just as she was inspecting the breakfast menus on the table, and about to leave, Sango appeared in an identical uniform, looking very tired.

"Tell me again why we have to get up so early?" She mumbled, dragging her small identical gray pack behind her as she went to the door. Kagome chuckled and hopped to get hers, quickly making sure her skirt didn't show anything unnecessary before following Sango out into the hall.

The halls were decorated in the same way as the lobby, with 'wood' trimming along the walls and corners. The walls were burgundy and other warm colors that went well together. The floor was made up a strange brown colored carpet that sunk in with her every footstep and left tracks. This strange new installment caught her interest, and she turned and pointed it out to Sango.

"I don't know what it's called, but it's used for tracking people down." She explained as she watched her shoes sink lightly, "Mostly to make sure girls and boys don't mix. But every shoe here has different soles, just so they can identify the person wearing them. I had them at my old base, but not nearly as good as this one. Besides, after about fifteen or so minutes the prints erase… you can't really do anything with that." She laughed. Kagome smiled, but she had the feeling this one was different from Sango's old one.

It didn't take the girls long to get their breakfast, and to their amazement, the food didn't taste like it came from the ground underneath the base. Sango had playfully mentioned that the reason it tasted so good was because they couldn't get anything from under the base unless it was metal, because it floated on nothing. That gave them a quiet companionable laugh for a while.

They chatted for a while, poking fun at their old instructors, and telling each other stories they hadn't gotten to the night before. Kagome found that she hadn't had so much fun talking to anyone other than Inuyasha before, and she was glad. It was nice to have more than one friend.

Sango finished first, and waited politely for her new friend to clear up before standing and taking her tray to the trash. Kagome jogged behind her, finally noting the time and hoping they weren't going to be late for their first class. The only thing that went wrong with this was the sudden appearance of a broad chest in her path, and she smashed into it, falling back after spilling the contents of her tray onto the person's chest. She still had a bit of chocolate milk left…

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" She squeaked, ignoring the burst of laughter around her. She glanced up apologetically and blinked. The boy that stood before her looked very strange indeed. His hair was nearly waist-length, and a shimmering silver color. Angry golden eyes glared daggers at her from under his silver bangs as his hands brushed crumbs off his chest. Chocolate milk dripped down his sleeved arms and onto the floor. And—were those dog ears on his head?!

"You better be sorry bitch." He growled angrily, snapping his head to the side in order to throw some of his shimmering hair over his shoulder. "You're lucky I wasn't holding anything. Next time, watch where you're fuckin' feet are moving." He bared his teeth in a snarl, and she gulped as large fangs hung over his bottom lip.

"But, if I remember right, you were the one who bumped into me." She retorted, feeling her stubbornness begin to take hold. He snorted and crossed his arms.

"That's not what I'd assumed." He pointed to the floor with a clawed finger. "You better clean it."

That smirk on his face unleashed a spark of anger in her stomach. "You should clean it you jerk! You ran into me!"

"It wasn't my tray in the first place." His smirk turned into a snarl again as he took a threatening step closer. She opened her mouth to retort, but shut it when a short-haired man set a gentle hand on both of their shoulders.

"Please refrain from tearing my rude friends head off miss." He flashed a charming smile, and she crossed her arms. "He'd been frustrated for the past few weeks and I don't think it would do well on either of you're parts if you killed each other in front of the lunch room." He gave a bow.

She bit her cheek and looked away with a huff. "Fine. It's still his fault."

He snarled. "Listen you fucking bitch, I—" He was cut off with a sound smack to the back of the head. Kagome couldn't help but smirk.

"I am very sorry for this inconvenience. Please excuse us." He bowed again and made to drag the silver haired guy away, but then his eyes caught something else and his jaw dropped.

"Kagome is something wrong?" Sango asked as she trotted up beside her. Kagome blinked and looked between Miroku's goo-goo eyes at Sango and Sango's concerned gaze. She smiled widely.

"Oh nothing. I was just dealing with a jerk-face, but this nice boy helped me out." She motioned to the short-haired boy. The other boy tried to snarl something about her new name for him but was shut up with another blow to the head. Sango looked up and smiled gratefully at him.

"Thank you for helping my friend out. What's you're name?" She asked politely. He grinned his charming smile, ignoring the snort of his silver-haired friend.

"Miroku Mitoki beautiful lady. Who might you be?" His grin never left his face. Kagome yawned and looked away, already divulging matchmaking plans. This could turn out to be quite fun…

"Sango Taijiya. Pleased to meet you." She smiled and held out her hand, and he took it firmly, giving it a short shake. Kagome grinned to herself when she noticed the small blush on her friend's cheeks. "Well… uh, we should be getting to class." Sango smiled again. "We'll see you at lunch then?"

Miroku ignored his friend indigent "No way in fucking HELL!" and smiled even wider. "It would be an honor to sit with you two beautiful women. I shall make sure my friend behaves himself." And with a final boy and wave, Miroku tugged his friend after him into the crowd of the cafeteria.

Once the two were in the hall, Kagome grinned and poked Sango in the ribs. "You like him don't you?"

Sango blushed and crossed her arms. "I do not like him. He's just another man. Besides, his taste in friends sucks." She huffed. Kagome rolled her eyes good naturedly.

"That doesn't change the fact that you were blushing like a little girl." She laughed as Sango took a playful swipe at her head.

"I was not blushing!" She burst, trying to hide the new blush rising in her cheeks. Kagome laughed and pranced out of her friends reach.

"Are you not blushing now?" She squeaked as Sango lunged, and danced out of her grip down the hall.

"No I'm not!" She laughed, chasing happily after her friend.

"Yes you are!" Kagome sing-songed, skipping into the classroom. She stopped and spun happily, then yelped as Sango barreled into her, sending them both to the floor.

They blushed together as everyone in the class burst out into hysterical laughter.





After the little mess up in first class, everything else went fine. As usual, the first day of school was just the teachers speaking about rules they'd heard already and where things were. Kagome and Sango had written notes to each-other, laughing quietly behind their hands and ignoring the strange stares they'd gotten from everyone else.

When the bell rang for second class, Kagome realized that she'd never before been this happy about going to school. Sango was a wonderful friend, and that was what she'd wanted since she could remember.

The next class went well too, but unfortunately the teacher decided to seat them in alphabetical order, and though Kagome was annoyed about it, she and Sango found a way to speak. After getting called on to shut up at least three times, Kagome had the feeling the teacher was targeting she and Sango as 'the class disrupters'. Against any other feelings, Kagome was a little relieved to get out of that class.

Sango got a pleasant surprise next class, and Kagome swore that she wouldn't stop grinning for the rest of the day. Miroku was there, and he visibly perked when they entered the room. Kagome saw, to her amusement, that Sango had the same reaction, and she grinned. Unfortunately for Kagome, the silver haired boy had the same class too, and upon their entry he'd scowled heavily and looked out the window.

Using some cleaver tactics, Kagome had gotten Sango to sit next to Miroku, but it seemed as if the universe was not on her side this day, because she had to sit next to the grumpy guy with dog-ears. So, with a grumble and a sigh, Kagome plopped herself next to him and dully leaned on her elbows, propping her head up with her palms.

Once the teacher started, Kagome only half-listened, watching the silver-haired boy's ears twitch this way and that. She suppressed a giggle; he may have been a jerk, but those ears were so cute!

Someone if front of the boy turned around and tapped his shoulder. His silver head turned to attention, though he looked irritated to be disturbed. Kagome blinked and turned her full attention on them, ignoring the teachers blathering nonsense on saving tissues.

"Was you're father a pedigree or a stray?" The boy smirked. Golden eyes narrowed almost to slits.

"What?" His voice was quiet with pending rage, and Kagome became slightly nervous at the hidden anger. She blinked as cold hard anger bled into her chest; both hers, and Inuyasha's. 'We're both angry at the same time… hm…' She thought absently.

"How could you be half dog if you're father was human? I mean, you're mom fucked animals didn't she?" His face was arrogant, full of silent mirth. Inuyasha closed his eyes and opened them, willing the boy do just die. He stared at the face again, so crumpled and full of fist… wait.

"You shut the hell up, asshole!"

It wasn't his fist crumbling the boys face… nor was he insulting him. Inuyasha snapped his head up, starring in dumbfounded awe at the raven haired girl from breakfast. Why was she helping him?

"Ms. Higurashi! What has gotten into you!?"

That other girl, Sango, stood up, her mouth wide open. "Kagome!"

'K-Kagome?!' He swore his heart stopped. This was the girl he'd been connected to for twelve years?!

The girl clenched her fists and glared daggers down at the crumble boy on the floor. "Sorry Mrs. M. I lost my temper." She growled.

"I'll say…" He heard his lecher friend mutter. The teacher was currently writing up a slip at her desk, and Inuyasha watched as Kagome deflated and stared dumbly down at the boy.

"I… I'm sorry…" She squeaked, dropping to her knees on the floor beside him. He whimpered and scooted away from her, curling into a ball on the wall. Inuyasha had to fight himself to keep his amusement down, but he had other things to worry bout.

He extended the thread of his mind to her, and like always he felt her connect to it, and he felt her emotions more clearly. She was extremely guilty.

Nice hit…

Her head snapped up and she looked around the room. He couldn't help but smirk.

Y-you saw?! That means you're right here! Where are you? Her voice was excited, and he felt her excitement bleed into his own chest. He snorted.

Try looking to you're right and down…

Her eyes snapped to him, and he smirked as her mouth fell open.


His lips lifted in an even bigger, more evil smirk.

"Yes, me."

He couldn't help his amusement as he withdrew his thread from her and watched as the teacher dragged her from the room.





Kagome couldn't believe it. She'd actually run into Inuyasha, and she had no idea of who he was! She felt extremely stupid for not recognizing him, but then she told herself that he didn't recognize her either, so they were even. That made her feel better.

She groaned as she dropped onto her back on the bed. After that class, she was given detention for three days, and sent to lunch. There she met up with Sango and Miroku, but Inuyasha hadn't been there. Miroku had told her he had something to do and wasn't that hungry anyway.

The rest of her classes had gone well, and she didn't have Inuyasha in any other ones other than her flight class, as Miroku happily put it. Flight class would start on the second day, and it was something Kagome was sorely looking forward to. She'd always wanted to fly.

She groaned and smacked her face into her pillow, stretching out her mind to connect to Inuyasha's. Amusement bled into her chest, and she scowled.

You think it's funny huh?! She growled.

Not really… I just didn't expect you to punch a boy. And that hard might I add…

She blushed lightly. So what?! He was making fun of you! I wasn't going to sit there and listen to that! She blinked as some regret and sadness bled into her chest. What's wrong?

I would have taken care of it y'know. It's not that hard…

She rolled her eyes. You're just jealous that a girl has more bite than you!

A chuckle. Girl, you ain't never seen me bite.

I bet I will soon though… She smirked and rolled onto her back.

Let's hope you don't… And he withdrew from their connection, leaving Kagome very, very confused.