By Seniya


She supposed she looked all right. Not gorgeous, but not hideous either, yes, she decided finally, her appearance ranked somewhere in between the two extremes. The tangle of blonde curls that lay on the top of her head had been tamed as much as have could have been expected, and the thousands of freckles that were scattered across her face had been concealed by the use of quite a large amount of powder. Her final concern lay in the blue glasses that were at the moment propped against the base of her nose.

Should she not wear them and reveal for once the startling green eyes that were so often hidden or wear them and reduce the chance of her falling and making a complete fool of herself.

Does it matter Katie, you'll never look as good as her

A grim thought perhaps. But it was a truthful one all the same. And it was one that Katie Bell forced herself to come to terms with almost everyday. It was the reason that she had spent the entire day yesterday looking around London for something that actually fit her lanky frame, and the reason that she had spent the last four or so hours trying to force her untidy curls into something that Witch Weekly had claimed was this month's hottest hair style.

She was in love with her best friend.

It was a simple statement, one that she felt the whole world must know by now, well the whole world except for the one person who should know. Him.


And then there was her. Why, was there always a her ? This her however proved to be quite a pest because quite frankly this her was perfect. This her was, as all the magazines felt like constantly reminding Katie, one the most successful and beautiful witches of this century. And as an added insult, the her was engaged to the him. A final sigh and a groan and the glasses were back up on Katie's face and the hair had freed itself from its constraints and it had just suddenly occurred to Katie that the itch she was feeling on her face meant that she was probably allergic to the skin powder. And at this rate her clothes would tear by the time she got there and well why should she bother?

Why did she bother anyway?

Katie asked herself when, true to form the skirt ripped right down the middle. Why, she could stay home and finish the story that she had started on Dragons for work or finish the book she had just started or learn a new cooking spell, or well do anything at all she wanted and think of an excuse to tell Oliver about why she wasn't there in the morning.


It was a plan then. Yes, she had read about the flu going around somewhere and Linda at work did have it last week, and staying at home would been better than subjecting herself to the torment of listening to the her ramble on about some obnoxious topic, something that was always associated with these occasions. The clothes had already been discarded and the bathwater had been set, when a large grey owl had come rapping at her window. Katie personally disliked owls due to an incident she had had as a child where four of the creatures had decided to attack her all at once. But this owl she would tolerate, because this owl belonged to Oliver.

After reading the piece of parchment attached to the owl's leg, Katie knew that she wouldn't be able to stay home at all. You see she had just gotten a vivid reminder of just why she bothered.

Kate, I've just found out from Andrew's friend at the academy, they say that I've got the award hands down, can you believe it, just like you said. I can't wait to see you there.
Love from, Oliver


The atmosphere in the room was absolutely stifling. Inside had been filled with aristocrats and moguls, until the feeling of superiority could be felt in even the smallest corner.

"Kathleen, my lord, I had begun to wonder if you were coming at all"

The voice belonged to the her, of course, (who from now on shall be referred to as Rose), and was accompanied the never faltering smile and laugh, both of which had become defining characteristics for her.

"Well, I'm sorry to be late, you see I had a bit of trouble with my outfit" Katie regretted saying the words the moment they left her lips, for at the same moment, Rose's blue eyes had begun to travel downwards, taking in every detail of Katie's appearance. Since Katie's previous choice of clothing had been...destroyed, she had been forced to acquire a new one, quickly, from the only store open at eleven pm on a Sunday night. Needless to say, Katie wouldn't make the best-dressed list tonight, even if she hadn't worn her glasses.

"I can see that" Rose replied dryly as she turned up her nose with distaste. "You could have at least made an attempt to dress up Kathleen, at least for Oliver" The smile reappeared, and after a few more comments on her own gown, Rose seemed to grow tired of Katie's lack of enthusiasm for the subject and made up an excuse on why she had to be somewhere else at this very moment.

Katie couldn't honestly say that she missed her.


Again she found herself alone in her corner, clutching the drink in her hand a bit tighter than was really necessary. No one was paying any attention to her, which she had grown accustomed to. No one ever noticed her except for when she fell down or broke something, which happened a bit too often. But at least her corner was comfortable, and her drink wasn't too bad, and soon Oliver would get his award and make his speech and she would be free to go home and wait for him to tell her about the next event that needed her attendance.

Katie had learnt from her experiences in the past that the only way to survive these events was to remind herself of the glorious feeling you got when the entire thing was over.

"Witches and Wizards, may I have you attention please"

Katie's thoughts were interrupted by the voice. She had jumped and her drink had spilt down the front of her clothes, and on the back of the wizard in front of her.

"We will now be announcing the winner of the most promising young athlete category"

The atmosphere of importance was replaced almost at once by one of anticipation.

"And the winner is..." The bodiless voice paused. "Oliver Wood"


The room broke out in applause, and a beaming Oliver could be seen as he collected a trophy from a very frail looking witch. For a brief moment Katie's eyes met his, and her stomach fluttered, just as it always did. It would never cease to amaze her just how he could always make her feel this way his the slightest glance, even after all of these years. Oliver, still beaming thanked his family and friends, the academy and his fans and of course his fiancé, he then descended from the stage. And it was over, the now familiar feeling of inadequacy washed over Katie as people began to disappear from the room. She supposed she should follow suit.

But maybe...

There he was, with the her hooked onto his arm. They were deep in conversation, and then, without warning they kissed.

Katie guessed her heart could be found somewhere on the floor at the moment. But instead of whining about it like she wanted, she decided to suck it up and go home.

She hoped he noticed she was gone.


So that was it, that was the reason that she had wasted all of that time, for a two second glance and a three second mention in his speech. It was pathetic really, Katie thought as she dug around her kitchen for some comfort food. She behaved more like a pet than a best friend.

She was pathetic. Waiting around for an engaged man when she could probably find a single one if she tried. She had been lying to herself, of course. She couldn't move on, she had been stuck in this position for ten years.

Chocolate, yes chocolate would make it all go away. This wasn't the first time she had felt this way and it wouldn't be the last. But as she bit into the chocolate Katie knew, that as pathetic as it was she would never trade in her two second glances or her three second mentions for a less pathetic existence.




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